Tony Colatorti Concedes Sheriff’s Race to Robb Tadelman

That’s what the Northwest Herald writes today:

But, read the first sentence in the story.

Tell me how Colatorti’s conceding “could mean Tadelman will win the position later this year unopposed.”

That’s up the Democratic and Libertarian Parties.


Tony Colatorti Concedes Sheriff’s Race to Robb Tadelman — 37 Comments

  1. Took him long enough.

    What part of “getting creamed” didn’t he understand?

  2. Saw a story in the NWHerald where Kristina Zahorik more or less acknowledged the recent training requirements for the office that drastically reduces the talent pool.

    More or less gave a shoutout to potential candidates with a “hey, we’re here”.

  3. Saw he conceded on his Facebook page….what a bunch of*#*#….

    I saw the steam coming from his nose after he lost…..all the way from my house !

    When Kenneally’s term is up…. He’s gotta go…

  4. To paraphrase Bluto Blutarski’s conclusion in Animal House, Colatorti whines “22 years in law enforcement down the drain!”

    Sob, 😭

  5. Tadelman is a Democrat.

    Why would they waste resources challenging him?

    I was shocked how many Robb signs were planted in the same yard as JB signs.

  6. The GOP needs unity, so while it took too long, God bless him.
    McHenry County is essential to the IL GOP!

  7. I’ve followed the comments on this blog and honestly the anti-Semitic statements and attacks along with the scurrilous accusations about arrests from years ago and allegations of being a democrat we’re sickening.

    Robb had more Republican primary votes than Tony.

    The Sheriff can’t ignore LAW just because some extreme right zealots believe it’s wrong.

    So much hate.

    Even one of his devoted minions going door to door in her precinct casting aspersions didn’t carry her precinct.

    The high road is always better.

    Tadelman won fair and square.

  8. Tony is a class act.

    Calling all his supporters to get behind Robb is a show of a true Leader and Republican.

  9. Get on with your lives trolls.

    By the way Science, Tony conceded the night of the election and threw his support behind Tadelman because good Republicans do that so obviously you don’t pay attention or read beyond headlines.

    Typical ignorance.

    So we (Tony’s supporters) are all now backing Tadelman because he is our nominee.

    Happy you need to get a life and move onto your next Jihad, you seem petty and immature.

    Good luck Tadelman we are behind you.

  10. Tony called Robb on election night.

    He made a speech thanking his supporters and asking them to get behind Robb for November.

    Just because it took a while to make it into the news cycle doesn’t mean he waited to concede.

    We can’t keep letting the disagreements in the primary tear apart the party.

    We all pick candidates to support in the primary, but at the end of the night on election day, whoever you thought was the worst candidate on the Republican ballot, is still way better than the best Democrat on the ballot.

    We have to come back together as a party or we are going to continue to lose ground to the liberals.

    After November, hold them to the platform and if they turn out to be a Rino, find somebody to beat them in the next Primary.

  11. Could is the keyword and people will find out in the next 25 days about Democrats and Libertarians slating candidates.

    Stay tuned.

  12. ” is still way better than the best Democrat on the ballot.” then explain to me The RINOs. MAGA is dead and when Trump is finished we can have a party that actually represents the people and not the right wing christian conservative nut jobs.

  13. Been in my town since the early 1970’s and I know and like most my neighbors despite how they vote.

    That being said, all the Democrats in my neighborhood voted for Taddelman; They put his signs up in their yards for God sake.

    Rinos are ruining America.

  14. Why didn’t mcgopac explore the skunk’s background before getting behind him.

    You would have to be blind to not see the Teamsters and operating engineers support for him!

    Seriously, McGoPac served up a candidate with the tase of a stale McMuffin with green hairy mold.

    The public rejected that endorsement outright because it was in poor taste and undermined McGoPac.

    McGoPac needs to Vet its candidates.

    Seriously what did McGoPac (karen Tirio) due to screen Tony?

  15. “we can have a party that actually represents the people”

    Like the Bush/Cheney syndicate?

    Hopefully the Libertarians put up a candidate for the fall.

    He won’t win but at least will allow a choice.

  16. Tony

    You put your signs out ay too early.

    It’s time to take them down!

  17. GOPAC explained their endorsement process in their letter.

    It was extensive and strategic.

    However Right to Life McH Co has some explaining to do.

    When a Republican leader asked someone that knows the players they responded

    “Both candidates had the same answers. They just didn’t like Tony”.

    They didn’t send out questionnaires to a lot of the people running! (Syverson, who has the 100% Pro-Life voting record! And all the Statewide Pro-Life endorsements. Same for Darren Bailey. Terri Greeno for County Board that is a Pro-Life activist!!! They didn’t back the most pro-life candidates . They went political!!!

  18. Pepe, Tadelman went in on his knees begging for that endorsement!

    He just didn’t get it.

    You keep glossing over that fact.

    So what makes him any better?

  19. I am sorry he lost.

    I like Tony and felt he was a real republican.

  20. Z asks za important question.

    What was z difference?

    Z difference is in z love.

    Z tony spread z love so much hez lost, how you say, z meatball?

    Z Tadelman haz not lost z meatball.

    Z diffron is z tony hadz z bad zings in z Divorce file.

    Z tony was backed by z teamsters.

    Local 150 made love to z tony campaign with many many love coins.

    Oh Z atony very different.

    Z tony implied z voters should be z nazi because he no like z robb religious believe, no?

    We we casey zere is z difference along with about 5,000 votes!

  21. Knowledge matters?

    Really, how is any candidate that far in with the unions a real Republican?

  22. Spot on, Knowledge, now that it over I hope the party can re-group and unite.

    Tony made that move before Election night was over.

  23. Tadelman went for the union’s endorsement.

    So I guess that makes both of them RINOs!

    Right Frank?! LoL

  24. If Tadelman went for the unions, show us anything to support that wild claim.

    It’s nonsense!

  25. Pepe, Tadelman went begging for the union 150s endorsement too.

    He didn’t get it.

    You can bet he won’t get it in the General either-not because he won’t be down on his knees begging for it!

    You seem obsessed with Tony, his love-life, his genitalia .

    Or are you looking for answers for your poor wife?

    Frank, so in your book BIden, Obama, Pritzker are all ‘ better people’ because they got more votes? Ur depraved

  26. Please tell your friend Tony the signs from his lost campaign.

    To I on on more Republicans voted for Robb!

    Pepe is right too.

    The issue with the loss of a ball is how it came about.

    If I understand it correctly that was the issue.

    SITBD please share facts or go back to your Jan 6 committee.

    If you look at tonys Campaign disclosure report at the Illinois board of elections, it is undeniable that Tony recieved union money.

    Its also undeniable that Tonk spent over 310,000 and hot shalacked.

    Robbs campaign disclosure doesn’t show dime one from the unions.

    And yes the unions back democrats and thier woke ideological agendas.

    So you say Robb went begging for Union money; what fo you have to back that preposterous claim?

  27. Tadelman didn’t get the endorsement but he sure begged them for it!

  28. Reality Check….. Tadelman WON!!

    Colatori & Kenneally LOST!!

  29. Reality check….people keep downing Colatorti because he got the Union 150 endorsement. Tadelman begged for it! He’s no better.

  30. Reality Check……

    It doesn’t matter if he had the ‘McHenry County Jack Off Union’ behind him as Colatori & Kenneally lost BIG Time!!

    They’ll have plenty of time for hand lotion now……

  31. Feality check: Did Israeli intel fix it for Tadelman?

    They’ve done it before.

    Arpaio was sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona for 24 years, losing a re-election bid in November 2016. He was found guilty in a Justice Department investigation for racially profiling Latinos and convicted on July 31 of criminal contempt for disobeying a federal judge’s order on detaining individuals suspected of being in the US illegally.

    Trump pardoned Arpaio in August before he was sentenced.

    Arpaio had been a prominent backer of Trump in the 2016 election.

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