IL-11: Super PAC Mails for Jerry Evans — 7 Comments

  1. Either Jerry Evans (who has proven he can raise money and spend it conservatively) who has a multi-multi family is an father, husband, entrepreneur who is just a joyful person OR Susan Hathaway Altman who knows her stuff and is spunky can dish it out to opponents would be nice to see battle it out with Foster.

    Both are young and have great resumes.

  2. I like Mark Carroll as a scholar and he knows how govt. works. He hasn’t raised any significant amount of money and in the eyes of the voters he and Evans are probably inter-changeable And people seem to be wanting a Millenial.

  3. Either commit to fully shaving or not shaving. What is this 5 o’clock shadow beard? That’s like washing your ass but only one cheek. It’s ridiculous!

  4. I couldn’t care less if the guy or gal had two heads.

    I’m voting for what they’ll do in office. Evans or Altman for me.

    I’ll vote Jerry Evans, wife’s voting for Susan Altman.

  5. What with the availability of battery operated and electric shavers, don’t understand unshaven. Many, many decades ago, when men had to use shaving cream, a straight razor or a gillette, and then getting cuts and nicks, would be understandable to avoid shaving. But today, electric/battery razors are convenient and cheap.

    Apparently, some men do not believe the old slogan from gillette about looking sharp, being sharp, being sharp.

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