Tribune Fails to Endorse in McHenry County Races

That’s the first time in my memory that endorsements for county office has not been made other than Cook.

Anyone read the Northwest Herald or the Daily Herald?

Did either paper offer endorsements?

If so, for whom?


Tribune Fails to Endorse in McHenry County Races — 4 Comments

  1. Who reads that trash after they axed Kass?

    Woke screwups who drool over Fag Pride Month.

  2. Today’s Daily Herald has endorsements.

    They picked Irvin for governor and Cassandra Miller for the 11th on the Republican side.

    On the Democrat side, they picked Pritzker.

    Time to remind people that Pritzker is the guy who inherited his wealth and who ALSO disconnected the toilets in one of his mansions to avoid paying his FAIR SHARE of real estate taxes.

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