Jackrock Felony Charge for Alleged LITH Bakery Vandal Joseph Collins Shows Up on McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s Website

Here’s something that I have not seen elsewhere about Joseph Collins, arrsted for vandalism of the Lake in the Hills Uprising Bakery which scheduled a Saturday night drag show, subsequently canceled, with a special discount for those 13 and under:

What’s a “jackrock?”

The Illinois jackrock law follows:

(720 ILCS 5/21-1.4)
Sec. 21-1.4. Jackrocks violation.
(a) A person commits a jackrocks violation when he or she knowingly:
(1) sells, gives away, manufactures, purchases, or possesses a jackrock; or
(2) places, tosses, or throws a jackrock on public or private property.
(b) As used in this Section, "jackrock" means a caltrop or other object manufactured with one or more rounded or sharpened points, which when placed or thrown present at least one point at such an angle that it is peculiar to and designed for use in puncturing or damaging vehicle tires. It does not include a device designed to puncture or damage the tires of a vehicle driven over it in a particular direction, if a conspicuous and clearly visible warning is posted at the device's location, alerting persons to its presence.
(c) This Section does not apply to the possession, transfer, or use of jackrocks by any law enforcement officer in the course of his or her official duties.
(d) Sentence. A jackrocks violation is a Class A misdemeanor.
(Source: P.A. 97-1108, eff. 1-1-13.)


Jackrock Felony Charge for Alleged LITH Bakery Vandal Joseph Collins Shows Up on McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s Website — 9 Comments

  1. Funny. Did any BLM/ANTIFA lovers get charged with a felony for their burning looting murdering?

    Take note.

    You can not resist a deviant bakery.

    Liberals are nuts.

  2. Yet the majority of the ‘PEOPLE’ are against child molesters, grooming, homo’s and transvestites.

  3. What’s the airport trespassing charge? You sure you have the right case?

  4. So LITH PD was called to the business as 12:04 a.m during a large rainstorm (that lasted for hours) where according to the paper he fled on foot.

    Daily Herald- “An Algonquin police sergeant saw a suspect run off, and helped arrest Collins.”

    So Collins flees through most of residential OLD LITH, up and down hills, around the lakes borders, at night, in the rain and ends up at LITH airport?

    All the while carrying a Jackrock?

    What time was he arrested?

    Was a vehicle impounded?

    Something seems to be missing from the story considering the distance and the archaic weapon involved.

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