Time to Take Another Look at Sheriff’s Candidates’ Campaign Financing

Below are the contribions of $1,000 or more given to McHenry County Sheriff’s hopeful Tony Colatorti reported after his first quarterly report was due to the Illinois State Board of Elections, including $6,000 from State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally P{olitical Action Committee and a $50,000 loan from himself.

At that time, Colatorti reported hacing $141,641.37 in the bank.

  • 3/14 Tino Sauces, Algonquin – $1,150 ad book
  • 3/12 Brittany Colatorti, Algonquin – $1,600 for food from Cucina Bella
  • 3/26 $2,000 – Northwest Pulmanary Sleep Center, Algonquin
  • 4/7 $1,000 – Favia Primary Care, Algonquin
  • 4/28 $1,000- Citzens For Patrick Kenneally
  • 4/28 – $2,000 – Tricast Presfore Corp, Crystal Lake
  • 4/29 – $1,000 – Meghan Kramer, Marengo
  • 5/2 – $1,000 – Northern Illinois Recovery Center, Crystal Lake
  • 5/6 $1,000 – JL Accounting, Woodstock
  • 5/6 – $1,000 – Gary Lang, McHenry
  • 5/11 $10,000 – NIR Roof Care, Inc, Union
  • 5/20 $1,000 – Kyle Berger, Wauconda
  • 5/20 $1,400 – Kevin Byrnes, Crystal Lake
  • 5/20 $1,500 – Mark & Julie Chamberlin, Wauconda
  • 5/20 $5,000 – Excavators, Inc, McHenry
  • 5/20 $1,000 – Snelten, Inc., McHenry
  • 5/20 $1,000 – Curran Contracting Company, Crystal Lake
  • 5/25 $1,000 – CAICA (Chicago Area Independent Construction Association), Lake Barrington
  • 5/25 $1,000 – Orange Crush, LLC, Hillsdale
  • 5/26 $1,000 – Teamsters Local Union 731, Burr Ridge
  • 5/31 $10,000 – Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor Management PAC, Countryside
  • 6/8 $15,000 – Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor Management PAC, Countryside. fpr a mailing
  • 6/12 $2,000 – Marc Fricke, Melrose Park
  • 6/17 $2,544.90 – Brittany Colatorti, Algonquin for Advertising – newspaper
  • 6/17 $2,896 – Brittany Colatorti, Algonquin for Advertising – radio
  • 6/22 $1,000 – Cuda Law Offices, Oak Brook
  • 6/22 $5,000 – Antoinette Waitkus, Roselle
  • 6/24 $1,000 – MCGoPAC, Woodstock
  • 6/24 $1,000 – Profection Fleet Services, Franklin Park

Here are the contributions to Robb Tadelman since he reported having $79,380.95 in his first quarterly report.

  • 4/11 $1,000 – LouAnne Majewski, Barrington Hills
  • 4/20 $2,000 – Pamela Kunz, Cary
  • 4/20 $1,500 -Peter Kunz, Cary
  • 5/3 $1,000 – Bill Parrot, McHenry
  • 5/5 $5,000 – Pat Foglia, North Barrington
  • 5/9 $1,500 – Jude Properties, LLC-UTEG St, Crystal Lake
  • 5/9 $1,000 – Brian Kelly, Woodstock
  • 5/9 $1,500 – Peter Kunz, Cary
  • 5/20 $2,500 – TTS Group Inc., Hanover Park
  • 5/20 $1,500 – Carol Defiore, Huntley
  • 5/20 $3,000 – Mathew Turk, Crystal Lake
  • 5/25 $2,000 – Drendel’s Corner, Huntley
  • 6/1 $3,900 – Jerome C. Majewski, Crystal Lake
  • 6/2 $5,000 – DeFiore Funeral Home, Huntley
  • 6/7 $2,000 – LouAnne Majewski, Barrington Hills
  • 6/10 $3,600 – Theodore Payton, Algonquin
  • 6/10 $5,500 – Thomas Skoniecke, Lake in the Hills
  • 6/16 $4,000 – Jude Properties, LLC-UTEG St, Crystal Lake
  • 6/16 $2,500 – Erin Kelly, Woodstock
  • 6/16 $4,000 – Pamela Kunz, Cary
  • 6/20 $5,000 – SAFE McHenry County, Woodstock
  • 6/21 $1,000 – Gregory Gliniecki, Cary
  • 6/21 $15,000 – Robb Tadelman loan
  • 6/22 $5,000 – Alliance Contractors, Inc., Woodstock

Let’s hear reader analysis.


Time to Take Another Look at Sheriff’s Candidates’ Campaign Financing — 18 Comments

  1. Kunz and Majewski families sure want Robb in there.

    Whats the connection or interest?

  2. ‘Citizens for Patrick Kenneally’ $1,000.

    Not many obviously and I’ve got more loose change.

  3. All of the Jack Franks Union pals contribute to Tony what a surprise.

    Two peas in a pod they are.

  4. Majewskis are in lalaland.

    They want weird favors and kickbacks for their grub.

    What the hell is SAFE McHenry?

    Tadelman is a no go. I don’t appreciate his BLM bull.

  5. Farmer, quit lying.

    Franks and Tadelboy attend the same libtard synagogue. A hidden thing.

    Blood is thicker than water.

    If you think for one second Franks is helping Colatorti maybe you can explain why slumlord Franks’ section 8 dwellings all have Tadelman signs up.

  6. How is it a hidden thing when that’s all Colatorti’s supporters talk about, constant murmurings like a Hail Mary?

  7. Tadelman doing that was just like Andy Zinke who tipped off Rita Cosmetics of the biggest drug bust McHenry County WOULD HAVE SEEN if it were not for that!
    They had to make a new law just for what happened that would make that action ‘actionable!’.

    Don’t get hinkey with a zinkey, VOTE COLATORTI for a Constitutional Sheriff.

  8. Hmm well Gasser was a big Prim supporter as many of us were, til his lame duck second term. He went Gasser on us. Not showing up, always on vaca, hiring way too many heads to do his job, artificially promoting his successor for political purposes. Everything Gasser was crucified for and more. Bill became exactly what we ran against with Nygren and Tadelman is the Andrew Zinke we didn’t want.

    Hopefully it won’t be as close of a race as that was and Colatorti wins in a landslide, but we know it’s going to be close.
    Please vote the Good Ol’ Boys out and choose COLATORTI for SHERIFF. He will be for us and will improve morale by supporting his officers.

  9. So sick of this! My lawyer was intimidated! Told to get Colatorti’s sign out of his front yard! Eileen Marhoefer had a cease and desist letter sent to her for trying to slander Colatorti! And a donor arrested for defacing Colatorti’s signs.

    Now there are people (racists) trying to convince people Colatorti’s in the mob!!! Whose behavior is like the mob? Not Colatorti’s. The so-called Republicans really acting like dirty Democrats in this primary. Tadelman’s campaign tried 3x to get Colatorti thrown off the ballot when he’s had the same training/testing.

    People who I thought were good people lying and trying to ruin a good man. It’s sickening. Some battle axe on fb is trying to say Colatorti is taking money from the same organization that funded Madigan, Burke etc. Btw, Robb went for the local union’s endorsement too. Yes the tend to endorse people who will act in their interests but how can you blame one candidate when the other candidate begged for the same endorsement? While supporting Rabine who DONATED to a half dozen Democrats including Ed Burke!!!

    There are some sick puppies in this county!

  10. Yet $64,040.00 of these funds comes from Colatori, his wife and Kenneally.

    Out of $142K thats nearly 50%!

    Likely the same three using multiple screen names on this site using negative campaign propaganda against Robb Tadelman.

  11. The lib mellow punk writes, “How is it a hidden thing when that’s all Colatorti’s supporters talk about, constant murmurings like a Hail Mary?”

    It’s hidden bc it shows the disproportionate power of this tiny minority, and how they misuse the power on a 24/7 basis financially, politically and culturally.

    The hidden hand exposed. Yes, they don’t like it.

  12. Safer McHenry County pac was just formed for the purpose of getting funds for Rabine and Taddelman.

    All you suckers who donated to that could’ve donated directly but then again many were probably not 100% on board with both those campaigns.

  13. The Republican Chairman Tyler Wilke’s mother lost her shit when we were call banking for Colatorti.

    Literally lost her shit!

    Yelling and screaming at Kenneally.

    We could hear her screaming from across 2 rooms.

    Her husband called one of the phones to talk to Kenneally.

    He said he ‘didn’t like that Colatorti got the local operators union’s support.’

    Soooo they shouldn’t like that their candidate went there on his knees begging for that endorsement!!!

    These people.

    Wouldn’t want to eat in their kitchen until Service Master can do a murder scene clean up.

    She literally lost her shit ! LMAO

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