Tadelman Holding onto Sheriff’s Lead over Colatorti

With over 53% of the vote counted, Robb Tadelman continues to lead Tony Colatorti in the Republican Sheriff’s race:

Here is the map showing reporting precincts and who won where:


Tadelman Holding onto Sheriff’s Lead over Colatorti — 4 Comments

  1. Judah Judah Judah

    Utter Corruption

    Pegasys spyware direct from Israel!

    Do some crosschecking to see how 4 out of 8 votes for colatorti suddenly became 4 for Tadelwipe.

  2. Cal it’s honestly time to retire.

    Your reporting is old news and your fans are false.

  3. Ain’t gonna happen. It’s pretty much been a 60/40 split in Tadelman’s favor all night.

    Apparently, the voters of McHenry County were not fooled by Colatorti’s signs, rhetoric and the attacks on Tadelman by his supporters or minions.

    The Anti-Semitic comments and innuendos spelled the end of Colatorti’s quest for this office.

    That sort of crap has no place in our world and those who chose to take that tack did Tony proud!

    They should be proud of themselves for helping to elect a professional rather than a “wanna be”

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