9th District GOP State Central Committee Post Getting Hot – This Post Has Opposition Research from Both Sides

I spoke to both candidates for the 6th District Illinois Republican State Central Committee position on which elected (only) Algonquin Township Township Precinct Committeepersons will vote at the McHenry County Republican Central Committee Convention this week.

The two are

  • Julie Cho
  • Joan LaSonda

I asked both to send me a press release on their background and why they are running for office.

Before sending a press release LaSoda sent an article about Cho from Crain’s Chicago Business, which you can see here.

It criticizes Cho for fundraising for the One America PAC of which Cho is Treasurer from which $25,600 of the $59,479.73 went to Cho’s consulting firm Locke Consulting.

At the time (spring of last year) Cho was unsuccessfully running for New Trier Township High School and the Wilmette Library.

I sent it to a couple of PC’s, one of which sent it to Cho.

Cho sent the following email, along with the images I have reproduced:

I am terribly disappointed that a conservative blogger is emailing a hit piece done by a far-left liberal reporter on a conservative candidate from a year and half ago without checking facts as if it is some sort of revelation of dirty secrets that was just discovered. 

If Cal is emailing the PC’s a fake news piece on a conservative candidate, I would expect Cal would also email them all the facts on the candidate, Joan Losonde, who provided the fake news article as well as the facts behind the fake news article. However, since I doubt he will, I am providing the information here myself on the facts about me as well as Joan Losonde. 

First of all, I am stunned and horrified to see the level of impropriety one of my fellow 9th State Central committee candidates, Joan Losonde, has engaged in by using a Democrat tactic to attack a fellow Republican. 

I am a political consultant, and just like other professions in this capitalist country, political consultants get paid for the services they provide. Just as Joan’s good friend, Mike Z, who reportedly made $7M from his PAC for the services he provided Richard Irvin, and just as our good friend, Dan Proft, who gets paid for the services he provides through his PAC, so do I. 

THe funds raised from my PAC in 2021 supported local candidates for Palatine, Schaumburg, Lake Forest, and College of Lake County Trustees. My fee for this work was only $1,425. A full disclosure of the PAC’s financial activities can be found in the FEC link below as well as on my New Trier Republican Committeeman’s website. 



We know all too well how the liberal media twists the facts to make conservatives look like villains. Just look at what the liberal media did to President Trump. According to the liberal media, he is a fear-mongering racist villain. AND our own establishment Republican leadership joined in and campaigned against President Trump’s re-election, supporting Biden. 

Check out here


Greg Hinz, who wrote the deceiving article on me and my PAC, is a far-left liberal reporter who promotes LGBTQ indoctrination in public schools. He wrote the article during my school board race in 2021 as the liberals got nervous that a conservative might gain traction. 

Joan Losonde was one of the key members of the Irvin campaign. As we all know, the Irvin campaign was a group of establishment RINO’s who put out lies about the conservatives candidates day after day. They spent $50M spreading the lies and dividing the party.  This is also the same group of people, who deny that there was enough voter fraud in the 2020 election to alter the result. 

Is it a surprise to any consevative that someone who was a key member of the Irvin campaign would be spreading lies about a conservative candidate using a fake news article written by a far-left liberal reporter who promotes LGBTQ indoctrinaion of our kids?

This is exactly what we, the conservatives, are fighting against.  Our own RINO establishment is trying to destroy the conservatives in our party as evidenced by the Irvin campaign, and now by what they are doing in the 9th State Central Committee race to destroy a conservative candidate.  While the conservative grassroots activists are fighting against the LGBTQ indoctrination of our kids, our own State Central Committee candidate is using the article by the people who promote the indoctrination against a conservative. 

Someone who divides the party, using fake news by a liberal reporter, cannot be trusted and is not the kind of leader we need in our party.  Check out Joan Lasonde. 


There is only one major role for a State Central Committeeman. Build a conservative grassroots coalition and get Republicans elected. I have proven that I can build a conservative grassroot coalition, raise funds without hiring a professional fundraiser, and get candidates elected. I hope to earn your votes on July 27, build a conservative grassroots coalition together in the 9th Congressional district, and replace Jan Schakowsky with a conservative Republican! 

Please call me with any feedback or questions. I would love to connect with everyone and share more facts and information about me, my PAC, and my visions for our 9th Congressional district!

Thank you!!

Julie Cho




9th District GOP State Central Committee Post Getting Hot – This Post Has Opposition Research from Both Sides — 8 Comments

  1. Citizen Editor: I think you mean Joan Lasonde, not Joan “tommy” LaSorda. Where is the link to the Greg Hinz story that much of this seems to be around? The Crains listed link takes you to Lasondes Gmail address. Kind of hard to follow–but who knew Political Consultants can get paid so very much, or in this case, so very little. Shakes, you rich?

  2. LaSonde and Nyhan are both Irvin supporters.

    Cook County RINO’s.

    Julie Cho is friends with Rabine and she’s the only chance we have to choose a conservative.

  3. **Shakes, you rich?**

    Thanks for bringing me up on another post I’m not commenting on (or really even care about)… but, alas, I’m not Mike Z rich.

    But, also, much to JT’s chagrin, I still have my integrity (and pretty decent income).

    Thanks for asking though!

  4. Yes there are Cindy.

    Stop being ignorant. The Precinct Committeemen vote for these candidates!

    Nylan and LaSonde are RINO’s.

    I don’t know why LaSonde is even a Republican if she is for Roe v. Wade!?


    Same for anyone that backed Democrat IRVIN to be our Republican candidate for Governor.

    These woman are nuts!

    Also Nylan doesn’t work for the party at all unless she’s getting paid!

    I hope these Precinct Committeeman in McHenry County who vote in this district will vote for Julie Cho.

    She’s the only republican in that race for State Central Committeeman

  5. Julie Cho, the great conservative, backed Jesse Sullivan over Darren Bailey.

    Cho cannot be trusted.

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