Piton Implies Problem with Senate Vote Count

A Tweet from Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Bobby Piton:

One of the less sarcastic comments under the graph:


Piton Implies Problem with Senate Vote Count — 38 Comments

  1. If the blue plot was Bobby’s, he’d say everything was just fine.

  2. Hey, Bobby….according to your own graph: If after 01:06 Salvi never had another vote counted to her total, she still doubles your total at the end.

    Conclusion: Even considering your conspiracy theory – and we took it for what you say…You still got your ass kicked almost 2:1.


  3. It’s incredible that Bobby Piton has become one of THE voices in the so-called steal of elections.

    The guy truly has zero understanding of how elections, the voter file, vote counting, etc. work.

  4. LOL. Replace Kathi Salvi with the person in the video IL voters.

    Again, it has to be the fluoride in the water.

    The cognitive dissonance is priceless on this site.

    Maybe the newly anointed blog psychologist A Bernier can explain that to us.


    6 years of Salvi’s.

    Al really improved IL during his time in Springfield.

    Kathi will surely vote for Cocaine Mitch if she gets to the Senate.

  5. Funny Cal. Context counts doesn’t it. I just got back from my fart huffing treatment with Bobby. The trial lawyer Salvi will not acknowledge voting corruption. But she’s a stable genius. LOL. Good thing the IL BoE gets to pick the race for Tirio to audit. 5% of votes audited means you must believe the vote. LOL. Clown show.

    Bobby Piton, 2022 US Senate Candidate -State of IL
    The lack of intelligence is astounding. By not conceding, I am publicly stating the results need to be investigated. No where did I say I thought I won. you freakin idiots. Peggy Hubbard, Matt Dubiel and Jimmy Lee Tilman also agree something is massively wrong. We want answers.

    Quote Tweet
    Bobby Piton, 2022 US Senate Candidate -State of IL
    · 22h
    I am NOT conceding my US Senate race primary….stay tuned…

  6. Salvi’s are Conservatives, not RINOs at all.

    Again, speaking out your a-hole, JT!!!

    Your voice may be different butt your breath is the same!

  7. So Salvi was basically kicking ass from the beginning to the end.

    I’m a math guy, and this seems very normal.

    Is “JT” a Q-Anon guy or something:?

    So, was JFK Jr. involved?

  8. LOL Ted. You and your bong smoking buddy are priceless. Apparently, Al Salvi’s policies improved your life in IL. Can’t wait for his wife to do the same at a federal level. You can’t fix stupid in this state.

    The woman never campaigned and won. I bet you 2 useless idiots think Biden won using the same platform as Salvi.

  9. Do know anything Al Salvi did in the Illinois House from January 1973 to January 1977?

    = = = = =

    I notice I got the wrong decade. It was from 1993 to 1997.

  10. The line graph doesn’t look anomalous and it’s not hard to understand how someone could win the densely populated counties and carry the state despite not winning many counties overall.

    Go ahead and do an audit but don’t get your hopes up.

    I would have figured either Hubbard or Salvi would have won (was leaning towards Hubbard winning but figured it would be close) and that’s what happened.

    When you consider Salvi being the only one doing a mailer, having name recognition, the party machine backing her in the Chicago area, plus Hubbard insulting people north of I 80 and not raising money to do mailers or commercials, plus the other candidates being less known, this result shouldn’t be surprising.

    I had long considered Piton, Salvi, and Hubbard to be in the top three but Piton probably finished fifth because he chose to attack DeVore, Bailey, and Miller at the end.

    Chlebek was first on the ballot and had a unisex name, and Dubiel generated a bit of interest from solid debate performances, so that could be why they did better than Piton.

    I’m disappointed Salvi won since I did not vote for her but, once again, not surprised.

    My main problem with Salvi is her being too polite and not speaking the truth.

    It seems like she ran because a lot of the rank and file Republicans were dissatisfied with the field, particularly Piton and Hubbard who they viewed as too controversial to win over swing voters (a view which probably has merit).

    People said she ran a “positive” campaign.

    Yeah, well that’s my problem with her.

    If you think someone is a fringe candidate or shouldn’t be the face of the GOP, just say it.

    It didn’t come across as a “positive” campaign as much as it came across as timid campaign.

    We don’t need people walking on egg shells afraid to say what’s up going to D.C.

    If Salvi can’t even stand up to people like Hubbard and Piton, how is she going to stand up to Schumer or McConnell in the Senate???

    She’s a damage control candidate.

    She succeeded, but now is she going to put any effort into the general or is the plan to coast to “respectable” defeat in November?

    If Salvi is as lazy prior to the general election in campaigning as she was during the primary, I’ll be leaving that contest blank.

  11. It’s not that she didn’t stand up to them, she felt they were insignificant enough and didn’t dignify them.

    She’s a MAGA America First candidate .

    All Bobby Pitton and his sycophants know how to. Do is tear down a woman and family they know nothing about.

  12. I love you guys. If she learned from Tony Pinelli at Loyola U I might respect her.

    Bottom line she didn’t campaign and was (s)elected. Please Cal educate simps like me what Al Salvi did for IL from 73 to 77.

    I can’t wait for that response

  13. She got the votes because people know of her around McHenry, Lake, cook counties.

    Also because she sent mailers and did the meet and greets.

    More than Puton did around here.

    She also invested 250k in her race.

    Puton loaned himself a measly 25k and paid himself back 2 months before the election showing people he was a cheap grifter.

  14. For 2 years I’ve heard election fraud.

    From Bobby and the president and for 2 years I drank the kool aid.

    That’s 2 years of being gaslighted, pissed off and supporting Bobby’s notions.

    Im at my wits end with him.

    He didn’t listen to his inner circle during the election when he was talking like a lunatic.

    He hasn’t won or overturned any elections.

    His credibility keeps dropping every time he posts or says something about election fraud and nothing happens.

    Bobby needs to stay off social media and spend time with his family.

    If he posts something it should be about a win not a theory he has.

    Again, not saying he shouldn’t investigate, just stop over promoting and promising and under delivering.

  15. The gas lighting is the north korean style J6 show trial.

    Drink more MSM kool aid dummies!

  16. Correcting, how does your opinion that Salvi is lazy and timid justify voting for Duckworth de facto?

  17. I love this blog. Try watching X 22 Report B series nightly. Enjoy your education IL voters. You might turn from a normie to a red piller. God this state is pathetic.

    But Al Salvi solved IL problems in the 70s. His wife will do the same in 2022. Lord help us.

  18. YES JASON! And looney tunes Mike Lindell too.

    JT, X22? oh Dave the guy that’s been saying for years that Trump is still the President and the banks are gonna crash and NESARA GESARA will come into play in 3 months. (it’s always 3 months from when he says it), Trump is running the White House with ‘the Generals’ from Maralago? That X22?

    That’s a QAnnon podcaster that hasn’t had any theory come true. Had enough of those. We are going to have to grow up and do this ourselves. (No one is going to save us.)

  19. In 1973, Al Salvi was 13 years old in 7th or 8th grade, anticipating eventual elementary school graduation and maybe having a summer job. 🙂

    Al lost a congressional race in 1986, to Democratic Incumbent US Representative Terry Bruce (D-19). 😐

    From 1993 to 1996, Al served (himself? Ha ha 😅) as Illinois State Representative. Hooray! 😃

    Trying to better himself politically (and financially? Ha ha 😂), Al lost the US Senate race to Dick Durbin in 1996 and again lost the Illinois Secretary of State race to Jesse White in 1998. Wah 😐

  20. My mistake. Salvi served the first two terms after the 1992 election.

  21. It was 93-97.

    My point was you did not say how he ruined the state.

    He and I had virtually identical voting records.

  22. Cmon Cal. You live in this bankrupt hell hole and are 80 years old.

    I balance my budget.

    Funny politicians can’t figure out how to do that.

    Al by virtue has contributed to IL problems.

    Kathi if she wins against the Ms.

    I Lost My Legs on a Beer Run will bring the same mindset to DC.

    The Salvi’s are entitled to reduced property taxes and are just fine paying less than their neighbors.

    Cue our resident appraiser.

    BTW stop misspelling Delbert.

  23. I’m not voting for a lazy establishment hack that’s part of a political dynasty that has been losing statewide elections since the 1990’s just because she has the letter R next to her name. She needs to earn people’s votes instead of taking her base for granted.

    I’m tired of Combine Republicans from the Chicago metro area dictating what the party needs to be.

    People complain about Chicago area controlling the state’s policies, but when it happens in the GOP primary it’s supposed to be okay?


  24. Still no specifics of how Al Salvi or I cast bsd voted from 2993-7.

  25. Salvi gets a D, maybe a D+ in my book.

    But since Duckworthless is an F, and because you know how tge rigging this fall will end up, Duckworthless might as well go on around the world cruise because the fix will be in. Maybe Salvi will then come to understand how elections are rigged.

    Maybe Tirio can tell her, too, in advance, so she can save some coin.

    Didn’t Duckworthless fly into a no go zone in Iraq, then called in airstrike in her panic on her own position?

    Women should never be sent into combat.

    And Americans shoukd never be sent into stupid wars for Israel.

  26. I’m voting for a conservative Kathy Salvi against a Leftist rubber stamp Duckworth.

  27. Insanity. I believed the 2020 election was stolen.

    Now even I wonder if I fall for a scam.

  28. Kathy Salvi is the conservative America First candidate.

    Ignore these insane Leftists worried for the Duck.

  29. Hi Cal. 🙂

    Although Wikipedia is wrong sometimes, it lists October 23, 1996 as Al’s resignation date from the Illinois House of Representatives. Then he attempted to defeat Dick Durbin, who highly touted the Brady Bill to end evil murderer committed violence (labeled by media as gun violence). Thus, Dick won. 😐

    Totally unrelated to Salvism, what happened to Bill Brady and David McSweeney?

    They (supposedly) resigned their legislative seats to seek higher office.

    What happened? 🤔

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