CORRECTION: Abortion Facility in Rockford Not One of Planned Parenthood’s

CORERECTION: When originally written, I incorrectly reported that Planned Parenthood was moving to Rockford, implying it was because enforcement of Wisconsin law was shutting down abortion clinics h

Since this original publication, the Life & Family Evangelization Office dicovered the following:

The medical clinic property at 611 Auburn St., Rockford, 61103, was sold for cash ($75,000) on June 15, 2022, by Dr. Sam Chin, a retiring acupuncturist, to Dennis Christensen.

This name matches the OB/GYN from Madison, Wisc., who formerly directed the Northern Illinois Women’s Center, which was the abortion mill on Broadway that closed due to health violations.
611 Auburn, Rockford, IL. Image from Google.

The recently purchased building is a converted house at 611 Auburn.

In a high trafficed residential neighborhood, the house originally was a doctor’s office.

Acupuncturist Dr. Sam Chin bought the property when he brought acupuncture to Rockford.

Planning to retire, Dr. Chin has had the property for sale for over a year.

Dr. Chin was offered cash.

The structure is located next to an alley and has limited parking.

There is a sidewalk out front next to the busy street.


CORRECTION: Abortion Facility in Rockford Not One of Planned Parenthood’s — 8 Comments

  1. Definitions from the internet of two words: planned, parenthood

    planned: decide on and arrange in advance

    parenthood: the state of being a parent

  2. So will the SA in Rock County WI try to arrest women crossing the state line back from Illinois?

  3. Very strange symbol.

    The caduceus has two snakes and wings. It’s a symbol of commerce.
    The Rod of Asclepius has one snake and no wings. It’s a symbol of medicine.

    But this one is strange because it has wings but only one snake.

    What does it mean bros???

    Could it be medicine for profit cuz they sell the baby parts to occultists who run the world?

    Must be some kind of devil thing. After all, they kill babies. We know that.

  4. You are unhinged Correcting.

    The occult?

    Which multiple personalities posted that one since Cal already told us there are creepers on the site posting with multiple names under identical IP’s.

    It’s obvious you are one of them.


    I love the site Cal.

    The intellectuals keep getting better.

  5. JT having a bad week?

    You were wrong about Rabine, Salvi, and Piton.

    Now wrong about correcting.

    Good thing you can laugh at yourself, because everyone else laughs at you too.

    You’re right the “intellectuals” keep getting better.

    Consider yourself one of them.

  6. Thanks for confirming Cal.

    He goes off the rails and is not consistent in his posts/rhetoric.

    It’s like he takes on personalities of the trolls sometimes

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