Newspeak for Fish

Asian csrp is not a good enough name for the fish imported from Asia that leap in the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

To make them more attractive for eating, the Illinois Department of Natural Resourses has renamed them Copi.

I don’t know about Asian carp, but native carp can taste quite good, if properly deveined.

That’s what I found out in Springifleld, Illinois, during its 1971 city elections at a bar which certainly testified to being a supporter of the elected city Health Commissioner.

I could see through the floor to the basement.

Good fish, though.


Newspeak for Fish — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, Cal, on the carp and other rough fish.

    Bullheads, too.

    Just ate lunch of fresh bluegill.

    I’m looking forward to tasting the new fish.

  2. Watch out for parasites. Carp are bottom feeders and loaded with them.

    Much like you, Martin!

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