First Precinct Letter I’ve Seen

The appointed Republican Precinct Committeeperson who covers the Grafton Township precinct across the street from my home has distributed the following letter and sample ballot to at least part of her precinct:

My precinct committeeperson, John Reinert, has not issue any communication to the homes on whose doors I used to knock pretty much every election.


First Precinct Letter I’ve Seen — 10 Comments

  1. Appointed committeeman but at least in precinct.

    I wonder if she enclosed candidate cards as I used to do.

    I also had a detailed explanation for each endorsement in contested races.

    But at least she is doing something which is more than most of the bumps on a log committeemen do.

    Only about 1/3rd of the precincts in Lake County have anybody running for Republican Committeeman in them.

    We have an entire township, Zion, which has nobody running.

    But neither the campaign consultants or the party big wigs want to do anything with grass roots people.

    It’s all about getting the loot and parceling it out and to heck with anybody else.

    Given what is happening, it should be relatively easy to cover most precincts even in Black and Hispanic areas.

    But controlling the primary at all costs is the motto of the Republican Establishment of Illinois.

    That’s why they hated Trump for bringing new people in.

    It has to be all about money (Rauner, Griffin, whoever) and nothing about issues that might disturb the lucrative status quo.

  2. One of our new Party leaders!

    The Republican Party is indeed blessed to have Jennifer and others just like her stepping up in these difficult times.

  3. Salvi and DeVore?

    Not a person I would take voting recommendations from.

    Piton and Shestokas will do a better job

  4. Shestokas is the only lawyer who is an actual PROSECUTOR. We kind of need someone who will PROSECUTE the rule of law in todays day and age.

    Nothing against DeVore.

  5. Jacob, sorry she offended your jewish sensibilities by recommending Colatorti.

    She should be congratulated even if she was hoodwinked by the foul liar and mason Shanes.

  6. John Reinert, a former county board member, will advance to the general election along with fellow Republican Jeff Thorsen (an incumbent), Democrats John Collins (an incumbent) and Gloria Van Hof, and Libertarian Jake Justen.

    Thorsen is also running for McHenry County Republican Party Chairman against Orville Brettman.

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