Message of the Day – A Cartoon

What timing Delbert cartoonist Scot Adams has for Illinois readers–a cartoon about voting machines.


Message of the Day – A Cartoon — 5 Comments

  1. Priceless Cal.

    It’s Dilbert by the way.

    Ratbert looks alot like Tirio.

    A fine specimen of voting integrity.

    ES$S is surely bringing the best and brightest candidates to McHenry County.

    But remember, Tirio just does what the IL RINO’s and liberals have codified.

    I have to now get back to my fart huffing and prep for my tranny conversion being the retard I am.

    I never thought your site and the political savants on it could be more entertaining. Normies are fun to converse with.

    Aslo Funny Cal that you left off the next 3 blocks in the Dilbert post from yesterday.

    You know the thing about vote counts.

    Here it is since Cal can’t cut and paste so well when it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    PS >> I voted Rabine, Shestokas and Piton.

    The savants will be foaming at the mouth at 3 in the morning.

    Oh that’s right Tirio will need until Friday to give us the results.

    Absolutely priceless.


  2. LOL. Good thing our county clerks PAC endorsemented Salvi.

    Can’t wait for the results.

    Looking good so far for a person that ran the Joe Biden campaign model.

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