Underground Railroad in Russia

A Hobson’s Choice being offered Ukranians in occupied areas: stay with little resources or go to Russia, maybe as many as 6,ooo miles from home.

Down near the bottom of an Associated Press article found in the Chicago Tribune today is information about people who are helping such Ukranians escape to a neighboring country:

McHenry County Blog mainly covers local stuff, but what is happening in Russia reminds me of the Underground Railroad in McHenry County.

I haven’t seen a map showing routes, but I’ve read one was Cherry Valley Road through Bull Valley.

Terwillger House, said to be a stop on the Undergrond Railroad. Photo credit: Google.

A stop on the route was probably the Terwilger House.

The Free Methodist in Marengo are also said to have been actively involved.

Sounds like something local tourism people should be promoting.,


Underground Railroad in Russia — 2 Comments

  1. The House of 7 Gables north of Harvard 10308 Rte 14 is on the historic listing as being part of Underground Railroad.

    In cellar are remnants of the hiding places.

    Now it is Steel Heart Ltd where art and decorative pieces are sold.

    Open the public.

    Many years ago a documentary about the Underground Railroad showed the House of Seven Gables before purchased by the current owners,

    The Copola House in Marengo was also noted for being part of Underground Railroad.

    (AKA Charles Hibbard house)

    Huge stately looking house reminiscent of Tara from “Gone With the Wind.”

    It fell into disrepair but still stands to my knowledge.


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