Do Negative Campaigns Work?

Political consultants typically advise candidates to send a positive introductory piece first.

Next, if one wants to dirty up the opposition, go negative.

Then, end the campaign on a positive note.

My Emmaus Reunion Group was discussing negative pieces on Saturday morning and one man said he was planning to vote for Tony Colatorti until he started getting multiple negative mail about his opponent Robb Tadelman.

He siad he had changed his mind about whom to vote for.

Besides Colatorti, the biggest negative campaigner has been Illinois Supreme Court hopeful Daniel Shanes.

While totally ignoring the candidate with the most experience, 2nd Appellate Court Justice Susan Hutchiseon, Shanes blasts former Lake County Sheriff and 2020 GOP Senate candidate Mark Curran and Kane County Judge John Noverini.

And now, there is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Illinois Supreme Court–Nancyt Rotering–whose last mailing attacks opponent Liz Rockford.

Her mailing is below:

Nancy Rotering criticizes Illinois Supreme Court opponent Liz Rochford of donating to Republicans and “corrupt, anti-choice politician” Ed Burke.

Will negative campaiigning work as well for these three candidates as it did against billionaire Ken Grivvin chosen guberntorial candidate Richard Iring?

Tune in Tuesday night.


Do Negative Campaigns Work? — 5 Comments

  1. Rochford lives in Lake Forest like I do.

    Note how Rotering is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

    Unlike Shanes, she isn’t worried about a “conflict of interest” recusal if an abortion case comes before the court.

    She knows bthat is just a ruse to avoid the issue in a campaign.

    I hope Rotering wins.

    She will find that tax funded abortion on demand with no parental notice isn’t as popular as this North Shore liberal thinks.

    This will be an angry parent and churchgoer election who were locked down and masked because a Democrat Illinois Supreme Court rubber stamped Pritzker’s diktats.

    I know that Noverini can reach swing voters on these issues much better than Shanes.

    But for our Republican Illinois Establishment, it was all about Griffin’s money and not having their wives get embarrassed having to defend any evil pro-life conservative at the social club.

  2. I’ve heard from a lot of people who were voting for Tadelman but switched to Colatorti after he tried to get him removed from the ballot.

    Tadelman took the shot but Colatorti prevailed. It’s going to cost him a lot of votes.

  3. How many post has ‘Country club elite’ made prior?


    Looks like Colatori has three total people using many different computers, cell phones…. posting anti Tadelman propaganda using deception.

    Kenneally likely the campaign manager.

  4. Rotering is another jew.

    Like Cong. Whores Schakowsky and Sneider.

    They take the wring position on everything.

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