Mark Curran Wins Republican Nomination for Illinois Supreme Court

Here are the numbers gathered by the Chicago Tribune:

No wonder supporters of Daniel Shanes tried to kick Curran and Susan Hutchinson off the ballot.


Mark Curran Wins Republican Nomination for Illinois Supreme Court — 8 Comments

  1. GOP: “Let’s pick the least electable person.”


    He was a prosecutor and a cop, not a judge.

    Curran is unqualified, and he lost his last two general elections (for Lake County Sheriff in 2018 and U.S. Senate in 2020).

  2. Agree, Correcting.

    This one has me scratch ing my head as many felt this was between Shane’s & Noverini.

    This one could go for a recount, I believe, if Shane’s wants to go that route.

  3. Correcting and Vincent, just like in IL-11 result, one cannot overstate the power of name ID, and Curran has it.

    Just like Lauf among 6 candidates, the one entering the race with highest name ID, usually wins.

    Clearly, Curran could be the 2nd coming of Jim Oberweis who is unbeatable in a primary.

  4. Curran winning is absolutely the best case scenario…for the Dems.

  5. Says something about the Robo caller for Noverini influence on voters, LOL!!!!

  6. I know Curran very well since one of my County Mountie friends helped organize his 2006 victory as a Democrat and wanted me to vote for him in the Democrat primary.

    “No, but I will in the fall.”

    He has lots of problems but whatever you can say about Curran, everything he said about his opponents was true, unlike the sleaziest local campaign I have ever seen with Shanes.

    Noverini could have won but never implemented any of the advice I gave him, never mind the advice of people far better connected for fundraising and practical campaign tips.

    Let’s see if all the “But he’s a Democrat” shills out there will swallow their pride and realize that Curran on his worst Sanctuary State days will be far, far better than the Democrat woman on the court.

    Taking the Illinois Supreme Court from the Democrats for the first time since 1964 is still the most important task for any Republican in the 5 counties of the 2nd District of the Illinois Supreme Court.

    Maybe Uihlein can be talked into funding Curran now that Griffin is gone.

    It’s very apparent that getting their hands on money is only thing that matters to our corrupt Illinois “Republican” Establishment.

    That’s why they were for Griffin’s boy Irvin in the beginning and why they scrambled in desperation to that other money bags, Sullivan, when they realized that Irvin wasn’t selling.

    And without some financial incentive, I doubt if they will lift a finger to stop the vote fraud that will be coming in the fall to stop Curran.

  7. The majority on the IL Supreme Court hinges on Curran and Burke winning in IL S.C. Districts 2 and 3 respectively.

    The majority decided on in November will be what we are either thankful for, or saddled with, for the next couple decades as Supreme Court Justices average a 20 year stay on the bench.

    The establishment will CLEARLY show if they actually care or if they just like who they like and ONLY who they like.

    Looking at Curran’s opponent on the Dem side, she looks like the poster person for judicial activism: BLM, LGBTQ, abortion, teachers unions, chillin’ with Pritzker and Underwood and people wearing shirts about “power” etc. etc. Her two issues center around “access to justice” and what looks like the judicial version of CRT.

    I have held my nose P L E N T Y working and voting for GOP candidates, it’s time others try it for a change.

    I think the only people who hate Curran are the political insiders of both parties and the “regular people” don’t know any of that inside baseball.

    They just want someone they can relate to and who can relate to them, do their job and stay out of their business.

    Curran will do that.

    The ILSC also administers the judicial system in Illinois and he has both administrate experience as the longest serving Lake County Sheriff and as the AG’s Gang Crimes Bureau Chief.

    He also has experience a senior prosecutor, worked in the State’s Attorney Office and as a Special Assistant, U.S. Attorney, and he taught Constitutional Law.

    I’d say he can make solid judgements and can explain what a woman is if needed.

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