One Aspect of the Dems’ New Criminal Justice Reform

Found at Illinois State University’s NPR (WGLT-FM) is the following change in what has to happen when an arrested person skips his or her court date:

It also will become more difficult for judges to issue warrants for people accused of crimes who fail to appear for a court date. Now, said 11th Circuit Chief Judge Mark Fellheimer, a judge can issue a warrant when someone doesn’t show up for court. As of Jan. 1, that changes.

“They now have to issue a contempt proceeding and have that paperwork served on the defendant before a warrant can be issued, which as you can imagine is a little crazy under how things actually operate within the confines of a criminal case,” said Fellheimer.

The new law is called the “SAFE-T Act.”


One Aspect of the Dems’ New Criminal Justice Reform — 6 Comments

  1. Another BS, deceiving naming convention by Democrats. “SAFE-T Act”. No way. It makes situations less safe. The proper name should have been the “LESS SAFE ACT”.

    Democrats, top to bottom, led by the doofus and senile Joe Biden and his dumb VP, are leading the overall decline of our Nation. Trust no Democrat ever, anywhere in the U.S.

  2. A backstop would be to organize a means by which they can be Served the next time they’re incarcerated.

    This should be pounded away at by all our state-wide candidates.

    This needs to change before municipalities that have been able to hold the line until now will lose control of their streets altogether.

  3. So those accused of felonies can stay out of court/jail longer?

    How does this protect the law abiding public?

  4. In other words… you have to get the defendant’s permission, by being served, before a warrant can be issued.

    Our lawmakers don’t seem to understand the ease of avoiding service.

    As if crime is not already out of control in Chicago.

  5. Just a thought, release them in or near the driveway of the DA, Mayor or whoever else started this 2020’s Phishing scam…(catch and release)

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