1. Really?

    How about voting means very little with wholesale cheating, harvesting, dumping, hacking, etc.

  2. But but but KS wasn’t a swing state. Normies will never be able to get out of their comas and learn. Cheating never occurred with the corrupt machines. Tirio told us so. Is Tirio an IT expert? I love this state and the junkies on this site that don’t believe cheating is occurring. I guess if you’ve spent your whole life believing there is no corruption in IL elections and realize all that time you wasted pontificating on candidates was useless you might become a little unhinged. I can’t wait for November. The insanity can’t get any better than the lead up to the primary.

    I look forward to the beat downs tomorrow (not the ones Monk gives to men in Johnsburg) when my candidates don’t win.

  3. You’re one of the junkies, JT.

    We can call you JunkieT. 😁

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