UPDATE: Democrats Controlling Kane County Board Seek Sales Tax Hike

I don’t subscribe to the Daily Herald, so can only show the summary of the story;

New sales tax emerges as Kane County plan to fund mandated justice reforms

An ad hoc Kane County budget committee voted this week to recommend the full county board seek a 0.5% county sales tax on the November ballot. This would help fund the justice system reforms mandated by the state through the SAFE-T ACT. Full Story

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Anyone think such a referendum will pass?

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The committee, on a 5-1 vote (with Committee Member Cliff Surges (R, Gilberts) absent) advanced the recommendation for higher taxes, including the 0.5% tax increase, to the County’s Finance/Budget Committee meeting on Wednesday.

The five Members voting (not said in the Daily Herald article) in favor are:

  • Committee Chairman Dale Berman (D, North Aurora), who has the most changed District from Democrat to Republican in November, and Berman is in his late 80s.
  • Michelle Gumz (D, Aurora), who’s in a safe district
  • Chris Kious (D, Algonquin), who’s in a toss-up district facing Republican Greg Buck of Algonquin in the fall
  • Ron Ford (D, Aurora), who faces Dean Seppelfrick in the fall
  • Vern Tepe (D, Elgin), who faces a strong Republican challenger in former ECC Board Member Jeffrey Meyer

The Berman, Kious and Tepe districts, along with the 19th District are the “Core 4” districts the Republicans can flip, based on analytics (assuming the Republicans can hold their own).

The Republicans need a net 2 gain of seats to be the majority on the Kane County Board.

The County’s Finance/Budget Committee is Wednesday morning at 9AM CDT (the same day as the county conventions).


UPDATE: Democrats Controlling Kane County Board Seek Sales Tax Hike — 43 Comments

  1. Cut your expenses Kane County.

    Problem solved.

    And if it is a mandate it’s not required.

    Complete idiocy on display by both sides of the aisle

  2. Go plan your wedding Dave/NefariousShake. You lobby for murdering the unborn, the queer rights community and higher taxes on IL residents. The exact opposite of what normal people stand for. Seek help liberal loon.

    🥕 🍎 I didnt know AOCs cousin works in Springfield too.

  3. JT says something stupid.

    I question him on it.

    JT resorts to ignorant personal attacks.


  4. JT – the article doesn’t support your comment. Try again.

    And oh my. You called me a liberal?! Somehow you didn’t know I was a liberal until you read my bio. 🤷‍♂️

  5. Give it up Dave Lowitzki / Shake. You are on the wrong side of every issue. What did your queen of Highland Park Nancy Rottering the gun grabbing liberal do to protect her town other than ban guns? I’m sure that’s an issue you are behind like abortion, queers and higher taxes. Good luck in your next marriage tough guy. Is that idiot Monk related to you?

    Liberals are such idiots. I play cards with a couple of them and they somehow always seem to lose. Good luck on your Pritzker campaign. Parasitic lobbyists. I love em.

    PS > please get a vasectomy. We don’t need more progressives polluting our environment.

  6. So, JT, you’re unable to explain how you believe “if it is a mandate it’s not required” is true?

  7. Oh Dave Lowitzki the Shake, I enjoy living rent free in your liberal cranium. Get over being outted and move on with your stupid liberal queer supporting, tax raising, and baby murdering agenda. Nancy Rotering that hot mess mayor of Highland Park spent money to your LLC for what. People like you and your new ex-wife are liberal parasites on the community. Enjoy it. I know I am Dave. You should hook up with the other liberal idiot Monk and drink some bongwater with your kids. Keep fighting Dave. I love your tenacity.

  8. Just want to point out, for everyone other than JT, that JT still has shown zero ability to support this claim of “if it is a mandate it’s not required.”

    Instead, he’d prefer to attack me about totally unrelated things.

    Maybe it’s because he knows he’s wrong.

    Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so doesn’t even know he’s wrong.

    But, regardless, he has zero ability to support his false assertions.


  9. JT, how much did Lowitzki fleece the witch Rotten Rottering out of in her failed candidacy to have yet another jew on the Supreme Court.

    Boy for a little over 1% of the population, they sure do predominate.

    Our entire foreign policy is jew-centric, including our latest proxy war in the Ukraine.

    Is it wrong to ask such questions? Bad taste?
    TFB! The Afghan debacle only cost us a trillion with zero to show for it, except CIA opium profits.

    Yet nothing on the US Mex border!

    That would interrupt the Great Reset wouldn’t it?

    Why is that? Or is that a forbidden question?

    The Jew thinks of himself first and fore- most. If we claim the same basic right, he hypocritically asks, “Are you a racist?”

  10. My God Dave. You are an unhinged liberal.

    You obviously have a command of facts by supporting more taxes, queer agendas and killing unborn babies. Support the issues that you support on your website. I don’t feel the need to explain anything to you Shake. You certainly need to explain your creepy lobbyist positions to us. Liberal creep.

  11. Ah, JT – it is true that I have a command of facts.

    Its all true that you say absurd things with no facts backing them up.

    Once again – I questioned your statement.

    You immediately devolved into ridiculousness.

    At least you’re always #OnBrand.

    Of, you could at least attempt to explain what you mean.

    You may even learn something…

  12. Dingbat Dave may wake up via an ‘unfortunate event’ (negro crime, CW2, WEF re-education camp internment, Commandante AOC orders him arrested over ‘suspicions’; starvation, covid vax diseases, etc., etc.)

  13. What’s the over under on how long Dave’s next marriage lasts? Liberal creepy lobbyist. Keep obsessing with me. As I said give it up Dave. We all know who you are and what you stand for. You are on the wrong side of every issue.

  14. JT – you’re the one who keeps obsessing with my personal life and career. I’m just asking you to actually support one of your inane statements. I want to focus on an issue. You want to focus on me.

  15. Dave LOW-WIT-ski, aren’t you the one who combined career and personal life, then you
    try to wreck normies’ lives, careers …. even go so far to sexualize little kids and kill defenseless babes in wombs?

    Spare us your whines.

  16. LOL. As I said Dave/Shake. Give it up. You are becoming annoying at this point. Debating issues with a liberal is like banging your head against the wall since 99 percent of the time they are on the wrong side. Keep pushing your marxist/communist ideology on this state. I’ll be gone soon for you to live in the high tax, queer loving, baby murdering utopia you support and had a hand in creating.

  17. **Debating issues with a liberal is like banging your head against the wall**

    How would you know? You’ve never actually addressed the issue…

  18. I have a few friends that are liberals that aren’t into discussing politics like you since they lose all the time.

    Nice try though.

    You’re obviously still smarting about being outed.

    Seek help.

    I hear Monks bongwater tastes good.

    Keep getting the last word Dave.

    As a lobbyist you are so annoying the politicians will likely pass any garbage you are pushing just to make you go away

  19. **As a lobbyist you are so annoying the politicians will likely pass any garbage you are pushing just to make you go away**

    LOL – you do understand that if that was true, you’d be saying that I’m really damn good at my job, right?

    But still waiting for you to just explain how your statement is true.

    Why is such an explanation so difficult?

  20. What an utter and completely oblivious fool you are. Don’t you have an LLC to run Dave or are you slacking on Monday? Go spend some time with your kids or is it your ex-wifes day. It’s obvious to me why you are divorced.

  21. Oh no, you called me an oblivious fool. What shall I do?! And then you again resort to baseless personal attacks because you think you know a damn thing about me.

    Still waiting for you to explain your inane comment. But we all know that you can’t, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

  22. Lol Dave. We’ll just start calling you I have to get the last word in at all costs. Your business must be booming as you obsess with me. Keep going. I don’t have 2 kids that need to go to college for their poli-sci degree. I love CA college educated liberals like you. Your turn Dave. You are getting fun at this point.

  23. **Your business must be booming as you obsess with me.**

    “obsess” – to quote a classic movie, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” Once again, for the peanut gallery — I’ve asked a question about a specific issue, and you’ve continually obsessed with me and my personal life. I don’t care about you or your personal life, at all. But I am interested in pushing back when you just make stuff up.

    So you can continue to obsess with me. I’ll continue to focus on issues that you truly do not understand.

    **I love CA college educated liberals like you**

    Oh? You like my bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies (with a minor in Christian ministries!), do you?

    But, seriously, all I’ve asked is that you attempt to explain your comment. By your inability to give any explanation, I think you’ve done well to show us all that you do not have the ability to provide such an explanation.

  24. Oh Dave let it go. Biblical studies with a minor in Christian ministries. In California? Got it.

    Did that education teach you that men having sex with men and women sleeping with women is acceptable. You LLC supports that. My God. You are a confused person.

    I gave you my answer Nefarious. You are too busy foaming at the mouth to realize it.

    You are becoming this blogs number 1 stalker. Monk will be happy now.

  25. “Stalker” – says the guy who has literally copied and pasted my bio on multiple posts and made multiple comments about my fiance and children. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Again, “you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    But, no, you still didn’t answer the question. You told me to read the article. I did read the article, and it absolutely does not support what you said. Good try though.

  26. Yes I have copied and pasted your about us page on you since being outed with your marriage announcement. If you read the article and can’t figure out my point I think your Biblical Studies major is failing you. So let me understand you. You support Planned Parenthood that kills unborn children yet claim you studied the Bible. Reflect Dave. You make a living pushing killing the unborn. Want to give up now or would you like to carry on Dave. You are a fun little creep to spar with.

  27. Why would I have to give up? Yes, I’ve studied the Bible. Yes, I support a women’s right to an abortion. No need to give up there.

    But, no, the article does not support your claim that “if it is a mandate it’s not required.” It doesn’t support that claim at all. But since you refuse to engage in any way, I’ll lay it out for you. The mandates that Kane County are referring to were passed in state law. Local governments (including Kane County) are required to implement said mandates (alas, that is what makes it a MANDATE). If a state law creates a mandate, that literally means that something is required.

  28. I bet you lobbied for that mandate too Dave since you enjoy higher taxes and murdering the unborn along with pushing the queer agenda. You liberal communist Marxists make me sick.

  29. Nah, I did not. Unfortunately I don’t get to take credit for all the things that get passed in Springfield. Thanks for the compliment though.

  30. Nefarious “I Have To Get The Last Word At All Costs” Shake the liberal lobbyist has spoken. Get a life Dave. You are helping destroy this state and are smugly proud of it. Creep 101

  31. I’ve got a great life, JT, so don’t need to get one, but thanks for the concern. Truly appreciated.

    But I notice that you don’t deny that I am correct about the mandates and if they’re required.

    Because you were wrong when you originally said your comment, and you’re still wrong.


  32. Now the creepy liberal needs acknowledgement. Go lobby for your next best thing Dave. You are a parasite on the state of IL residents’ backs. I hope you have a prenup for AOC’s cousin. Carrots and Apples are available at Jewel if she’s hungry. Raw corn on the cob is good to. What you stand for is not helping this state and your smug and proud attitude you have about destroying it are disgusting. Emoji’s on top of it. I love it. Get a new bowtie Dave. Have a great night creep.

  33. I’ve got plenty of bowties, though don’t wear them often. Thanks for the fashion advice though.

    But thanks for consistently showing us all that you have no idea what you’re talking about, so use childish, ignorant,and absurd personal attacks as your defense mechanism.

  34. LOL Dave. Liberals are fun to deal with. Look in the mirror pal. What do you see?

  35. Uh, I see me when I look in the mirror. Were you expecting me to see something else?

  36. Dave you continue to prove what you are daily. With every post I laugh more. Please continue.

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