IL-11: Grow up Catalina Lauf and Remember Over 68% of Primary Voters Wanted Someone Else and Latest Tweet Would Almost Qualify as a Sunday Funny

Note the ❤️ symbol and the count of Twitter likes

“The fact that Lauf had to struggle to win a low interest primary against weak, underfunded opponents despite a huge head start with her previous run and her Washington money shows how weak she is.”Grant D. Noble, 7/9/22

From the desk of John Lopez: Silly me. Here I was thinking, with a Republican primary win under her belt, Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) would take what the voters gave her, a 31.1% plurality win over five primary opponents and treat it with solemnity with gratitude to God and the voters for what was given to her on June 28.

She would recharge/redo her campaign for a general election push and by mid-to-late July, Lauf would debut her campaign with a battle plan to execute which would win on November 8 and flip the 11th Congressional District from Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville).

Sadly, Lauf proving me wrong and showing McHenry County Blog commenter Grant D. Noble right.

Beginning with the Friday night tweet, Lauf holding a child, whom she claims to be an “auntie” to, and on another social media platform, identifies by first name only and part of Lauf’s extended family (her one sister has no children).

OK, holding and kissing babies during political campaigns goes as far back as colonial times, before there was such a thing as a “photo op”, let alone social media.

Problem for mainstream voters, she coupled the picture of the young child from her family with a blatantly political statement concerning “birthing parents” which to some can come right up to the line of exploiting a child that is not even hers as a political prop.

I do believe Lauf would not purposely put a child in harm’s way, but the optics of the child in the tweet with the “birthing parent” message could turn off the swing voters, whom commenter Noble pointed out as the over 50-year-old women Lauf will need if she has any chance of winning the general election on November 8.

Not the first time Lauf has used other people’s children to promote her campaign:

From Catalina for Congress website

The context of the campaign website picture of the children who are unindentified not exploitive, in spite of her website discussing her campaign. One does not come away with the children being used as “props” but is a natural picture during a parade Lauf’s campaign participated leading up to the primary.

Lauf should have thought her tweet through, even if she was getting some R & R with her family out-of-state that while the picture itself is not wrong, her decision to share it with a blatant political statement, even if she is right with her nearly 170K Twitter followers plus her nearly 95K Instagram followers was her choice, and she chose to do it.

Which draws to the real reason Lauf’s Friday night tweet has over 15K likes (❤️), and this is a theme I brought up in my column published on Illinois Family Action last month, which can be viewed here.

Lauf’s immodest dress, and while the casual tank-top is something I expect anyone to wear while visiting family and getting R & R, the camera angle and how her bosom was accentuated in the pose made me think of this quote from a 10-year-old episode of Doctor Who from a scene filmed on location in New York City’s Central Park back in 2012 (for a BBC TV show to film on-location in NYC was a feat in itself).

“New York growled at my window, but I was ready for it…my lipstick was combat ready and I was packing cleavage that could fell an ox at 20 feet…” — The Doctor reading to Amy, Doctor Who “The Angels Take Manhatten”, 2012

Which explains the 15K likes on the tweet (and on Instagram, the baby post had over 7K likes) was due to her attire. Lauf’s tweets on her Twitter page usually receive likes in the hundreds, or in a few cases, in the 2K-4K range.

Lauf’s tweets do NOT have likes count well into 5-digits.

As many have commented on McHenry County Blog, Lauf using her looks under the terrible worldly message of “sex sells” might help with the male libido vote, but remembering Grant D. Noble’s comment on July 2 about Lauf, the swing voters are the 50+ year old suburban women, the moms and possibly, grandmas, this kind of sex appeal will not impress.

Which leads me to this final, earnest warning for Lauf:

Grow up, Catalina Lauf and remember while you achieved your first primary win for high-profile office on your 2nd try while taking others like Jim Oberweis three losses before their first win, it means nothing without a win in November.

Finally, to all readers, I must say two things, given some of the comments made about me both on the blog and in other social media platforms.

First, Lauf winning the primary does not put her above criticism. Long time readers of my articles here on McHenry County Blog will recall I was very critical of 2020 IL-14 nominee Jim Oberweis, both on votes he made in Springfield after winning the 2020 primary, as well as how he presented himself on the campaign.

Oberweis to his credit, had genuine, heartfelt correspondence with me and was genuinely interested in my observations and what I had to say, and we had genuine respect for one another which was enhanced by our exchanges.

I don’t anticipate anything of the same from Catalina Lauf unless she really changes in the ways I said in my Illinois Family Action articles. If she really has any self-respect to discuss what I see of her, my email door is always open if Lauf wants to discuss what I accurately write about her.

Lauf is a “cultural conservative” who’s led by the culture which has her sexualizing her campaign proves, and Scripture teaches us to judge anyone by their fruit.

Finally, I’ve heard some call me “anti-woman” in other platforms. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and I am thankful to God for a good friend from my church who defended me against the lie of me being anti-woman with the truth that I look at all through a Biblical lens.

When it comes to Lauf, Daniel Chapter 5, the writing on the wall, would be a good read for her to not only read, but pray over and ask God for His guidance.


IL-11: Grow up Catalina Lauf and Remember Over 68% of Primary Voters Wanted Someone Else and Latest Tweet Would Almost Qualify as a Sunday Funny — 26 Comments

  1. I didn’t vote for Lauf as she wasn’t working it, and seemed content to coast to the finish line. I wasn’t in the district she was running for last time, so hadn’t paid attention before.

    As a re-districted “new” potential voter who didn’t really know much about her, I wasn’t getting much of anything from her, particularly as compared with other, more energetic candidates who worked harder, in my opinion.

    As with others here, sure, she’s my default vote this Fall.

    I think she felt she had enough such default voters from her previous campaign, and so phoned it in.

    As John says, she’ll now have to work for those independents, and the dewey CoverGirl thing isn’t enough. It may even be detrimental.

    In the totality of public images from her in my own mind, I can’t honestly recall any where she was wearing anything approaching acceptable business attire.

    It’s that simple.

    Dress for success, not as the naughty au pair.

  2. Hopefully, she won’t resort to the giant fake eyeglasses a la Boebert.

  3. A 5 way race and got 31% is pretty good seeing as though the average voter probably didn’t know much about any of the candidates.

    Lastly, who the heck is Grant Noble?

  4. As far as Grant D. Noble, back on June 13, Cal introduced Grant as follows:

    “Grant Noble, a Republican Party activist of many, many years”

    Grant’s observation accurate.

    Catalina Lauf raised over $1.3 million from Feb 23, 2021 through June 8, 2022, and spent nearly all her money.

    Nearest competitor’s spending was 2nd place finisher Jerry Evans, who, combined with a super PAC, spent $200K and clearly ran out of money. 3rd place finisher Mark Carroll spent $50K.

    With that fundraising disparity and Lauf got only 31.1% of the primary vote?

    Lauf should have gotten well over 50% to 60% which would have generated a ratings change for IL-11 from “Likely Democrat” to “Leans Democrat”.

    Lauf outspent Evans by over 6-1 and only received 31.1% of the vote and beat him by less than 10 percentage points.

    Grant right-on saying Lauf proved how “weak” she really is.

    We’ll see new FEC numbers by Friday, but Lauf’s campaign was basically broke by primary day, and Congressman Foster sitting on at least $4.8 million through June 8.

  5. I love Catarina Lauf.

    She works hard, campaigns with style, unapologetically promotes conservatism, and is the new face of the conservative movement.

    The GOP is truly LUCKY to have her as the nominee.

    Only failed, tired, feckless, curmudgeon, unhappy, frumpy, back-stabbing, political hacks don’t like her…true from both party’s establishment swamps.

    Then they ostensibly criticize her for one of her true blessings: she’s a happy, vibrant, beautiful woman with a countenance to win people over – and she’s not apologizing to the wacko religious/puritan zealots that have beleaguered the right for decades.

    Move aside you old farts, the new movement is coming and is going to win.

    Your failed Illinois GOP, which has played “just satisfied to be the abused victim of the Dems” for 50+ years is now dead.

    Got Catarina Lauf!

    You’re rocking it out of the park!

    Plus, you’re running against one of those tired, curmudgeon, half-dead political hacks on the Left – a socialist who barely knows that his nursing home grilled cheese sandwich is already too cold to eat.

  6. “Catarina”?

    CLM, better check your autocorrect.

    Seen that canned response before.

    As for the unflattering description of Congressman Bill Foster, and these rumor-mongering folks who think he’s terminally ill, guess again.

    Only thing odd about Foster I’ve noticed is he wears a suit, and tie EVERYWHERE he goes, even for outdoor events.

    The fact Lauf supporters best pay real attention to, is Foster’s campaign has millions of dollars in the bank, and Lauf has none.

  7. Yes, I agree, I am not a major player.

    But I know people who are.

    And if they get involved heavily in Lauf’s campaign, it would be a major shock to me. So many better opportunities in the House this year, not to mention what would happen next year if the Dems keep the Senate and break the filibuster.

    If you really want to make a difference this year, the Supreme Court race is THE race for McHenry County.

    The fact the Establishment candidates Hutchinson and Shanes have not endorsed the clear primary winner Curran almost two weeks after the primary shows you how much the Illinois Uniparty fears a real change in the Supreme Court.

    Whenever the Uniparty is threatened by someone they can’t control totally, like Kirk Dillard in 2010 or 2014 or Ives in 2018, they go absolutely wild.

    If Bailey makes it close, as I think he will, watch what the “Republican” Establishment will do.

    Griffin’s money and the money of the West Coast types for Sullivan didn’t work in the primary but so many ways to look the other way while the Dems steal everything that isn’t nailed down like they did in 2018 and 2020.

  8. She won the primary vote John Lopez,
    so why don’t you stop the endless nitpicking?

  9. Paul Revere, nah, I don’t do “endless nitpicking”, I simply tell the truth based on the facts and my observations to back it up, and Grant Noble’s insight one of many.

    Come Friday’s FEC reporting, we’ll see if Lauf will be a serious player in the fall.

    Odds already stacked against her, which will be confirmed by Friday with her FEC.

  10. I don’t understand it, but I appreciate Lopez’s disgust for Catalina.

    Say no to e-girls.

    Conservathots are just another brand of that thottage.

    Not even once.

  11. Connie Cain’s odds we’re greatly stacked against her and she won against a tremendous mail campaign with Thrower.

    As the old saying goes, “We’ll see”

  12. **I don’t do “endless nitpicking”**


    If this post isn’t nitpicking, I’m not sure what is.

    This post is hilarious.

    And I cannot stand Lauf.

  13. Grant is so right about Hutchinson.

    She’s utter trash.

    Maybe Lopez should halt his Catalina cursings.

    It’s getting really old, Lopez.

  14. Or maybe, Catalina Lauf can start doing some things right, and then I’ll heap praises on her.

  15. Catalina will get votes because she is a woman, because she is a Latina, because she is pleasant and appealing.

    Foster will lose votes to Catalina because he is an old white man and is stodgy, stuffy, and wears a suit all the time according to Lopez.

  16. Once again, Lopez cuts off his nose to spite his face.

    With the endless and weakly framed hit piece after hit piece, Lopez has firmly established himself as someone who would rather smile and say “see, I told you so!” if Foster wins than be happy and eat humble pie if Lauf wins.

    John, instead of running to the comments section crying “she only won by 10% despite how much money she raised!” how about you discuss how many losers took Griffin’s money and got trounced?


  17. I’m still organizing a rescue kidnap mission to evacuate Lauf to Dallas.

  18. Silence Dogood, I think you’re directing your comment to others in addition to me, but no matter. Opinions vary.

    With what is happening with multiple Hispanic women rising to prominence winning primaries across the country, and Catalina Lauf is the 6th Republican congressional nominee in a competitive district, there is a part of me that really wants Lauf to shine, and be worthy to be included with luminaries like Congresswoman Mayra Flores (TX-34) who flipped a district in South Texas in a special election last month, as well as Monica De La Cruz (TX-15), Casandra Garcia (TX-28), Yesli Vega (VA-07) and Lori Chavez-DeRemer (OR-05).

    But comparing Lauf with someone like Flores is a night-and-day comparison, as Flores, married to a CBP agent and mother of 4, is a genuine Proverbs 31:10 woman, while Lauf, as I’ve documented here and elsewhere, falls short, though she could be one if she chooses.

    D J, did you get drawn-out of Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne’s (R, TX-24) district during the remap?

  19. Lopez will be sponsoring a Catalina Hate Fest at Crystal Lake Aug 13-14.

    Effigy burning set for 9:30 pm Aug 13

  20. Sex sells, sorry to disappoint.

    Any man that doesn’t check her out before looking at her stances is a tranny or gay.

    I think she should use her looks as an initial way to have someone interested in her.

    Good looking men can get elected to positions, why can’t hot women?

    Is she the right candidate?

    Who knows.

    But she is the nominee and an R, and as much as I think her intellect is lacking and the fact she has a shady work history and never paid property taxes…

    neither did Underwood and look..the only difference is, Underwood had support and the $$ and intellect to win the seat.

    Catalina better be doing her homework and practice her speeches on the issues otherwise she is going to get creamed.

    Just wonder why this post is so divisive.

    I support all R candidates even though I may disagee with them on some issues or think they are stupid….

    Id rather have a R I agree with 50% of the time in office than a D I agree 0% of the time….

    what would you rather do?

    be a snob and say bad things about a candidate and not support them to the fullest?

    no wonder why IL R’s are a super minority…


  21. To add to my comment above…its simple, you have a criticism or opinion or thought about a candidate in the general that is in our party…..ADDRESS THEM DIRECTLY!

    How are you helping the candidate by putting information here?

    What if they dont read this?

    How will it hit your target audience?

    I understand the general intent of posting opnions and criticism is to have a dual purpose…

    1. keep readers interested.

    2. help out the candidates…but are you really helping them out or are you discouraging people from supporting them?

    I see it both ways and having a dual effect….so be careful out there…or enough knocks will have R’s voting for Foster.

  22. John I am still under the protective wing of Beth, living in N. Dallas just off her eastern-most Preston border.

  23. Fall election activities s are easy for those who aren’t just key board warriors.

    You take the most important race (Supreme Court) to the swing voter door in the form of a walk card and then add a general letter defending the rest of the Republican ticket against the terrible trio of Biden, Lightfoot and Pritzker.

    You follow up with a phone call if nobody was home or with a post card.

    Of course, there’s no money or encouragement for this by the Republican Establishment.

    “Rule or ruin” is their game and they know they are hanging on by their fingernails.

    They are counting on conservatives wasting time arguing about the primary, watching Sean Vanity and sports and generally wasting time while the country goes down the tubes.

    An election observer in every McHenry County polling place is another alternative.

    Connie Cain is another priority for McHenry County conservatives if you want a local hero.

    If everyone did what they could, it would revolutionize Illinois politics.

  24. Grant Noble said:

    “Connie Cain is another priority for McHenry County conservatives if you want a local hero. If everyone did what they could, it would revolutionize Illinois politics.”

    Given this is a Catalina Lauf article, it was just revealed Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC backed Arin Thrower (article already posted).

    Lauf, if she chooses, has opportunity to help Connie Cain in her uphill fight against State Representative Suzanne Ness.

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