Dean of State Senate David Syverson Wins Re-Nomination

Dave Syverson, first elected in 1992, has won the right to be on the fall ballot in the newly-gerrymandered 35th district.

New 35th State Senate District, which runs from the Rockford area to the Mississippi River.

He badly defeated challenger Eli Nicolosi by over 10,000 votes, 75% to 25%.

Below are the McHenry County results, which mirror those of the whole district:

Dave Syverson waling in the rain at Marengo Settlers Days Parade.

4,561 of Syverson’s 10,594 margin–43%–came from McHenry County.


Dean of State Senate David Syverson Wins Re-Nomination — 4 Comments

  1. We have term limits.

    They’re called elections.

    And the voters just overwhelmingly decided to give Syverson another term.

  2. That’s not real term limits.

    That’s wishful thinking and stupid appeals to “democracy.”

    For real term limits, see the several states that have term limits in their state constitutions or look at Amendment 22 to the U.S. Constitution.

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