IL-11 UPDATED: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Launches First Direct Attack Tweet Against Catalina Lauf

Everyone knew it was coming, and here is the first direct attack tweet against newly minted IL-11 nominee Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock):

Bill Foster

And here is the DCCC’s first “The Case for Bill Foster” issued earlier Wednesday, from the DCCC:

“Illinoisans elected Congressman Bill Foster because they trust his common sense leadership and know he will work with anyone to level the playing field for middle-class families.

“In Congress, that’s exactly what he’s done, bringing his background as a businessman, job creator, and scientist who knows what it takes to lower costs and increase economic prosperity in Illinois.

“It’s a sharp contrast to extreme MAGA Republican Catalina Lauf, who is running to push forward an anti-worker agenda in Congress which would set Illinois families back.

“IL-11 voters will reject Lauf’s toxic positions and proudly re-elect Bill Foster in November.”

 DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney


Congressman Bill Foster is a workhorse and independent-minded leader who is laser-focused on leveling the playing field for middle-class families in Illinois’ 11th Congressional District. Last night’s primary sets up a clear contrast between Foster’s proven leadership and results-driven, bipartisan problem solving and his opponent, Catalina Lauf, who has proven herself too extreme for this district and wholly unfit to represent Illinois’ working families’ interests in Congress.

Bill Foster has spent his career committed to working with anyone to make meaningful progress and putting forward policy that ensures Illinoisans have the same opportunities to thrive that he had. It’s a call to service that is informed by his lived experience as a scientist and a businessman who built a successful manufacturing business that employs 600 Midwesterners and refused lucrative offers to outsource those jobs to China. While extreme Washington Republicans put divisive rhetoric ahead of results, Foster has always prioritized leading with facts and science to address some of our toughest challenges, like protecting public health and clean air and water.

In Congress, Rep. Foster is a consensus builder who knows that we have to work together to make progress on lowering costs for families, keeping our communities safe, and building a more level playing field for Illinoisans. It’s why Rep. Foster has made reforming Wall Street and putting an end to tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs overseas a cornerstone of his agenda.

He’s also worked across the aisle to fight the opioid epidemic and to improve Medicare by paying doctors based on the quality of care. And as inflation is hitting Illinoisans where it hurts, he’s fighting for manufacturing more steel, automobiles, computer chips, and consumer goods right here in America, starting with using one hundred percent Made in America products on all federal infrastructure projects.

But all of that is on the line this November, as Catalina Lauf is running to be a rubber stamp for Washington Republicans’ extreme, anti-worker agenda that would leave Illinoisans behind. Catalina Lauf is a hardline ideologue who cannot be trusted to serve Illinoisans – and the more IL-11 voters learn about Lauf’s extreme positions, the less they’ll like.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s deeply unpopular decision to take away Illinois women’s right to make their own health care decisions, Lauf has made clear she stands with extremist Republicans’ push toward banning abortions.

To Catalina Lauf, your vote isn’t sacred – she’ll gladly question the integrity of elections if she doesn’t agree with the outcome. Lauf has repeatedly embraced Donald Trump’s “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen and perpetuated unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud which are undermining our democracy. Lauf agreed that the deadly January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol was “legitimate political discourse,” and as the Illinoize’s Patrick Pfingsten writes, Lauf has “attempted to seed doubt in the outcome of the presidential election” despite the fact that “there was no widespread fraud.”

The last thing Illinoisans need is a hardline partisan who would be an easy yes vote for their Washington party leaders’ most extreme anti-worker and anti-democracy agenda. Instead, they’ll send Bill Foster, a consensus builder who puts lowering costs and strengthening our economy for middle class families first, back to Congress this November.


Bill Foster’s path to victory in Illinois’ 11th Congressional District is clear. This is a largely suburban and educated district anchored in the Chicagoland suburbs and includes a diverse electorate with over 9.7% Hispanic voters and over 6% of voters who identify as AAPI. While this district got slightly more competitive after redistricting, Democrats would have won this seat in 2018 and 2020 with more than 55% of the vote, and President Joe Biden would have won this district with nearly 58% of the vote. Cook Political Report ranks this seat as likely Democratic.

Congressman Bill Foster has a proven track record of results on the economic issues that matter most to Illinois’ working families and has put together a strong campaign aided by a $4.5 million warchest. Illinoisans will proudly re-elect him in November.


The full DCCC briefing can be accessed here.


IL-11 UPDATED: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Launches First Direct Attack Tweet Against Catalina Lauf — 19 Comments

  1. Everything in Catalina Lauf’s oppo research file the DCCC has will be used against her.

    Lauf and her campaign knew this would be happening and all will see, when I pointed out things about Lauf, I showed her mercy.

    Lauf’s supporters should expect none from DCCC, Foster and their Democratic/leftist allies.

  2. LOL….IL DCCC does not acknowledge voter fraud and Lauf promotes it?

    I see an unhinged group that can not face reality.

    She’s not in my district but I see the grift of the establishment DCCC causing them to panic.

    Popcorn anyone?

  3. Wow, the democrats are relying on their old-fashioned playbook.

    The Republican is a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, anti-woman, anti-Hispanic….oh, wait – the democrats will need to adjust the last two for Catarina Lauf.

    LOL – what losers the democRATS are.

    Their guy? An old, white, tired, failed, fraud who has done NOTHING but rubber stamp Pelosi’s leftist agenda.

    Foster is another Illinois embarrassment in DC.

  4. Enjoy your Il-11 election.

    I can’t wait for her Tik Tock videos and duck lip poses.

    IL RINO’s are pricelessly idiotic.

    Hey Lopez, only a few more months of your head exploding with the useless idiot who will head right to DC and vote McCarthy to be leader.

    If you watched that overweight POS on Gutfeld last night you know he’s just another Paul Ryan.

    What a joke DC has become.

    We need to get rid of the cheating in our nationwide elections.

    Q told me. LOL.

  5. Sadly half of the attacks are going to be based from the comments from people like John Lopez.

    It’s officially time for him to keep his mouth shut and stop running down our candidates.

  6. The Daily Herald did an article late today, but it was a rehash of both the DCCC’s and Lauf’s statements, no follow-up questions for answering.

    I got a good laugh the DCCC used the 2+ years old video interview of Lauf with Jeff Berkowitz in the IL-14 race.

    Expect more of the same for the next 4 months.

  7. LOL Arch….Lopez’s opinion is now unapproved speech?

    I hear Twatter is hiring.

    Update your resume.

    The only thing I disapprove of is the bike short visuals he gives riding through the WI countryside.

    I still get regurge every time I see his name posting.

    Old men should not be wearing pants like that.

  8. Arch, you either think too much of me (flattered) or you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    DCCC oppo research was going to happen no matter who wins any congressional primary in a competitive district.

    I have the feeling in spite of Lauf’s age, DCCC has entries that Lauf doesn’t even know about in its file on her, and if the IL-11 is really competitive around Labor Day, it’s all going to come out, and as I said in my first comment for this article, the DCCC/Foster/Democrat super PACs will show Lauf no mercy.

  9. John Lopez – The Hillary Clinton of IL politics.

    OPPO research.

    What a joke.

    Does it involve Russia Russia Russia?

    You politicos are just a creepy bunch of people.

    I like my proctology exams yet you people do full colonoscopies every 2 years.

    But hey that’s the life you thrive in.

    Low IQ anti America voters and analysts.

    What a cesspool.

    This site is eye opening.

  10. Shake,

    Easy explanation, as Capitol Fax gathers its information and there’s latency, especially when the AP didn’t call the IL-11 Republican primary until 9:35AM CDT Wednesday morning.

    I’m sure Rich Miller will include Lauf’s victory today.

    See the article with one of Lauf’s 1st media interviews.

  11. Lopez – it has nothing to with Rich/CapFax.

    I’m referring to the ILGOP email that didn’t include Lauf.

    I just linked to the CapFax post that had the email.

    It was very clear that Lauf had won when then the ILGOP sent that email.

  12. CLM, they are one-dimensional people.

    Expect more of the same.

    Bill Foster is probably livid that he’s going to have to do some campaigning instead of doing “science” with “particle accelerators” in an underground facility.

  13. Nice try at spin Shake, but unpersuasive.

    Unless you saw timestamp when ILGOP sent its email, Lauf omitted could have been someone waiting for AP call.

    And I learned 2 years ago not to jump the gun about a congressional result without AP call in spite of the data looking very clear who winner is, and Lauf’s race was not called until yesterday almost mid-morning.

  14. I didn’t provide any spin at all. I simply said it was interesting, you then claimed (without any evidence) that the ILGOP excluded her from the email because the AP hadn’t called her race yet.

    Yet it appears that you maybe didn’t even read the ILGOP email.

    Here’s the relevant line (emphasis added):

    We’ve also nominated strong candidates in all of our competitive Congressional races. Esther Joy King, Regan Deering, Scott Gryder, and Keith Pekau are all ready to FIRE PELOSI and return Congress to Republicans.

    I’ll repeat it, just for you: “all of our competitive Congressional races.”

    Now… maybe you call us who is missing?

  15. Wrong again Shake, and quoting the email from CapFax article proves nothing without the timestamp of the IL GOP email.

    The only evidence working in your favor, which you did not bring up, is Scott Gryder being listed in that email.

    The AP didn’t call IL-14 race until 11:10AM CDT Wednesday, over an hour and a half after Lauf’s win was officially called by AP.

    Lauf being omitted by email either an accidental omission, or CapFax failing to copy Lauf’s name into article.

    Neither of us saw the actual IL GOP email.

    My original theory thrown out because of Gryder, but your finding it interesting is in big picture a “no big deal” and likely a simple explanation.

  16. LOL… sure, its Rich Miller’s fault for magically not copying a name in the middle of an email. Sure. 🤣

    And yea, I was going to mention Gryder but was too lazy to figure out when the AP called it for him.

    But thanks for doing the legwork to prove that that your theory is incorrect.

  17. Shake,

    Sure you knew about Gryder until I mentioned it, and missed the other error which I removed.

    I always need the exercise to do a quick research drill to keep me honed when the fall campaign begins in earnest.

    But no matter, the Red Wave is coming, and whether Lauf was on the IL GOP email sometime on 6/29 or not, Red Wave will be felt all over this state, including IL-11.

    We may not see 1994, but 2010 (when Foster lost) or 2014 or combination, will be sweet.

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