Snowbird Alert

While i was in Florida, the McHenry County Clerk mailed me a new voter registration card.

It was not forwardable.

Because it was returned to the Clerk’s Office, I was taken off the voter rolls, although I have been registered and voted since I was twenty-one.

When I discovered I was no longer registered, I called and had my resigtration reinstated.

If one has spent the winter in warmer climes and get challenged when at the polls, one can always cast a provisional vote.


Snowbird Alert — 24 Comments

  1. How is that corruption, JT? That’s called following policy on ‘cleaning up the voter rolls’

    If Cal wanted to vote and didn’t know this, he could register at the polls to vote provisionally.

    You should stop following

    Bobby Q. He’s got your brain turned to mush.

  2. LOL Meg. Bobby Q? Really? You prove why I will leave this state after my spouse retires.

    Did you read about AZ legislators voting to negate the 2020 election results? I doubt it. ABC news didn’t tell you what to think.

  3. Shame on Tirio’s office. This is just another example of his office’s negligence, laxity, sloth, stupidity or poor management.

    Maybe it was vindictiveness.

    After all, the rotten GOP regime has hated you for decades Cal.

    Funny how a section 8 black can walk in with no ID or anything and vote, but you are axed from the rolls.

    Without ballot security elections are farces and we are being played as dupes.

    But nobody will take a strong stand on it. Tirio thinks it’s all a joke and says the ’20 election was legit!

  4. Cmon Justen. Political junkies can’t handle truth speak. You are huffing Q farts. LOL.

  5. ** Did you read about AZ legislators voting to negate the 2020 election results? **

    The AZ Republican Party is not a legislative body.

  6. JT/Bobby Piton: cLeaN uP ThE vOTeR RoLlS

    Tirio: (cleans up the voter rolls)

    JT: See! CoRurPtIoN!!

  7. JT – maybe your spouse wants you to go ahead and move. He’ll catch up later. Honest!

  8. I now see who the fart huffers on this site are. They identify as political junkies. See you at the polls tomorrow RINOs. Cry Tirio when I leave my R vote blank for Clerk. You deserve it Joe.

  9. This just shows he or his system IS cleaning up the voter rolls.

  10. By giving the biggest political junkie in McHenry County notice Lani? Nice try.

  11. I heard a fart, it was loud
    I sniffed the butthole where I heard the sound
    And I saw Bobby’s reflection on a drug covered mirror
    ‘Til the fart huff brought it down
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    Where’s my truck?
    Can the therapist prescribe me the right drugs?
    Can I comment on the blog just one time?
    Can I handle the insults and the chides?
    Well, I’ve been afraid of huffin bobby’s farts
    ‘Cause I’ve built my life around Q
    But time makes you dumber
    Even I sniff Bobby’s bummer
    And I’m getting dumber too
    Oh-oh, give me farts, Bobby Q
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    Well, the fart huff bring it down
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  12. Correcting, what are you writing about; it’s totally incomprehensible.

    Tirio has don a great job, gaslighting us.

    Something reeks, right here in River City.

    Cheat by mail, ballot harvest, GOP betrayal: that’s the name of the game!

    Buehler: go to Hell!

    Wilke: you are another cuckservative.

    Tirio: you became what you pledged never to become.

    Tadelman: our Franks doppelganger, take a hike.

  13. “I now see who the fart huffers on this site are. They identify as political junkies.” Goebbels much. Joseph Goebbels used to accuse people of doing the very thing he himself was guilty of. No one posts more political BS that you.
    I’ll await the usual insult and deflection Joseph.

  14. Don’t care Cuck.

    Cry me a river when you replace Tirio with a Biden supporter as if that will put you in a better situation.

    Now go back to antifa headquarters for a new update and to clean out your tranny surgery wound you retard concern troll.

  15. Election was in November 2020.

    Signatures for 2022 primary were due in March of 2022.

    You had over a year to organize and get somebody to run against Tirio.

    You didn’t do that and instead you recommend we don’t vote, and if a Democrat wins in November that’s just fine.

    Because that’s what a “real” Republican would want: for this county to be taken over by Democrats.

    If I’m to believe this blog’s community of larping ubermensch claiming to be “real” Republicans represent a broad segment of ACTUAL Republicans in the county (odd since I only find these misanthropes complaining about Tirio on Cal’s blog and never outside in the real world), how come you couldn’t find a primary challenger to Tirio???

    You’re either phonies on here for nefarious reasons (to demoralize Republicans and assist Democrats) or angry losers who are politically impotent and incompetent.

    You don’t think things can get worse?

    Tell us, as a “real” Republican, that Ness was NOT a step down from Skillicorn.

    Now picture every executive, county board member, and state legislator replaced by some woke dork.

    I find the act of many people on this blog to be completely disingenuous.

  16. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂deep breath😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Unhinged political junkies.

    I love the paper ballots today. The scanner actually caught my blank votes and I cast them anyways. Now on to November. Only 4 more month’s of fart huffing.

    I will be amazed if Salvi wins by campaigning the same as Joe Biden did and achieved 81m+ votes.

    I will laugh my ass off if the woman wins and you people still believe and defend the result.

    Anitfa? Correcting take a pill.

    Cal I’m convinced people have multiple accounts on this site.

    Correcting is now calling me a tranny and a retard?

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂deep breath😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. **There certainly are people with multiple accounts.**

    Name them… its absurd for people to use multiple names.

    I use one: NefariousShake, though formerly used AlabamaShake.

    Being nefarious is just so much more fun than being Alabama.

  18. You are more than capable of taking on those with multiple posting names.

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