UPDATE: Voters Winnow Republican County Board Candidates to Two per District

I left out the results for District 8 last night.

There were Republican Primary contests in three County Board districts.

In District 3, Bob Nowak and Eric Hendricks won with Bob Reining trailing.

In District 4, Joe Gottemoller and Mike Shorten emerged victorious, beating newcomers Paul Barthel and Suzanne DeLaney.

In District 5, Stephen Doherty and Terry Greeno will be on the ballot, while Justin Franske ends up the odd man out.

In District 6, Pam Althoff and Carl Kamienski emerged on top of Erik Sivertsen.


UPDATE: Voters Winnow Republican County Board Candidates to Two per District — 6 Comments

  1. No incumbent for county board lost in yesterday’s primary. Collins, Doherty, Gottemoller, Nowak, and Althoff had competition but won their races.

  2. Correcting.

    Do you think that was by, “chance.”?

    The “PACS” intentionally will not endorse the incumbents making it appear they are “impartial,” however, knowing all along they will cruise to Rhinohood victory with name appeal and huge mailings and support from the establishment.

    Meanwhile they “endorse” weak opponents to further ensure the incumbents get in.


    The Tirios are cons.

    Similar to Democrats, they don’t want radical candidates who suggest cutting and tax relief.

    Meanwhile, the voters get F***ked.

  3. The County Board is only responsible for 9% of your total property tax bill.

    If you want to cut taxes, focus on school board races.

  4. Well there is more than one “PAC” in McHenry County so which ones do you have in mind?

    GOPAC is the one most commonly affiliated with Tirio. In district 4, they endorsed Shorten and Delaney. Shorten won, Delaney lost. Neither are incumbents. Gottemoller is an incumbent and won; they didn’t endorse him. In district 3, GOPAC endorsed Reining in a three person race. He is not an incumbent and he lost.

    Another group affiliated with Tirio, Liberty First PAC, endorsed Greeno (who won but is not an incumbent) but not Doherty (who also won and is an incumbent) in district 5. Liberty First picked Kamienski in district 6 (who won but is not an incumbent) but did not endorse Althoff (who won and is an incumbent). They endorsed Shorten in district 4 (who won but is not an incumbent) but not Gottemoller (who won and is an incumbent).

    Your argument is not supported by the facts, steve. The PACs affiliated with the Tirios endorsed several non-incumbents and skipped endorsements for several incumbents so I don’t accept your argument about the “establishment.”

    Furthermore, I don’t believe the Tirios are kingmakers like some people say.

    Tony Colatorti and Jerry Evans both lost despite the Tirios supporting them, and it seems there were plenty of incumbents not supported by GOPAC.

    They’re not trying to be impartial anyway.

    The moment they make an endorsement, they are not neutral.

    PACs exist to support causes or politicians.

    My point was that incumbents won their races, it had nothing to do with PACs or the Tirios.

    Your argument is weird and hard to follow.

    Maybe you could just start by answering what radical people did you want to win who did not win and were not endorsed by these PACs?

    What races are you saying “establishment” money poured into?

    You’re overcomplicating this with a crackpot anti-Tirio conspiracy.

    A bunch of incumbents won because people know their names and they probably have more yard signs outside lol

    That’s all there is to it.

    Nobody really cares about these PACs’ endorsements (most people have never heard of these PACs) or what Tirio, Wilcox, or Kenneally think.

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