Gary Rabine Endorses Jeff Thorsen for McHenry County Central Committee Chairman, Tyler Wilke for Vice Chairman

It looks like it’s a re-run of the gubernatorial campaign in McHenry County.

Except this time it is not registered vpters who will make the decision.

It is elected Republican Precinct Committeepersons.

The vote will be held tonight at the McHenry VFW.

In past years, Republican Party Conventions have been open to the public, that is, one can watch the proceedings.

(And, anyone attending, please send me photos of various parts of the proceedings, because I can’t make it this year.)

Previously, GOP gubernatorial nominee Darren Bailey endorsed Orville Brettman for Chairman and Karen Tirio for Vice Chairwoman.

Now, McHenry County gubinatorial candidate Gary Rabine is making his endorsements:

Gary Rabine’s Endorsements

I was born and raised in rural Lake & McHenry County, Illinois, McHenry County has been my home for over 32 years.

Gary Rabine

From a young age I was taught the value of hard work and discipline.

I developed a small paving business into one of the largest parking lot paving companies in America.

I have gone on to build and turn around dozens of other companies under the Rabine Group umbrella which now does business in all fifty states.

I have been in the business of building CEO’s and business leaders over the past 20 years.

I have been blessed to mentor some of the greatest young leaders in American business, politics and non profits such as Charlie Kirk, Austin Rabine, Nick Mathey and many others.

My experience with Tyler Wilke over the past few years and on my campaign for governor has shown him to be one of the greatest young leaders in Illinois.

Mr. Wilke is a graduate of Hillsdale College and understands the founding and history of this great nation.

His work ethic is unsurpassed as he has successfully led the party in his last term as chairman; however, he is a young practicing attorney growing his practice and a young farmer working with his family to build their operation in McHenry County.

In the interest of unifying the party and being able to continue to lead his businesses to success he wants to take on the Vice-Chair position.

We need young leaders like Tyler Wilke to stay in Republican leadership if we want other young talent to aspire to join our party.

Mr. Wilke will be running for Vice-Chair of the McHenry County Republican Party as Jeff Thorsen has stepped forward to run as Chairman.

Mr. Thorsen is a lifelong resident of McHenry County and has represented us well as a member of the McHenry County Board.

It is my firm belief that Mr. Thorsen and Mr. Wilke will continue to lead the McHenry County Republican Party in a manner with honor and dignity, while growing our party stronger.

I respectfully disagree with Darren Bailey’s endorsement as he lives 4 hours away.

I know my county better and I am very confident our Party will be best served with Mr Wilke and Mr Thorsen as the leaders of our McHenry County Republicans.

Any Precinct Leaders can feel free to text or call me at 815-693-9706.


Gary Rabine Endorses Jeff Thorsen for McHenry County Central Committee Chairman, Tyler Wilke for Vice Chairman — 31 Comments

  1. Thank you to every leader who is running for party leadership tonight.

    I know you all, respect you all and appreciate you all.

    I am truly grateful that this has been kept clean.

  2. Gary should ask why every time actual physical ballot recounts have been performed, that the numbers agreed.

  3. 700 ballots is now an official audit according to Monk. Watch the video and wake up would ya. Blue pilled are priceless.

  4. Monk – Cognitive Recognition is impaired in the Cognitive Dissonant

  5. Gary is a good man and I voted for him.

    I wish him the best in the future and I hope he stays involved in politics.

    IMHO, his campaign started too late – but I’m no expert.

    I’m now in favor of Mr. Bailey.

    Though I’m not a fan of endorsements, this endorsement will gain my vote for Mr. Thorsen.

    Thorsen was too much of a “company man” when he was in Crystal Lake (there were too many bad/vicious/ineffective people in city hall at Crystal Lake for the past 20 years) and I’ve had my disagreements with Jeff, but he’s also a good man at heart and so I’ll vote for Jeff Thorsen with this endorsement.

  6. Doubt Rabine would even know Thorsen if he passed him on the street. (his own Township GOP wouldn’t either. According to newer, young PC Jim Udesen, ‘Thorsen never showed up to meetings and never helped.’ He also addressed the need for ‘Youth’ and said “Orv brought in all the youth -not Tyler. What has Tyler done?”
    Did Tyler and his Daddy get on the line to Rabine saying ‘We supported you, now you have to support us!!!’ Gross! Grow up, Tyler.
    We need leaders. Not the amateur hour! An endorsement from the loser and just because the others got Bailey’s endorsement…looks sneezy and desperate.
    The do-nothing establishment is nervous. This proves it.

  7. LMAO just called and it went straight to voicemail where Gary’s hiding out from people that want questions answered.

  8. Can I ask how Jeff is the man for the job when he can’t make it to Grafton Township meetings?

    I’ve been a committeman for 2 years and hes been to one meeting?

    I have much respect for Mr Thorsen, but if he can’t attend his own Township meetings, how is he supposed to lead?

    As someone who’s new to politics and has been working my butt off to bring in new and young faces to the GOP , we need a leader with experience that can pass along his knowledge and work ethic to us younger Republicans.

    There is a number of us younger people working to bring in new people.

    Im currently working with alot of college age men and woman and getting them involved.

    They’re starting to pay attention.

    We need strong leaders.

    Hope to hear a response.

    Is this genuine or is Jeff running to help himself get re elected to the County Board?Thanks Jim

    I believe everyone running are good people and strong Conservatives so I have no ill feeling towards any of them.

    They have all treated me with much respect as so have I to them.

    Orville has recruited many young, strong conservatives to Grafton GOP. As a younger and newer committeeman, we need strong leadership.

    We are in the process of bringing in alot of new and young faces.

    Orville has been on the forefront of raising over 10k through fundraising for Grafton.

    Always wanting to go 100%. MONEY THAT will be used to support our candidates.

    That is what we need.


  9. Rabine is a weanie and political lightweight.

    He’s a featherman, who should be taking down his signs in Henry County ( yes Henry, not McHenry) They’re still up there.

    He picked a loser running mate and failed to freeze out Bailey early on.

    Now he pulls his pud for a divorced ‘jimmy legs’ Thorsen.

    Maybe Rabine should stick to paving his way to hell with good intentions.

  10. Did Thorsen endorse Irvin or not?

    If yes, Thorsen is no good at all.

    Anybody who cheats at corn hole can’t be good anyway.

  11. Agreed Gary, Thorsen good guy… one who votes Against TAXES! for the people.

  12. The real danger is Orville and his baggage.

    He is gift to the Dems.

    He ran for County Board and lost because of serious baggage.

    He sued the people that put that baggage on a post card.

    It was dismissed because the info was true.

    All we need a a chairman of GOP with that for Dems to use against the GOP and hurt all of our candidates.

    Karen, == cannot talk enough about herself.

    Love paragraph after paragraph.

    You would think she single handed got all of those people elected The Egos involved here are dangerous.

    The Dems are cheering for these people.

  13. Interested in what happens tonight in McHenry.

    Mark Shaw is gone here in Lake and his ally, the Shields Township (Lake Forest/Lake Bluff) Chairman is gone, too.

    Between Irvin and Sullivan, they all backed horrible losers.

    Rabine still hasn’t endorsed Bailey on his web site and I can’t find anything else on a Bailey endorsement by Rabine on the Internet.

    Rabine got his highest percentage in McHenry but the lack of getting behind Bailey makes Rabine’s endorsement for anything else very suspect.

  14. Rabine lost in his home county so I don’t think his endorsement will carry much weight.

    He seemed very egotistical to me.

    Bretman and Tirio are endorsed by the Republican nominee for governor which should carry more weight and a sign that Bailey needs the McHenry County Republicans to work hard to get him elected.

  15. KBOB

    You’re the poster child for MSM brain washing.

    Brettman served 20 years at the Federal Aviation Administration where he held a secret clearance and worked on their most advanced electronics.

    To get this job he was vetted by the FBI over a period of months.

    The FBI found no trace of what you term baggage.

    Nothing, Nada, Zip.

    Now tell us why you’re shilling for the Dems

  16. What are Thorsen’s credentials?

    Who is he connected to over his political career?

  17. Thorsen couldn’t get the job done of getting his name off IRVIN’s endorsements.

    He can’t run the party!

  18. Illinois Integrity Fund.

    Is that the same corrupt FBI that pushed the Russia Russia Russia hoax for over 3 years?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    Go kiss your Lisa Page and Peter Strzok bobble heads on your mantle.

    IL is full of stupidity, and it is on display daily.

  19. Listening to the hayseed speak on WGN, who hired Chris Cuomo, is priceless.

    What a joke this state is.

    Darren Bailey is our savior.

    Wait until Gavin Newsom is your unelected president.

  20. Seriously, someone thinks missing the Grafton Township Meeting is a big deal?

    Jeff Thorsen has a life, too – and I like politicians who are effective, not suck-up sycophants who attend every meeting to appease losers like Jim Udsteun.

    How many people were at that important Grafton Township Meeting, Jim? 4? 6?

    Give me a break.

    Stop with the loser provincial 1950s political wussiness.

    The Grafton Township Meeting?

    Are you serious?

  21. CLM, PCs are supposed to show up to their Township meetings once a month.

    That’s the least they can do.

    (Apparently it isn’t the least they can do, because Thorsen didn’t even do that!)

    Thorsen is a bad PC.

    Yet they voted him in to lead PCs on what is expected of them?

  22. Well, now everyone knows what I was up to while I missed this year’s meetings…I am at work..

  23. “At Work?”


    Then WHY RUN?!?

    If you are too busy to “represent the people,” work, vacation, family time, whatever, then DON’T RUN.

    For the love of god, simply admit that you are running to secure the board position and add to your resume. Politician – yes. Thorsen fills that roll perfectly.

    A leader and uniter of people?

    Most definitely not.

  24. If Thorsen and Wilke are to make a difference, then, they will need to make government consolidation a priority!

    Other wise nothing more than the loosing status quo!

    You can’t move forward on that.

  25. Thorsen missing the “Grafton Township Meeting” (of 4-6 people) because he had to WORK…

    That is a WINNER in my book.

    Hmmmm. He has to EARN a living to help his family and help the economy or….appease a bunch of loser political hacks in a township.

    The funny thing is, I bet Thorsen was trying his best to meet that USELESS meeting of political hack who bitch and moan about nothing important – simply because Thorsen is a good guy.

    But he had to WORK !!!

    That’s what America needs, drivers of the economy; not sycophantic political loser hacks.

    We have too many of them.

    They’re destroying our country.

    Our workers are paying for their political folly.

    Thank you, Jeff Thorsen, for WORKING and doing your PRIMARY duty – while paying taxes to support the political system that relies on your tax revenue to function.

    Don’t feel guilty for missing Mr. Udsteun’s phony/loser/useless “Grafton Township” meeting one bit.

  26. CLM, lol that’s not what he meant.

    Thorsen has been unemployed for some time.

    If you knew him you would know that.

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