Among Other Important Work Done by the General Assembly Is the Designation of a State Snake — 8 Comments

  1. JB Pritzker is THE SNAKE of Illinois….hands down….

  2. My trouser trout is in the running. It’s 12 inches if you measure from my asshole. It’s not as big as durbins but I do share a name with him

  3. We all know that DEMOCRATS are the state snake, no contest.

    Abort Lord Jumbo Boy, vote Bailey.

  4. Terminator, great post!

    I wonder why Tadelrat or his minions Because Science, Martin, Jacob or the jewish “Nefarious Shake Snake”, or of course our frequent commenter “Uber Jew” (Jack Franks) won’t comment on the revolting exposé you posted.

    Guess that’s why our jooish overlords tried to get this going:

    So many jews behind all the rotteness and corruption, stupid wars, financial crimes, political scam after scam, bailout recipients, etc., etc., etc., but mere goyim are never supposed to notice or dare to name the source of the tyranny, lies and deceit.

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