IL-11: Catalina Lauf First Comparison Piece with Congressman Bill Foster

Catalina Lauf
Bill Foster

Placing the nickname “Failed Foster” into use for first time, Lauf posts generic comparisons with Foster in campaign email sent Friday

Late Friday afternoon, Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) sent a fundraising email which included to my knowledge her campaign’s first comparison piece between herself and Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville) for the general election campaign.

This email, for the first time, debut’s Lauf’s label for Foster for the general election campaign: “Failed Foster”.

The email begins:

“What’s the difference between Catalina Lauf and Failed Foster?”

The table from the email transcribed below

Fights for the American DreamNothing, but political theater
Represents YOUR interestsRepresents the Biden/Pelosi agenda
New face and new ideasCareer politican
Wants pro-growth policy to improve our economyWants everyone to be dependent on the government
Values hard work and liberty, and has an unapologetic love for our countryUses his position to line his own pockets
Supported by a grassroots army of parents, families, and forgotten AmericansSupported by corrupt special interests
Source: Catalina Lauf for Congress fundraising email 7/15/22, 3:47PM CDT

The email continues after the table:

“Failed Bill Foster is a weak Democrat who only cares about himself.

The patriots in our district won’t let him ignore the people any longer.

“Nancy Pelosi has used Failed Foster like a puppet at every opportunity to push her radical agenda through Congress.

“But if Republicans take back Congress this year, we can stop the madness!

“Will you join the fight against their radical agenda….?”

Source: Catalina Lauf for Congress fundraising email 7/15/22, 3:47PM CDT


After a “Donate” button, the Lauf Campaign email continues:

In just two years of the radical Left controlling Congress, they have caused:

  • Out-of-control inflation
  • A gas crisis
  • Supply-chain issues
  • The death of small businesses
  • An invasion of illegal immigration
  • Conversative voices to be censored by Big tech 
  • The indoctrination of our children by radical Leftist teachers 

…it’s going to take a new generation of strong, conservative American leadership will save this country from the radical left. 

Catalina is fighting for Illinois. Can you join the fight? Click below to donate.


After more donate buttons at certain dollar amounts, the email ends.

What do you think of Lauf’s comparison of herself to Congressman Foster? Please share thoughts in comments, and please keep comments to the topic of this article!


IL-11: Catalina Lauf First Comparison Piece with Congressman Bill Foster — 12 Comments

  1. Re:

    “Nancy Pelosi has used Failed Foster like a puppet at every opportunity to push her radical agenda through Congress”

    Need some specific examples where Foster has supported and was a yes-man for the agenda of the wretched and evil Pelosi.

    The wretchedness of Pelosi – Everyone saw the video of Pelosi bumping aside a small girl, the child of a new Hispanic and Republican Congress Woman US Representative from Texas.

  2. FiveThirtyEight says Bill Foster votes for the Biden agenda 100 percent of the time and ProPublica says he votes with his party over 99 percent of the time.

    The better question to ask would be when has he stood up against Pelosi / when has he NOT been “a yes-man for the agenda of the wretched and evil Pelosi.”

  3. Isn’t it enough that he voted for build back better?

    He’s clearly just a party tool who voted for policies that have caused our current inflation problem and if he had his way he would have made it worse.

  4. Foster will be pushing up daisies.

    He looks like death warmed over.

  5. As you said Lopez. Lauf and Salvi are the selected losers in their respective races.

    Tirio audited 700 ballots for 1 race to prove to simps like me that ES$S is on the up and up.

    I got it.

    Now hit your delete key since I post under your posts gets constantly deleted. LOL.

  6. JT: Lauf and Salvi are going to win.

    They’re outstanding candidates.

    JT, are you part of the establishment RINO part of the party who have some “inside information”.

    LOL, the RINOs of the Republican Party are about as sophisticated as the 3 stooges.

    Whatever information you’re getting is dead wrong and based on losers in the GOP.

  7. Foster will be fortunate to survive until November 2022.

    Terminator is right.

    Foster looks so ill he looks like he’s on CHEMOTHERAPY and not winning the battle.

  8. He walked Crystal Lakes Independence Day Parade. If the whole way, that’s 1.8 miles.

  9. My fellow citizens, This is Anthony Catella once again.

    As a former Congressional candidate for IL-14 2019/20 I would like to stump on the blog on behalf of my fellow Illinois Republican Catalina Lauf, our current nominee for the new 11th district .

    Of all the candidates that ran for the old 14th last time she is the one to have emerged victorious to run again.

    This is a fact accomplished with honor, I congratulate her on this tremendous accomplishment and stand strongly behind her as our next Representative in Congress.

    I entered politics as a citizen-politician, Catalina is in politics just the same way.

    She is a citizen-politician, not a career-politician.

    She has heard the call to engage in elective politics and we need more people like her to step forward with courage, confidence and the conviction of their principles.

    Catalina is not content to stand still while our district, state and country are faced with difficult and far reaching challenges.

    Along with most of us, Catalina is tired of the negativity and bad things happening at the local, state and national level.

    The incumbent Congressman, Bill Foster has been in Congress since 2008, 14 years!

    As Catalina would say: ENOUGH!

    Foster is failing the district, the state and the country and so is the entire leftwing socialist democrat slate.

    Catalina Lauf has therefore taken a stand.

    She has once more stepped forward to be a candidate for the Congress of the United States!

    It is TIME for new leadership dedicated to the people not the old tired ways of career politicians.

    It is not too late but the clock is ticking and it must not be hickory dickory DOOM but hickory dickory DESTINY!

    This fellow citizen of ours is willing to stand up for the future of the American dream.

    Let us rally round her and help her in this fight as serious as any faced and fought on a battlefield.

    Indeed my fellow citizens we are in a battle for the survival and success of liberty not in Europe or the Pacific or in Korea or in Vietnam as in the past but right HERE! in these United States!

    This is the last bastion of freedom for man on earth, if we lose it here there is no place else to go.

    Just ask her mother, this country was the saving soil of liberty.

    Catalina was appointed by President Trump to the US Commerce department, focusing on what became one of the great accomplishments of President Trump, The Tax cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

    She’s a can-do person.

    We need a renewed spirit of national pride in our country today.

    People of all ages can contribute to America, sharing in both the work and the feeling of self-worth and pride that comes with accomplishment.

    We can begin to redirect our national energies and resources toward the vital problems of our own national community.

    We must reach across the false barriers that divide us from our fellow countrymen, seek and find peace abroad, reconciliation at home and the participation in the life of our country which is the deepest desire of the American people and the highest expression of our national goals.

    With faith in God over fear and with freedom over fear and with Catalina as our voice in Congress we can bring forth a bright new day of freedom under the old and enduring Constitution of the United States of America!

  10. Please forgive me if my topic was not exactly on this issue.

    I just needed to get out my campaign stump speech on behalf of our candidate.

    As long as I am still here I’ll give my point on the Lauf/Foster comparison.

    It is simply this, Foster’s time is up and it is time for a new Representative and her name is Catalina Lauf.

  11. The choice could not be clearer.

    Foster has been in for 14 years!

    That is I think, 7 terms!

    That is really enough time for anyone to be in Congress.

    The choice could not be clearer The old man needs to go and it’s now time to bring in a new voice and a fresh smiling face.

    I have been campaigning for Catalina Lauf and I am happy to lend my assistance as a former candidate for Congress.

    We live under the greatest form of government yet devised and everyone that wants a chance to run and be elected and serve for a time should have the opportunity.

    This proud and patriotic woman may well be the one to be in office for such a time as this and to serve in “the kingdom” for a time.

  12. I agree with the term limit theme! Kevin McCarthy has been in the House since 2007 – even longer than Foster – so if it is Foster’s time to go, it is well past McCarthy’s time to go!

    I know you will all do your best to see that this happens.

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