Karen Tirio Lays Out Credentials for Vice Chairwoman of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee

Here is her letter to fellow Committeepersons:

Dear Honorable and Fellow McHenry County Republican Precinct Committeeman,  ,

I am seeking a nomination for McHenry County Republican Vice Chairmanand am asking for your vote Wednesday, July 27th at the Convention 5:30 pm at McHenry VFW. I am running for this position because I believe I have the proven success, dedication, and experience and volunteerism to grow, strengthen, and unite the McHenry Republican Party.

I am running on My Record:

Karen Tirio

I am a longtime Dorr Township Precinct Committeeman as well as the former Chairman and Vice Chairman of Dorr Township. During my capacity as Dorr’s GOP Chairman I recruited several PCs, amended the bylaws, organized a large multi-candidate event at my own expense, rallied candidates for PC’s postage and held regular meetings which helped keep the township GOP PCs informed and engaged. I even stepped up to run for McHenry County College Board of Trustees.

I was elected to the McHenry County College Board as a ConservativeStopping the$44 Million Health Club that we

1. Couldn’t afford &

2. Would compete with local businesses putting them in a disadvantage and possibly forcing them to close their doors.

My involvement in the community is known to many. I am co-founder of Voters In Action, a political watchdog organization that stopped over $100M of county taxpayer money from being frivolously spent, am active in my church, have helped several candidates collect signatures, arranged and volunteered for: Candidate Meet & Greets, Fundraisers, literature stuffing, call banking, door knocking, delivering campaign supplies, the parades and manning the County Fair booth etc. 

I have helped several candidates like Senator Criag Wilcox, Jeanne Ives, Senator Dave Syverson, Senator Tom Webber, Rep. Marty McLaughlin, Rep. Allen Skillicorn, Coroner Michael Rein, States Attorney Patrick Kenneally, Governor Bruce Rauner (in his first run), Diane Evertsen for Party Chair, Tyler Wilke for Party Chair, Tim Beck for Party Treasure, Eric Hendricks for County Board, Mike Shorten for County Board, Jeff Thorsen for County Board, Carl Kamienski for County Board, Mike Buehler for County Board Chairmanand so many others.

I have been helping Republican Candidates get elected for several years asking nothing in return. I do it because I want good people representing us. But, I am now asking you to support me, just like I did for many others previously. I am asking for your vote for McHenry County Vice Chair so I can continue to help good Republican candidates get elected.

Why I am running

We have an amazing opportunity as Republicans in Illinois. We have an opportunity to elect a Republican Governor, get our state out of the super minority, and make a Red Wave in McHenry County. But, Red Waves don’t happen on their own. We must work for them, we must work hard for them, and we must do it together!

It’s important to me to have the future generation grow up in the Land of the Free like I did. My first priority as Vice Chairman will be to get more youth into the party of the American Dream! The Republican Party in McHenry will die if we sit on the sidelines or continue as our Party has been doing.


  • McHenry County is only 51% Red. We are no longer the Republican stronghold we once were
  • We only have 33% of our Precincts filled. That’s 75 PCs out of 232 Precincts. And this is including several PCs that I have personally recruited, and helped run as write-ins
  • There was a failure replace Party Vice Chairman after our good friend Chuck Wheeler’s passing, despite my pleading, and offer to fulfill both positions till we found a replacement for my job as Secretary, therefore resulting in a shrinkage of leadership of the party
  • We actually had candidates volunteer to run for county board that were turned away. Now we have a real fight to maintain Republican majority
  • Our turnout for the Primary election was a dismal 19%

While I am busy as President of Monarch Senior Care, know thatI am dedicated to the Republican Platform and this Party. Imake the timeand have the passion to empower our next leaders. I have been doing this throughout my involvement in our community, currently as the Party Secretary (2 terms) and as Chairwoman of McGOPAC… and I will do it as Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of McHenry County, with your help.

What I will vow to do

1. Empower our future leaders, getting them involved in the Party, promote from within

2. Work to fill EVERY Precinct, County Board, School Board and State Rep positions in McHenry County with Republicans

3. Increase Fundraising! I currently do this in my position as Exec Officer of the Party, McGOPAC and thru my contacts

4. Support Strong Republican Candidates, past, present and future

5. Hold Regular Republican Events in the Community (not just a Lincoln Day Dinner once a year)

6. Build a Social Media and Online Presence to help reach the younger generation and keep current Conservatives engaged

7. Unite the Party and work on Regular Communications with our Precinct Committeemen

8. Motivate the Voters (do everything possible to increase voter turnout)

9. Build and Continue the forward momentum in order to GET OUT THE VOTE and get a higher majority of Republicans

10. Follow our County Republican Bylaws

If you allow me the opportunity to serve as McHenry County Republican Vice Chair, I will not let you down. I will be fully invested, I will be totally engaged, I will be accessible, and I will be transparent and I will be helpful!

As two-term Republican Party Secretary, Former elected official, Former Chairman of Dorr Township, small business owner, and community leader, I feel I have the right stuff to help us create a strong, united, and forward moving Republican Party here in McHenry. I will not be just a title, or phantom Exec. Officer. My sleeves have been rolled up for years. That’s not going to change.

Thank youfor reading and for your consideration, Karen Tirio, Current 2-term Republican Party Secretary815-355-4553 (call or text)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
QUICK READ List of Accomplishments (same as above in list form):

Longtime Dorr Township Precinct Committeeman

Former Vice Chairwoman of Dorr Township GOP

Former Chairwoman of Dorr Township GOP, held regular meetings, organized multi-Candidate Meet & Greet at my own expense, recruited PCs

Elected to McHenry County College Board of Trustees as a Conservative stopping the $44M Health Club that would compete with private business

Served two terms as McHenry County Republican Exec Cmte as Party Secretary (currently holding position)

Recruited several Precinct Committeeman throughout the county

Participated in nearly every Parade on behalf of the Republican Party providing vehicles, fanfare/decorations, music, walkers, etc

Helped man the McHenry County Republicans booth at the County Fair for 6 years

Candidates I helped get electedby collecting signatures, literature drops, writing letters, friend to friend post cards, literature stuffing, delivering campaign signs and attending and/or arranging Candidate Meet & Greets & Fundraisers for:

  • Jeanne Ives, IL State Rep, Gubernatorial run and congressional run
  • Peter Roskam
  • Randy Hultgren
  • Bruce Rauner’s first run for Governor
  • Craig Wilcox for County Board as well as State Senate seat
  • Campaigned outside Lakeside Center on Election day right next to Jack Franks in order to get Mike Buehler elected for County Board Chairman
  • Bill Prim for Sheriff
  • Kathy Keefe Circuit Clerk of Courts
  • Joe Tirio County Recorder and Clerk (two jobs for the price of one!) who also works for the Republican Party
  • State Sen. Dave Syverson
  • State Rep. Marty McLaughlin
  • State Rep Tom Weber
  • State Rep Allen Skillicorn
  • Shannon Teresi for County Auditor
  • Tom Wilbeck / Chris Jenner for McH Co College
  • Anne Majewski for Coroner
  • Michael Rein for Coroner
  • States Attorney Patrick Kenneally
  • Chuck Wheeler for County Board and Party Vice Chairman, (repeatedly requested a replacement after his untimely death)
  • Diane Evertsen for Party Chairwoman
  • Tyler Wilke for Party Chairman
  • Tim Beck for Party Treasure
  • Tom Wilbeck for County Board
  • Danijela Sandberg, Road Commisioner
  • Terri Greeno for County Board
  • Donna Kurtz for County Board, Treasurer
  • Eric Hendricks for County Board
  • John Reinert for County Board
  • Jeff Thorsen for County Board
  • Mike Shorten for County Board
  • Carl Kamienski for County Board
  • Jeff Schwartz for County Board
  • Tracie Von Bergen for County Board
  • Jim Kearns for County Board
  • Darren Bailey for Gov
  • Kathy Salvi for US Senate
  • Dan Brady for SOS
  • Tom Devore for AG
  • Dave Syverson for IL Sen
  • Craig Wilcox for McH Twnshp PC
  • and several more, including write-in candidates.

Extra-Cirricular Conservative Action:

  • Co-Founder of ‘Voters In Action’ (govt. watchdog organization) that prevented over $150M from being frivolously spent in McHenry County, educated the public thru printed material delivered door to door, thru media, held public surveys, hosted events such as one on TIFs with Taxpayers United
  • Have been active in Huntley Area Tea Party
  • Participates in school board meetings, fighting unlawful board expenditures/pay raises, OMA violations, school shut downs, mandatory masks, student isolation, student indoctrination, CRT, CSE cirricula
  • Aids McHenry County Blog and Illinois Leaks with content
  • Originator/admin to several Facebook Political Pages that promote Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, Prayers & Vigils
  • Helped organize and Emcee the ‘Spirit of America Rally’ in Woodstock’s Town Square, welcoming the election of America First President, Donald J Trump drawing 500 attendees, 300 protesters and a flyover from local veteran in his vintage military training bi-plane, Chicago TV Media coverage
  • Runs ‘McHenry County Conservatives’ Meet-up group
  • President of Monarch Senior Care, a service and information hub to Seniors and Veterans
  • 14 yr volunteer for Toys for Tots and former multi-year emcee for the local Marine Corp Ball
  • Originator of Bud’s Brigade that sent out over 100 shoeboxes to the Troops in one year

🇺🇸 ❤️ Has gladly made a fool of herself as a patriotic Singing Telegram to newly returning service members, and Valentines for Vets ❤️ 🇺🇸

Accomplishments since becoming Chairwoman of McHenry County GOPAC 2021with committment to revive Republican, Independent & Walk-away participation in helping GOP campaigns:

  1. Held Freedom Friday the first mask-free Republican event in 2021 advertised on AM560 that was the first to host 3 gubernatorial candidates under one roof, Silent Auction, 1st& 2ndAmendment Speakers, Introduction to party leaders & candidates, ‘American By Choice’ person of interest
  2. Held the largest Pro-Life event in the County 2021 after several years of no Pro-Life events to promote & fundraise for Pro-Life candidates, with BBQ, music, Veteran spotlight, hayrides, pontoon rides, Silent & Live Auction
  3. Held Freedom Friday ‘2’, the largest Republican Petition Signing Event in the County Feb 2022 including FreeNotarizing services on hand and Freefood, Free ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ tote bag, McGOPac store,Fun Silent Auction allfor a mere $20 admission (free to volunteers w/2 completed petitions)
  4. Held a Free ‘Sanctity of Life Sunday’ event including a Pro-Life Movie, Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor & Author Mark Waters, representation from IL Right to Life, Savannah Dudzik and 1stWay Life Center, FreeBoxed Lunch,Held a Pro-LifeCandidate Meet & Greet and Petition Drive immediately following.
  5. McGOPAC also Empowered and Mentored Youths by:
  • Awarding the firstOutstanding Young Conservative Award to a McHenry County intern who is now working on the biggest campaign in IL
  • Giving a speaking platform to a recent college graduate bullied by her ‘woke’ college professors who went on to work for Turning Point USA
  • Awarding two McHenry County families with Homeschooling Stipends
  • Holding Pro-Life Education events that raising over $1000 for 1stWay Life Center, serving pregnant mothers and their children
  1. Have provided a multitude of cheerful and effective volunteers for:
  2. The McHenry County Republican Party events, McHenry Township GOP events, Grafton Township GOP events, and misc candidate needs
  3. Developed multi-thousand Conservative database from McHenry, Kane, Lake, Cook Counties and beyond
  4. Identifies and supported Republican owned businesses in the county in which to hold events, meetings, patronize
  5. Introduced and acted as liaison to donor to: McHenry County Senior Services, and 1stWay Life Center
  6. Held a formal “The Best is Yet to Come” Dinner Dance just before the primary election, providing Candidate Platform, Literature Packets and Yard Signs to let supporters and PCs hit the ground running
  7. Held a Free ‘Candidates Cook-out’ in Huntley Park for all ages.
  8. Have acquired an impressive committee of dedicated volunteers & Leaders in areas of Pro-Life, US Constitution, Law Enforcement, Military, Religious Freedom, Second Amendment, Election Process & Integrity, andCommunication.

Endorsed for McHenry County Republican Vice Chairwoman by:

Republican nominee for IL Governor, Darren Bailey


Karen Tirio Lays Out Credentials for Vice Chairwoman of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee — 16 Comments

  1. Karen, lazy Prim didn’t turn out to be so good, did he?

    You write:

    “McHenry County is only 51% Red. We are no longer the Republican stronghold we once were”

    But where were you when Sect. 8 relocations from ChiCongo were initiated?

    Where are you on the “Great Replacement’?

  2. Not one word on government consolidation/elimination?

    How come?

    Please explain.

    Illinois leads the nation with 9,000 units of local government!

    How can the Republican Party over look this, year after year? 9,000 units of government is government CORRUPTION and taxpayer WASTE!!!

  3. I have always liked her.

    Rock solid conservative.

    Extremely well respected and known in Republican circles.

    That’s good for McHenry. I bet she can get a bunch more $ for the local party.

    That will surely be needed for a county that is moving to the purple side. Give her a chance to show what she can do.

    Just my two cents

  4. Just look at the time and effort she put into her letter asking for support. Impressive credentials.

    The damn Lazy Asses we have had can barely put together one paragraph.

    Just sayin

  5. McHenry County has become more Democratic over the years due to outmigration from Chicago and closer suburban areas.

    This was helped along by the policies of Al Jourdan when he was head of the local GOP and virtual Chicago style “boss” of McHenry County politics.

    Jourdan was very developer friendly and just wanted developers to be beholden to him so they would give him money that he could dole out to candidates that would be loyal to him.

    He had his finger on the thumb of every County Board decision for decades.

    It was suspected that he rigged the counting of the ballots by the mag card computer system to favor his candidates as well.

    During the 90’s the county population went from 180K to almost 300,000 people.

    When the county planning commission tried to put forward a land use plan that would have limited residential growth in the unincorporated areas, they were crushed and disbanded.

    I doubt that Section 8 housing had much to do with making the county more Democratic as those tenants tend not to vote.

    It is all the people who bought the houses in the suburban developments that began to tip the scales.

    Now with the Republican Party increasingly trying to bully itself into people’s private lives through abortion control and helping to create a favorable climate for the proliferation of military style weapons to unstable people, you can expect to see that 51% further erode.

    Putting hard Right Wingers into leadership of the local GOP will simply further that trend.

  6. Grifter and con husband. All filler while having no fiscal, organizational nor management responsibilities on any scale. Where are any career qualifications? Any budgeting? How about cash flow, balance sheet, or P&L experience? Most of the “qualifications” are via networking, socializing, and coatailing off her husband’s “career.” Running the Huntley BBQ?!? Seriously? Have provided “cheerfulness.”?!? Whaaa? My god, is there any doubt why McHenry County is flipping Blue with “candidates” like these?

  7. Because wrote this lie above:

    I doubt that Section 8 housing had much to do with making the county more Democratic as those tenants tend not to vote.

    Fact: They are highly organized. That’s why ballot harvesting and cheat by mail is the bread and butter if democrat strangulation.

    I wish Karen Tirio would have some influence over her asleep at the switch husband and get him to get some ballot security.

    There is none in Illinois.

  8. Crazy Pelosi eyebrows. That’s it. Taking selfies shows us you’re too lazy to have your clueless husband take a pic of you. Let’s hope Joe was busy taking a class to understand the programability of the ES$S machines.

  9. Here Karen, give Joe this thread to read. Fanciful Tales and Misinformation even though the liberals were screaming about these cheating machines until their turnip resident was selected. Your husband is complicit in the failure of IL because he refuses to look at the machines. Oh nevermind. I’m supposed to believe an audit of 700 votes on 1 race proves they are not corruptible.


  10. She’s also Board President of the Regional Office of Education.

    She didn’t mention that.

    Bob, her husband is the master of govt consolidation at the county level.

    I don’t believe that someone who is an officer of the Republican party has that authority.

  11. Went to the Max Rice / Darren Bailey Town Hall event in Cary on Sunday.

    No one else from Party Leadership was there except Tirio.

    And this was local.

    Where was Wilke? Thorsen? Brettman? Beck? or any other people running?

    Even Rabine was there with a good speech about supporting Bailey, God love him.

    Rabine/Tirio for party leadership!

    Money, work, energy, contacts.

    And get the kid on Bailey’s team, he should head the Young Republicans!

  12. The Bailey folks did not let me know or I would have posted the event.

  13. G-Man, Bailey refused to take Rabine as his running mate.

    Why was that?

    Did he need a token black anti-Trump woman on the ballot?

    That hayseed RINO using liberal optics will just be more of the same for IL.

    Think Rauner.

    This state is screwed with the corrupt voter rolls and cheating machines and IL Board of Elections running the show.

    Maybe Bob Anderson might agree to elimination of that vacuum cleaner of taxpayer dollars being dismantled too.

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