IL-11: Catalina Lauf Post-Primary Interview with Dan Proft and Jeanne Ives

Catalina Lauf on Primary Election Night

“Yes, I have [talked to all her primary competitors]…I commend everybody who wants to step into the arena…we need people like Jerry Evans, Susan Hathaway[-Altman] and Mark Carroll…we [Republicans] have the best messaging, but we need the right messenger…I commend their efforts, and they fought hard.”

In the final segment of Morning Answer (June 30) on WIND 560 AM, newly minted Republican nominee for IL-11 Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) was a phone-in guest, and she talked to host Dan Proft and guest co-host Jeanne Ives for about 10 minutes.

Here is the cued video from the livestream from this morning where Lauf answered several questions, including a question from Proft about the crowded IL-11 Republican primary field and if Lauf had spoken to all of her former opponents (transcribed above, please pardon any transcription errors).

The interview segment is about 10 minutes and Lauf touches on a variety of topics.

Please rate how you think Lauf did in one of her first (if not the first) post-primary interviews.

Please keep comments to how Lauf did during the media interview and how Lauf, from what you hear, is doing transitioning from a primary candidate to a general election nominee. Please use discernment and from a perspective of if you had a chance to give Lauf feedback before the fall campaign begins in earnest to make her a better candidate for the fall.


IL-11: Catalina Lauf Post-Primary Interview with Dan Proft and Jeanne Ives — 5 Comments

  1. That’s Lauf, banking on the girls to get her elected.

    I wont vote for someone who looks like a hoochie momma.

    Behave and dress like a professional.

    Once she gets elected she will open the flood gates on illegal immigration.

  2. I did not like her and felt she was not directly addressing the issues.

  3. Don’t know whether you have noticed, but Biden opened the flood gates already.

  4. Yes, I’d be voting for Lauf with little enthusiasm.

    The average swing voter is a woman over 50 and she will have zero
    appeal to them.

    But Jerry Evans and his straggly beard and big belly wasn’t too appealing, either.

    This is one
    district where the Dem gerrymander made sure nobody serious was running.

    But I still think it will backfire overall with victories in the 13 and 17th districts and an outside chance in the 6th. You can feel the panic rising in the Democrat party nationally as raving and ranting over abortion and gun control isn’t moving their polls, even if they still think “hick” Bailey will save them here in Illinois

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