The Demonzing of Congresswoman Mary Miller Continues

Here’s the latest beginning paragraph is a Tribune story by Rick Pearson and Jeremy Gorner about Congresswoman Mary Miller:

Way down in the article by is what Miller said”

“Each generation has the responsibility to teach and train the next generation,” she said. “You know, if we win a few elections, we’re still going to be losing unless we win the hearts and minds of our children. This is the battle. Hitler was right on one thing. He said, ‘Whoever has the youth has the future.’

This is a billboard Kristina Zohorik’s Democratic County Chairs’ organization paid to have shown in Effingham.

Had she said, “The Catholic Church is right on one thing…” she would have received no criticism.

I knew that Pearson took every possible opportunity put Republicans in a bad life, but this time Jeremy Gorner has to share the blame for slanting the story.


The Demonzing of Congresswoman Mary Miller Continues — 5 Comments

  1. Hitler and the Nazis were against animal cruelty too.

    Presumably Democrats, or anybody for that matter, would agree with Hitler on more than just one thing.

    I don’t see the big deal.

  2. And that’s exactly what the DEMOCRAT Commie teacher’s unions are doing.

  3. Hitler got Germany out of the Depression and kicked the Communists out until FDR saved the USSR.

  4. I’ve read Mein Kampf, he was right about a lot of things. He didn’t become so popular and respected through some sort of magical hypnotism, he was charismatic, promoted issues that the common people really cared about, and actually followed through on it.

  5. The new thing they are attacking her for is a slip-up at a rally where she was talking about the Dobbs case and said the decision was a victory for “white life” when she clearly meant to say right to life.

    The crazy thing about the situation is that even prominent local Democrat bloggers have given her the benefit of a doubt (you can tell it was a mistake by how she paused and the context of the speech) yet the Twitter mob, the national press, and worse of all the Rodney Davis camp are using it as “proof” that she’s awful.

    No, it was a mistake, but it’s quite a reveal that these people are kvetching that someone hypothetically could be defending white life as if that is some kind mortal sin.

    Replace white with black and they would be celebrating.

    Really shows what kind of messed up anti-white racist world we live in!

    Not only that, but these people are so clueless they completely forget that minorities get abortions too and in fact there are a lot of racist people who specifically support abortion to keep down the population of minorities and poor people.

    People who claim to be anti-racist don’t even know what racists believe lol

    This stupidity is to be expected from Democrats and the left, but for Rodney Davis to share the same set of talking points with them is beyond the pale.

    I’m hoping Miller defeats Davis but am worried about crossover Democrat voters hypnotized by their two minute hate television man telling them Miller is an evil Nazi and it’s their duty to vote for the neocon Rodney.

    He has also raised a lot more money than Miller because he has more friends with the D.C. swamp people.

    What drew me to Miller from fairly early on (way before Trump endorsed her in January) was that she is not a rubber stamp for the MIC and spying apparatus like most Republicans.

    She won’t just go along with the NDAA because it has the word “defense” in it like most Republicans do.

    Miller reminds me of the Old Right movement in the U.S. while Rodney is a weasely neocon.

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