Guns and the U.S. Senate Race

From The Center Square:

Illinois U.S. Senate candidates at odds on facing gun violence

(The Center Square) – Gun control is expected to be a major issue heading into the November elections, and Illinois’ U.S. Senate candidates are sounding off.

In the wake of recent mass shootings, incumbent U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Schaumburg, wants to ban certain semi-automatic weapons.

Kathy Salvi

“There’s no need for AR-15’s or other assault weapons and high capacity magazines to be available to the civilian population,” Duckworth said last week at a news conference in Washington D.C.

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Kathy Salvi said instead of looking at banning certain guns, state red flag laws and mental health should be the focus.

“Before we pass or look at any new laws, let’s implement the laws that we have on the books first,” Salvi told WMAY.

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Bill Redpath said there has to be a deep evaluation of such an idea without running afoul with U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

“It’s not my opinion that matters so much as it is the U.S. Supreme Court and that they decided in the Heller case that it involved a right to keep and bear arms and it was decided in the McDonald case and it was decided in the New York case recently,” Redpath told The Center Square.

The U.S. Supreme Court last month struck down a New York gun law that required residents to prove they had “proper cause” to receive a permit to carry a firearm outside the home.

With increased focus on guns following several mass shootings, including the July 4 shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, there’s also ongoing gun violence in Chicago. Redpath said one step to holistically address gun violence is to end the war on drugs.

“After the end of alcohol prohibition, the per capita murder rate in this nation went down for I believe it was seven consecutive years,” Redpath said.

“There is nothing that can be done to stem gun violence in this nation that would be more effective than ending the war on drugs.”

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And from Bearing Arms come this about Duckworth:

Tammy Duckwolrth calls for nation FOID.

The original source is WGLT, the Public Radio Station at Illinois State University:

Part of the story:

“I would like to see a nationwide reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, which was allowed to expire in 2004,” she said.

Duckworth said the biggest killer of children under the age of 16 is gun violence in the United States.

“A big portion of what’s happening is assault weapons, which are weapons of war, and the high capacity magazines that are used,” she said. “They just simply don’t belong on the streets of this of this country. And I’m gonna work to suspend, and to abandon them.”

Duckworth said she’s glad to see expanded mental health services, law enforcement information sharing, and school safety funding come from the bipartisan legislation. But she’s hopeful it’s the start of a broader legislative effort.

“I’d like to see a national FOID card. You know, in Illinois, we have a FOID card. It doesn’t stop people from being able to purchase weapons. But I think it’s important that everyone should have a background check,” she said. “You shouldn’t just be able to walk into a gun show and buy a gun without a background check. I think we need to significantly close that loophole.”


Guns and the U.S. Senate Race — 25 Comments

  1. The Leftists want you unarmed so that you cannot rebel against them.

    It’s subjugation of the citizenry one step at a time and by any means possible,
    even pimping any tragedy and dead people to achieve their goal.

    Just look at any crime ridden city/state they hold sway over for the evidence.

    This is who the DEMOCRATS are, this how they’ve always been.

    Prepare yourselves now for what is yet to come because you will have to literally fight
    to regain your Liberties, and

    NEVER trust the police as they will turn on you as they do in dictatorial countries (think Canada) just to
    save themselves, it’s human nature.

  2. “Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep, It starts when you’re always afraid.”

  3. It’s not paranoia if you are actually correct about your situation.

    History shows that time and time again governments across time and cultures do horrible things to their people.

    It’s not being paranoid to wish to limit our governments ability to do such things.

  4. The FOID system in IL is already dysfunctional.

    My wife has been waiting on her renewal for over a year.

    They can’t even keep up with Driver’s licensing, but they want to take FOID nationwide?

    There’s stupid, then there’s IL.

  5. What will the voting machines decide is the question. What happened in Las Vegas? Why doesn’t Porkboy post – Stop hey what’s that sound everybody look what’s going down.

    All posters above me with the exception of bongwater drinking Porky get it.

  6. Thanks for reminding everyone why we hate Buffalo Springfield! The indoctrination from that song alone is enough to bring out the barf buckets.

  7. There goes duck duck duck spewing no solutions!

    just pass the blame off on an inadiment object…

    screw the 2nd amendment, lets go after the criminals oh no that would be too easy… idiots…

    the FOID is nothing more than a money Suck by the overtaxed STATE we live in now!

    they can’t even keep up with all the CRIME going on …

    what a joke.

    Nothing but hot air balloons ….

    that’s all these career politicians know how to do break our laws ..

    how do you expect anything to get fixed when the ones in office are breaking laws… geezus…

    then they wonder why everyone is leaving the toilet bowl..

  8. LOL. Cindy as always got it. The indoctrinated have no clue what’s going down

  9. Does Duckworth realize how stupid she is?

    I’m serious, how could someone have such a vapid mind as an adult – she is clueless to reality AND she is barely literate.

    Is she a mother?

    I don’t think she has the intellect to be a parent.

    She’s is intellectually at the 4th grade level – and at the medium at that intellectual level.

    It’s sad and embarrassing for her.

    How is she a senator?

    She should step down and receive public assistance.

  10. Mellow is a liar. I renewed online two years and two months ago. Still waiting.

  11. Not lying. 2-week range, did it the last few days before it expired. Honestly, it did surprise me.

    Maybe you have something floating out there they found interesting.

  12. So Mellow Monk lied on his FOID application. He smokes weed which is federally illegal. Way to go Hunter Biden part 2

  13. Hey, Illinois can stop selling weed any time they want to.

    Or any time the Feds want them to.

    And yet nobody lifts finger one.

  14. So, Monk admits on a blog he/it lied on a FOID application. Nice job Einstein. Stupid people shouldn’t own weapons and here we have one admitting it.

    Maybe learn a little. Many here know you belong in a mental institution.

  15. All posters above me with the exception of bongwater drinking Porky get it. I get it perfectly well, Just don’t buy into your vision. Sieg Heil Fascist.

    Cindy you are the most paranoid one here.

    “The indoctrinated have no clue what’s going down.” Yes, truer words have never been spoken. Your indoctrination that only white Christians should count tells me you have no clue. Cognitive dissonance.

    “Stupid people shouldn’t own weapons and here we have one admitting it.” when do you give yours up?

  16. Oh Porky, please do tell us “what’s going down”. This outta be good.

    Here’s the definition of the phrase Dr. Robert Malone uses to describe the brainwashed like you. Reality, when presented, obviously causes you mental anguish. It’s obvious in your posts to Cindy and others.

    Cognitive dissonance is a theory in social psychology. It refers to the mental conflict that occurs when a person’s behaviors and beliefs do not align. It may also happen when a person holds two beliefs that contradict one another.

    What happened in Las Vegas Porky? LOL.

  17. Cognitive dissonance is a theory in social psychology.

    It refers to the mental conflict that occurs when a person’s behaviors and beliefs do not align. It may also happen when a person holds two beliefs that contradict one another. Do you even understand what this means? How do you hate in the name of god. Where is my contradiction?

    Get a grasp of reality, the world is changing and dinosaurs like you are a dying breed. Hence your panic and paranoia

  18. Porky you are so blue pilled it’s getting more fun with everything you post.

    You are the person Klaus Schwab and the WEF count on to keep being stupid. I bet you believe we are not in a recession too.

    Everybody look what’s going down.

    Read about Project Mockingbird liberal genius. You are a 100 percent victim of it.

  19. Steven Pokorny, you’re a real fruitloop.

    Do you really believe you’re a genius?

    Do you feel you’re someone of importance or insight?

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