Kathy Salvi Wins Republican U.S. Senate Primary, Next Opponent Tammy Duckworth

Numbers from the Chicago Tribune at Midnight:

McHenry County results are below:

Not bad results for having the worst ballot position.

McHenry County precincts Kathy Salvi carried in her GOP Pirmary campaign for U.S. Senate.


Kathy Salvi Wins Republican U.S. Senate Primary, Next Opponent Tammy Duckworth — 13 Comments

  1. Salvi got into the race because of the two original crazies,
    Piton and Peggy.

    Salvi stayed above the personal attacks, and endured the false accusations by pathetic Piton and his sick sycophants.

    Any candidate who aligned themselves with Piton lost big.

    (Rabine, Shestokas)

    How does someone who got all that free media attention and Flynn endorsement come in nearly last?

    By being a first class screw-up!

    Congratulations to Salvi for running a positive race and winning!

  2. Trump conservative?

    She’s a polite and rehearsed establishment candidate who has been part of IL GOP politics since the 90’s, and she didn’t even get Trump’s endorsement.

    Finishing with 30 percent isn’t that impressive.

    It means 70 percent voted for not her.

  3. Correcting, there were a lot of candidates in that race watering down the vote.

    She’s been an America First, Trump conservative.

    Her daughter worked alongside his advisor and generals.

    Probably could get Trumps endorsement if she thought it would help.

  4. Want to see some debates between Salvi and Duckworth.

    So many issues to hear from Duckworth and whether or not she supports, OR condemns, the numerous reckless policies, actions and lawlessness by the Democrat Biden Administration.

  5. Duckworth will ignore Salvi.

    Salvi was simply the best of the bunch and it wasn’t that impressive of a victory even with her late start.

    Where she and her husband could be of major help is to get a bitter Rino Establishment to get behind Curran for the Second Supreme Court District.

    Taking over the Illinois Supreme Court is the biggest opportunity
    to change things for the better in Illinois.

    Like Devore did in the primary, she will have to ride the coat tails
    of Bailey to be respectable in the fall unless she finds a miracle supply of fresh money.

  6. I find it fascinating that some people consider Kathy Salvi as part of the Establishment.

    The Establishment has been fighting the Salvi family since Al Salvi ran against the Establishment’s golden boy, Bob Kustra, in 1996…and Salvi beat Kustra handily.

    You can be against Kathy Salvi, but to call her an “Establishment Republican” is a laughable absurdity.

    You either are totally ignorant of Illinois politics OR you’re just spewing out negatives against Salvi hoping one of many dumbass negative comments might actually stick.

  7. I helped Al Salvi win his first state rep race back in 1992 against “Nasty Nancy” Masterson.

    I was there in July 1995 when an unprecedented at the time convention of conservatives “nominated” him for U.S. Senate.

    I also saw how he ignored us conservative activists after he won the primary.

    He even went “moderate” on the gun issue right before the fall election, losing the people who were most responsible for his primary victory.

    Kathy Salvi also ran a lousy race for Congress, losing the primary badly.

    As the commercial says, “Wait, there’s more”.

    But in the spirit of party unity and in genuine gratitude for her letting me vote for her, I won’t say all the other things I know.

    The Salvis are Establishment but like a stopped clock, they were right on this one.

    I hope she finds a miracle source of money and helps keep Duckworth in place so we can win down ballot.

    60 years of Rino rule won’t be wiped in one election cycle.

    Thank you, Kathy, for giving the Connie Cains a better chance!

  8. LOL…Thanks Grant.

    Don’t try to explain the problem to IL political junkies.

    Vote for the same thing and expect a different result.

    All my votes failed yesterday.

    The trolls call that a victory.

    Ask Libertarian Skinner how that works.

  9. I agree.

    If the Salvis are now Establishment, then the party has moved quite a bit to the right since the 1990’s.

  10. Cal, the primary voters have moved right but not the Republican leadership.

    I want a European style election system where there is one election day using paper ballots cast by voters with photo ID counted on election day in front of observers of all parties.

    But Peggy, it’s quite possible counties ran the absentees and early votes first to give Kathy a lead.

    Typical Hubbard, moving out of state now that she knows there is no more to be gained from her act after this election.

    I guess she thought she could get one more round of support claiming fraud instead of a gracious exit she first did.

    This is the type of Hubbard stunt I voted to prevent in the fall with Kathy, who was simply the best of the bunch.

  11. I, too, was there in the mid 1990s, and saw first hand what happened to the Al Salvi for U.S. Senate campaign in 1996 after winning the primary, including the issues with BrabenderCox.

    As someone once wrote, whenever the Washington Republicans (National Republican Senatorial Committee in 1996) which was led by then-Senator Alphonse D’Amato took over, the campaign was never the same.

    That’s what will make watching how Catalina Lauf’s general election campaign unfolds when the NRCC comes in and begins calling (or trying to call) the shots interesting. I remember how that frustrated people in 1996, and while it’s 26 years later, I’m sure it could/will cause some similar headaches for Lauf’s campaign, too.

    Speaking of IL-11, the Salvis live in IL-11, so the synergy of working to bring Mark Curran to victory and hold the District 2 seat on the Illinois Supreme Court, those same synergies could be used to help in IL-11.

    I agree with Grant’s first comment…Duckworth will ignore Salvi, unless polling shows she’s in trouble.

  12. Cal, it’s not “the party”, but the Republican primary electorate, as Grant wrote, and Dan Proft said this morning on WIND.

    The Republican primary voters thoroughly rejected the establishment, whether Ken Griffin’s slate (which included Judge Shanes for Supreme Court and Rodney Davis for IL-15), or the Jim Durkin candidates like Arin Thrower in 66th District or incumbent state Representative David Welter, the primary voters have had enough of the “established party”, including many of the precinct committeepersons and the central committees.

    With Griffin now moved to Florida, some in the establishment are in real panic mode, thinking they have no money to compete with JB Pritzker’s billions.

    Enter the Red Wave due to Biden’s inflation, and many other current challenges, and if we see repeated in the fall what we saw in the Republican primary in the summer, Republicans could see another 1994 or 2010 even here in Illinois?

    Maybe we should keep the primaries in late June going forward?

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