Liberty First PAC Endorsements

From the Liberty First Political Action Committee:

Today’s the Day! The Illinois Primary Election is TODAY! Please remember to vote for our Liberty First endorsed candidates:

  • Joe Tirio, McHenry County Clerk
  • Sen. Craig Wilcox, IL Senate Dist. 32
  • Donna Kurtz, McHenry County Treasurer
  • Diana Hartmann, Regional Superintendent
  • Jeff Thorsen, McHenry County Board Dist. 2 
  • Mike Shorten, McHenry County Board Dist. 4 
  • Terri Greeno, McHenry County Board Dist. 5
  • Carl Kamienski, McHenry County Board Dist. 6
  • Jeff Schwartz, McHenry County Board Dist. 7
  • Jim Kearns, McHenry County Board Dist. 9


Liberty First PAC Endorsements — 3 Comments

  1. Tirio is a mistake. No one unopposed needs an endorsement in a primary.

    Plus he’s a phony.

    Thorsen? Ha!

    An early “Irvinite”!!!

    How does he explain that?

    Maybe he’s still a rotten Griffin Rino-whorelet Irvinite!

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