With All But Late Mail-In Ballots Counted, Robb Tadelman Trounces Republican Opponent Tony Colatorti 59-41%

Here what is shown on the County Clerk’s web site:

Election night map showing precincts won by Robb Tadelman in blue, those won by Tony Colatorti in red.


With All But Late Mail-In Ballots Counted, Robb Tadelman Trounces Republican Opponent Tony Colatorti 59-41% — 21 Comments

  1. The people of McHenry County chose the best qualified….

    Congratulations Robb!

  2. Everyone won equal and strong service from the Sheriff’s department.

    Congratulations Robb for a well fought primary.

  3. We we misure! Z tony lost the race like he lost his meatball.

    This time without anesthesia!

    Tony attempted to paint his white stripe stench attacks on Robb’s religion.

    How dare he!

    Yet his supporters followed.

    Did Tony fail to understand we the people can smell a skunk?

    Tony will be back giving away spaghetti to the union goons.

    But misure remember Z Tony, only one meatball for each union goon with your spaghetti.

    What did z Tony think z goons would expect in return?

    Oh misure you know how z union terrorized a family in Cary, but you still took z money from its members and related efforts.

    But we we the people would smell the stench of that special interest?

    And what’s with z tony’s supporters backing z guy without looking into the allegations of orders of protection / union support/ employee harassment?

    What effort did the go pac undertake in conjunction with the purported pro-life claim by a guy that purportedly sexually harassed his employees or a man that took union money before the go pac gave its Republican endorsement?

    Did z think the public could not smell what was going on?

    The public smelled Tony for what he was, a skunk!

    Yes, a smelly skunk, white stripe and all, that could be discerned with just a little look into his background.

    A section of the Republican party in McHenry Co was too quick to support what they thought was a nice guy.

    You should wake up when it comes to endorsing a skunk with the luggage Z Tony brought to his campaign.

    This should be a lesson to the party that a little investigative effort his supporters could have avoided backing a skunk that got shellacked in the primary.

    So republicans pay attention and reevaluate your positions as facts come to light!

    Be willing to change course!

    Robb T will be an honest sheriff serving the people and not the special interests of z unions.

    He will be respectful to the employees of the office and we the people will not have to pay the price of having a skunk in office!

    God bless the people of McHenry County!

  4. But….But….But…..Colatori has ‘80%’ of the Sheriff’s Departments support! LMFAO!!

    Imagine the Law Enforcement in McHenry County with Kenneally & Colatori in charge would in my opinion have been ‘Klink & Schutz’.

    Kenneally was the kiss of political death for Colatori…..

  5. Slapdyk, the 80% is very accurate.

    Thats the God given truth.

    The answer will be how will Robb deal with that?

    This is when a true leader steps forward.

    He knows it and so does Bill.

    Its a fact.

    Robb won because he reached more people and answered questions, not because the department supports him.

    Its well known how the morale is. All you have to do is talk with all of them.

    Now I ask everyone thats put in so much time and energy to please help us parents in Cary to fight these tyrants.

    Actually, help all these school district parents.

    We need help.

    What Cary is trying to teach our kids is awful.

  6. Democrats have taken over much of McHenry County.

    Fortunately this is the last election I’m voting in Illinois as I’ve closed on a Florida home.

    Enjoy being run by Democrats, McHenry County.

  7. ‘You win some, you lose some! Such is life!’

    The Platitude of The Day

  8. Herald is still riding the Tony bandwagon to the end.

    The courts did NOT rule he was qualified to be Sheriff..ONLY he was eligible to be on the ballot.

    Didn’t fool the majority.

    The judges did their job with a sloppily written law to prevent wannabes from holding the chief LE position in our counties.

    We need to police ourselves –and enact police licensing, so these bad apples can’t continue to go from department to department.

    Even security guards must have a valid license to be employed!

    Chief Joel Brumlik (RET.)

  9. I figured Tony would win.

    I mean he was endorsed by McHenry County political heavyweights “Lisa Beam, Jim Walton, and Louie French”.

    Pepe Le Pew- disclosing a guys meatball status or lack thereof violates the MNIPA.

    Men not intact privacy act.

  10. Negative campaigns suppress voters who may otherwise have come out in support of a candidate.

    Much of the negative against Tony had teeth as the allegations had legal documents, and much of the negative against Robb didn’t as there was none.

    It came down to established lack of character against alleged lack of character.

    Tony’s voter turnout potential fell dramatically and Robbs didn’t.

    There’s a reason campaigns go negative.

    It works.

  11. Colatorti screwed up with the mud slinging.

    He should have gotten his win in court and continued to be a stand up person and ran a clean campaign.

    Most of us want to see a honest, stand up person in a leadership position.

    Not a person that personally attacks his opponent, his opponents wife and creates a negative campaign that is constantly belittling his opponent, name calling and pointing the finger.

    We’re looking for a Sheriff, not a low life to be the Sheriff.

    Its all about image.

    Colatorti was destined to lose as soon as his campaign took this route.

    Negative campaigns do work, but you need meat to make it work.

    Tadelman didn’t have enough “meat” or skeletons in the closets.

    Colatortis campaign dropped the ball and made Colatorti look like an ass, pissed a lot of people off to the point where the people voted for Tadelman as a big FU to Colatortis camp.

    Not a well run camp.

    What a waste of money.

  12. Mr. Galt, I would submit respectfully, that it was Tonys campaign that felt dark and negative to me.

  13. Colatori Concession Speech (IMO)


  14. Is that the same Joel Brumlik from LCSO who used his lights and siren to get to work faster because he was late for work and then crashed into an innocent driver??

    Is that the same Joel Brumlik who left his squad car running and open when an arrestee walked out of the police department and stole it while loaded with gear??

    We certainly shouldn’t be taking advice about public safety from someone who has a documented history of putting the public’s safety at risk.

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