UPDATE: Catalina Lauf Captures Right to Face Off Against Incumbent Democrat Bill Foster for Congress

Bill Foster and McHenry County Board members Kellie Wegener and Michael Vijuk and John Collins.
Catalina Lauf at gun range.

The Tribune reports the following:

A map of the 11th Congressional District.

The results from McHenry County:

The results from Kane County:

Here are the results for DeKalb County:

Here are the results for Will County:

The Boone County results follow:


UPDATE: Catalina Lauf Captures Right to Face Off Against Incumbent Democrat Bill Foster for Congress — 7 Comments

  1. This is a story about divided and unorganized opposition (Evans and Carroll) running against a cleavage fanatic’s wet dream.

    I told you Lauf would win because people would split for Evans and Carroll.

  2. Lauf is energetic, vibrant, optimistic, and PROUDLY CONSERVATIVE.
    She is unapologetically pro-AMERICAN.

    She’s running against a man who looks like he’s ready to be admitted to a nursing home.

    A man who is responsible for the economic disaster and enormous debt we are facing.

    His tired, haggard, and curmudgeon look fits his politics well:


  3. Now the question on everybody’s mind who frequents this blog is – will J-Lo be voting for her
    or will he cease his complaining, swallow his pride and do the right thing.

  4. None of these candidates are likely to unseat anyone in the Fall.

    The RNC did not even do any ad buys in Illinois which tells you a lot.

  5. BecauseScience, what you say would be accurate, except now that Lauf has won the primary, she was endorsed by the Club for Growth.

    Not unusual for the Club for Growth to complement the ad buys of the NRCC, RNC or the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC.

    For example, two years ago when Texas Congressman Chip Roy was initially seen as vulnerable, the Club for Growth Action super PAC paid for media advertising to help his reelection bid to a 2nd term to his San Antonio district.

    The same could happen in IL-11, provided polling convinces Club for Growth to spend significant dollars to help Lauf and/or attack Foster.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

  6. Will Joe Tirio audit 5% of the vote chosen by the IL Board of Elections?


    Go along to get along.

    Corporate Joe will just do the bare minimum for his constituents.

    Audit the entire race Joe.


    Those ES$S ballot scanners weren’t connected to the internet.

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