Political Sign Vandalism in Crystal Lake

Found at the Veterans Acres polling place last night by Chris Yaeger:

Frank Held

Doesn’t seem to be any particular candidate was targeted.

The Crystal Lake Police say,

“…we arrested Frank B.X. Held (21) of Crystal Lake with

  • Criminal Trespass to State Supported Land,
  • Criminal Damage to State Supported Property by means of Fire x2,
  • Resisting Arrest and
  • Aggravated Battery to Police x2. 

“He is currently confined at MCSO Jail.”


Political Sign Vandalism in Crystal Lake — 7 Comments

  1. Since when do “chicken signs” at polling places become “state property”??

    Maybe Yaeger did it himself.

    He just happens to discover mutiple sign dumps.

    Wasn’t he one of The transvestite Alyward’s bloody fools?

  2. Why isn’t the name of “Frank B. X.” Revealed? He or it is no minor.

    What kind of surname staters with an X? Chinese? Basque? Zulu?

  3. Frank Bjorn X Held–NO Bond at this time.


    Dude, you had it beat until you went hands on with the Po-Po and then the Jail Guards.

    Doesnt pay to be a Fake Tough guy with the Man.

    Burned a few signs, who cares, but assault some Officers–now you’re in for it.

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