Chris Lauzen Explains What 9% Inflaiton Will Do in 8 Years

From Christ Lauzen, Former IL State Senator and Kane County Board Chairman, now, Candidate, Kane County Treasurer”


Imagine a “tax” that confiscates one-half of the purchasing power of your entire life savings in less than eight short years!

That’s what the current 9.1% inflation rate is doing to you and your family’s financial security.

It also cuts the purchasing power of your current wages by one-half in just eight years.  

Pay more, work harder, save more frugally . . . get a lot less!  Is this enough for us, as neighbors and Americans, to take action?

What’s the problem. . . what/who caused it. . . how do we fix it?  

Do we have the guts and brains to change?

American Nobel Prize Winning Economist Milton Friedman simplified the definition of inflation, i.e. housing, gas, grocery, interest rate costs spiraling out of control:

“Too much money chasing after too few goods”.  

Too much government money printing (monetary policy), borrowing and spending (fiscal policies), while production is being strangled by supply chain and labor shortages.

Have you had enough of higher gas prices, shocking grocery store cost increases, mortgage rate increases, and your life being made unnecessarily harder?  

All this didn’t happen by accident over the last year and a half.

Every executive and legislative branch of government in Washington, Illinois, and Kane County is now controlled by politically-clever, radicalized-extreme so-called Progressive Democrats.  

Please check that reality. . .

  • U.S. Presidency, Senate, and Congress . . .
  • Illinois Governor, Senate, and House . . .
  • Kane County Chairman and Board. 

Do we have the guts and brains to change what’s obviously not working?

= = = = =

Lauzen left out the Illinois Supreme Court.


Chris Lauzen Explains What 9% Inflaiton Will Do in 8 Years — 11 Comments

  1. The inflation that we are experiencing now is a world wide phenomenon and has very little to do with anything that the Biden adminstration, let alone the governor of any state, has done or not done.

    It is a result of the global pandemic and disruption in work and supply chains exacerbated by the assualt by Trump’s buddy and overlord, Vladimer Putin.

    Admittedly the stimulus money probably didn’t help matters and I had written to our federal Senators to that effect before it was voted upon.

    Free markets, which the folks here say they want, are subject to cyclical ups and downs.

    These happen regardless of who is President or Governor. Policies from government are only able to affect the markets on the margins. Mainly it is supply and demand, like we learned about in Economics 101.

    This will not last probably beyond another year to 18 months, although it will be damaging to many people, myself included.

    If you don’t want inflation and/or recession, you need a controlled economy, ie Socialism. Then you really can blame the government if it goes South.

    Cue Bernie.

  2. Funny stuff BS, the fact remains Joe Biden and the liberal equity for all Muppets own
    the current state of affairs in the US.

    And events are spiraling down the drain.

    The largest companies in the US are cutting jobs, no infant formula, etc etc etc.

    Look at the large companies that are leaving Illinois for states with fewer taxes and less crime.

  3. Because Science should delete his account and donate his laptop to this nearest trash can.

    The worst Public and Health Policy decisions in history are now a “phenomenon”?

    The impact of this lunacy will be a decade long event and during that time, you will begin to conclude that politicians, academia, journalists and the media are far more stupid than you had ever previously imagined.

  4. Science. Seek mental help. There were no open borders or inflation until the idiot started signing executive orders and his minions started over regulating our industries. You communists are sickening. Stolen elections have consequences. Go kiss your Klaus Schwab bust.

  5. FakeScience wants us to ignore Xiden and others In his regime when they tell us we are going through a transition and pretend they are not bringing about the transition. Weird.

    Believe them when they say the quiet part out loud.

  6. When I was a kid, people like BS were beaten until they learned to keep their commie mouth shut.

    That’s the pre-quel to the constitutional penalty for treason.

    BS and the TYRANNY she supports won’t stop until they FEAR the people.

  7. We got a guy, or gal, here on this blog whose initials are so appropriate to his/her writing. That would be “B.S.” The 9 percent inflation in the U.S. is totally the fault of Biden by virtue of his disastrous policies and decisions on the stimulus and oil. Biden is so dumb, and senile today, that he reads out loud a cue line from his speech writers shown on the teleprompter stating, “Repeat the line”.

    The worst ever president of the U.S., possibly the worst ever leader of any western civilization nation in the last 200 years, is our current president Joe Robinette Biden. This guy is dumb, was dumb, so dumb that when in college he plagiarized a British politician’s speech rather than doing his own original thinking and writing.

    Joe Biden has been wrong many times in his political life. Grossly wrong. Such as opposing the first Gulf war to kick Sadaam Hussein out of Kuwait. Or opposing President Obama’s decision to go after and kill Bin Laden.

    Starting on Jan 20th, 2021, Biden could have left most all of President Trump’s policies and directions in place. They were working well. But no. He started to make decisions and took WILLFUL actions to destroy our economy. Before he became a president, he had publicly stated a number of times that he wanted to do away with the fossil fuel industry and oil. He kept his promise by nixing the Keystone Pipeline and a number of other actions that reduced or negatively affected drilling in and around the U.S. President Trump’s policies made the U.S. energy independent and Biden destroyed that. Biden went to the Mideast recently begging OPEC nations for more oil.

    Biden and his stupidity and recklessness rank him worst than even the previously acknowledged worst presidents, both Democrats, Jimmy Carter and Barak Hussein Obama. Biden is repeating Jimmy Carter’s bad inflation of 40 years ago.

  8. Cricketts………………………………………………………..

  9. Based on this article, Sarah Lauzen will be asking her husband for a raise. To date she has been paid about $50,000 from the campaign. The source for this information is the State board of Elections (as reported by Chris Lauzen). I encourage all voters to look this up. This guy is a real tool.

    ReceivedBy ExpndDate Amount
    Lauzen, Sarah 6/29/2022 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 5/27/2022 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 4/28/2022 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 3/30/2022 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 2/25/2022 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 1/28/2022 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 12/30/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 11/29/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 10/28/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 9/29/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 8/30/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 7/29/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 6/29/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 5/27/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 4/29/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 3/30/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 2/25/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 1/27/2021 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 12/29/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 11/25/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 10/28/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 9/28/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 8/27/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 7/29/2020 1492.37
    Lauzen, Sarah 6/26/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 5/28/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 4/28/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 3/27/2020 1492.37
    Lauzen, Sarah 2/27/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 1/30/2020 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 12/30/2019 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 12/26/2019 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 12/20/2019 1500
    Lauzen, Sarah 5/28/2014 170.93

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