Sullivan Comes Down Hard on Bailey

From gubernatorial hopeful Jesse Sullivan:

Bailey at Rally: “I will not lie to anyone”
Bailey at Debate: Lies 3x

PETERSBURG, IL – On Saturday, Darren Bailey told a rally crowd “I will not lie to anyone.” (VIDEO) But just two days prior, Darren Bailey blatantly and casually lied about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, his own tax record, and his stance on woke indoctrination in schools. 

“Conservatives deserve–and demand–a governor we can trust,” said Jesse Sullivan, businessman and outsider candidate for governor. “My values are rooted rock-solid in my faith, and that’s a night-and-day difference from these lying politicians who sell out their conservative base the first chance they get.”

The last Republican governor in Illinois, Bruce Rauner, campaigned as pro-life, but signed a stunning betrayal of pro-life values by putting Illinois taxpayers on the hook for elective abortions. Rauner campaigned as a fiscal conservative, but allowed income taxes to rise on his watch. 

Darren Bailey isn’t waiting until he’s in office – he’s blatantly lying to conservative voters already.

Bailey Lie # 1, on Taxpayer Protection Pledge: (VIDEO) “It must be your made-up pledge, because I am not aware… Gary, and Paul, did this guy make this up? Because I don’t know what he’s talking about…” (Background)

Fact: Darren Bailey SIGNED the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge as a state representative in 2018 (Source). But that pledge does not apply to his run for governor (Source). Now that Darren Bailey was reminded about the pledge onstage, will he join Jesse Sullivan in pledging to not raise taxes – and if not, why?

Bailey Lie # 2: Sullivan: “I think people deserve to hear, to actually answer the question – don’t dodge it like Richard Irvin – did you raise property taxes 14 times? Bailey: “No I did not. No I did not.” (VIDEO)

Fact: Bailey served on the North Clay Unit 25 School Board for 17 years (1996-2012), during which he voted to raise property taxes at least 14 times for a total increase of 83%. (Source: Clay County Treasurer’s office / Illinois Department of Revenue and WCIA-TV)

Bailey Claim 3: Moderator: “They saw you on Fox News, and you said you’d allow a Skokie school district to teach sex ed to preschoolers, so how do you give local control but still protect our children?” Bailey: “Thank you, and I clarified this at the end, and it was actually in the end of the article and I wish they would have read farther…” (VIDEO)

Fact: (Fox News, 6/7/22): “Bailey has no intention of banning subjects from being taught from the governor’s desk, a departure from Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new education law that made national headlines earlier this year.” Bailey: “If a local community wants to adopt these woke policies, then let them! That is their decision.” … “but if that’s what they want, that’s their community.” (:09 of video – Fox News: GOP hopeful Darren Bailey vows to restore ‘local control’ as Illinois governor, touts ‘America First’ agenda)

“Darren Bailey seems to have become such a politician that he can’t keep his facts straight,” said Andrew Welhouse, spokesman for the Sullivan campaign. “Last night he blatantly lied about his own record on taxes, and then he ‘conveniently forgot’ about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge that he himself signed previously! Voters aren’t going to fall for it, and after being burned so many times before, we deserve answers.”


Sullivan Comes Down Hard on Bailey — 13 Comments

  1. I guess it is time for Jesse to obey his California funders and torch Bailey for the fall as a “liar”.

    Even my local Limousine Liberal Lake school taxing bodies don’t raise tax rates except by referendum.

    Last minute smear seems to be the latest in “republican” candidates.

    Dirtiest Republican primary ever and this after I thought “Ives is a Madigan Republican” of Rauner in 2018 could never be topped.

    It’s not just Governor as Cal noted.

    It’s everywhere up and down the ticket as Cal Skinner noted in another article.

  2. You could say, this being the final day, that the muck stops here.

  3. When the hick is selected tomorrow I will just laugh my ass off at how stupid IL voters truly are as I have done after every election.

    Trump lost points with me Saturday night.

    I’ll vote Rabine and laugh that IL can’t figure out how to solve their problems.

    The political junkies sure do know how to continue the March to bankruptcy.

    Cal that means kiss that 100k pension goodbye.

    I hope you saved wisely.

  4. The “hick” will have beaten the pants off of something approaching 100 million in direct and indirect campaign funds (like endorsements, etc.)

    I get all the problems of Bailey, but if you can’t vote for him against Pritzker and keep up the “hick” attacks after Tuesday, the “hick” label reverts to you, JT.

    We all know that at 45% of the budget and climbing despite the Covid Federal Bailout, it’s only a matter of time before the state’s pension system will have to change in some sort of state bankruptcy no matter what happens in November.

    Bailey winning would only make the train wreck a little less of a disaster.

    Cal is no fool and knows what will happen.

    He’s trying to do his best to do what he can, unlike the sneers from JT.

  5. Gee Grant nice to turn the tables back.

    I have been redistricted into the cesspool of “RINOs are going to solve IL problems” like you Lake Forest snobs.

    The hick will just wash rinse repeat.

    The train wreck was put in motion by the IL voters that failed to wake up.

    They keep listening to polls and TV ads and political junkies that tell them how to cast their vote and then gladly walk into the voting booth with the corrupt ES$S and Dominion machines and actually think their vote counted.

    I’ll vote Rabine.

    Joe Tirio in my county already got the software updates for our ES$S machines.

    I wonder how the vote will be split by the 4 at the top of polling be divided up.

    It’s funny AZ is figuring it out.

    Why can’t people like you do the same?

  6. Raising school board tax levy in Southern IL where it came to $5 per household!


    You people are stupid if you think that that equates Bailey to raising taxes in the house or senate which he did not!


    Cry Baby JT.

    waaaaah waaaaah.

    I’m laughing my butt off at you, little butt-hurt wuss.

    Guess Rabeen’s stupid ‘affadavit’ didn’t sway Trump at who the real winner is in this race.

    Trump has been watching and meeting with Bailey for months. Bailey is more than endorsed. This was the meeting that confirmed a lot more from the Trump than just an endorsement for Bailey.

  7. Lol. I’m now butt hurt. Sorry I On I didn’t go to the Pride Parade yesterday.

    I’ve never been on this site for an election cycle.

    Alot more people becoming unhinged prior to it apparently.

    Bailey is your messiah.

    He’ll follow the DeSantis protocol to cure IL ills.

    If he does I would be amazed.

  8. Grant, Bailey did lie.

    Blog crybabies need to take a nap.

    I HOPE Irvin comes in 5th.

  9. Sullivan is weak and very disingenuous in his last hour of campaigning. He’s not going to beat Bailey. Points for trying, points taken away for this poor excuse of a campaign piece.

  10. Rabine’s begging for money to try and recoup his losses! No one who has a chance in Hell of winning would appeal to voters wallets this late in the game.

  11. Uilein millions v. Griffin millions.

    Take your pick.

    Paul Schrimpf is probably the best of the bunch, but stands no chance because elections are now bought with the money of anonymous PACs and the ultra rich.

    Meanwhile, you’re all arguing over loony voter fraud allegations.

    Until there is serious campaign finance reform, this is what you get.

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