Pelosi Raises Money for Illinois Congressional Candidates, Including Foster and Underwood

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was helping these four Illinois congressional candidates raise money. 

From right to left are Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Bill Foster, Nikki Budzinski, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, and Eric Sorensen.

Eric Sorensen is running in the 17th district against Esther Joy King in a highly competitive and open race where King has a huge cash advantage. 

Underwood is the incumbent in the 14th; she faces Kendall County Chairman Scott Gryder in a district considered “leans Democratic.”

Nikki Budzinski is running for an open seat in the worm shaped 13th district against Regan Deering; the district leans Democratic.

Bill Foster is the incumbent in the 11th district; he is running against McHenry County’s own Catalina Lauf.

The 11th is considered the toughest of these four races for Republicans while the 17th is the toughest for Democrats.

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Politico reports:

PELOSI’s POP-IN: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi headlined a fundraiser Sunday at Ivy Room at Tree Studios to support Reps. Bill Foster (IL-11) and Lauren Underwood (IL-14) in their reelection bids and candidates, Nikki Budzinski  running in IL-13 and Eric Sorensen in IL-17. According to Dave Wasserman and the Cook Political Report, Foster and Underwood will likely win their seats, Budzinski’s race leans Democrat, and Sorensen’s race is a toss-up that leans D.

Also spotted: Reps. Danny Davis and Jan Schakowsky, Democratic donor Fred Eychaner, 43rd Ward Committeewoman Lucy Moog, Office of Medicaid Innovation adviser Julie Hamos, Ariel Investments’ John Rogers Jr., JAC executive director Marcia Balonick, attorney Tony Romanucci, Democratic supporters Vicki Hood and Bill Hood, College of Optometry consultant Vince Brandys, marketing exec Carol Franczek and Mary Smith, the incoming president of the American Bar Association.


Pelosi Raises Money for Illinois Congressional Candidates, Including Foster and Underwood — 19 Comments

  1. Raising money for Mr. Foster’s long-term facility nursing home insurance.

  2. Who paid for her vodka? She is buying IL to turn it into another liberal utopia.

  3. Too late! IL already is already a liberal utopia.

    It’s just McHenry County that is purple-turning blue.

  4. If they are spending national money on these seats, that’s a good sign. It shows that they are worried they will lose.

  5. I mean… pretty much anyone paying attention already knew that these races were going to be relatively competitive this year.

  6. This group has run more people out of their States, than that Plains states migration in The Grapes of Wrath.

  7. Shouldn’t that lady dressed in yellow be in an assisted living facility and playing bingo?

  8. Did it come from her husbands stock deals he had insider knowledge of?

  9. “I mean… pretty much anyone paying attention already knew that these races were going to be relatively competitive this year.”

    There is a big difference between just competitive and Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and ranking Democrat in Congress, coming out to campaign for you. J

    ust like JB trying to interfere with the GOP primary, it shows how competitive they think things are and what level of concern they have.

    Just like almost everything else the democrats are doing nowadays, it reeks of desperation.

    It’s a sinking ship, on the national level and blue states are turning purple and they don’t know what to do.

  10. Nancy is number 3 in possible command after number 2 Kamala Harris. Our nation has never been in such bad, awful shape regarding leadership.

  11. I don’t count Biden or Harris. Biden is not really alive, and even the Democrats don’t like Kamala. She was simply a minority hire that checked the right boxes. She was pretty much eliminated instantly in the 2020 primaries, so don’t pretend like she has any support beyond that.

  12. Show ’em how to cheat sea hag… then go eat your ice cream… tick tock tick tock…. may the chinese virus find you soon…

  13. Change the bongwater fool. Have you found that proof on the Salvi’s yet? That’s you captain appraiser in case the dope you smoke confused uou

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