UPDATE 4: Information about the Main 9th Congressional District Hopefuls–Joan Lasonde and Julie Cho–NOW with Info from Sallie Davis, LASONDE VICTORIOUS, DISTRICT VOTE TOTALS

Joan Lasonde is the new State Central Committeewoman for the 9th Congressional District.

Running second was Sallie Davis.

In third place was Julie Cho.

Here are the 9th Congressional District returns:

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Here are the result of Algonquin Township voting for the next 9th District Republican State Central Committee slot, provided by a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

McHenry County vote totals for 9th Congressional District State Central Committeeperson.

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Joan Lasoda’s information is first because she sent it to me first.

Julie Cho’s is below.

From Joan Lasonde comes this resume:

Joan McCarthy Lasonde

847-975-0302, joan.lasonde@gmail.com 622 Central Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091

Objective: To become the 9th State Central Committeeman

John Lasonde

Endorsed by: Former TRUMP Finance Chair Todd Ricketts (Cubs), Senator Dan McConchie, State Representative Chris Bos, IL Republican National Committeeman Richard Porter, Vernon Township Chairman John Munger, Former IL Comptroller Leslie Munger, SCC Deputy & IL GOP Finance Member Lynn O’Brien, Chicago GOP & Finance Member Brian Kasal Political Experience:

2021 – Present: Co-chair of IL GOP Rebranding Project (with Leslie Munger)
● Conducted focus groups statewide with Independents & soft Democrats
● Did statewide polling to confirm our findings with over 1,000 residents
● Developed new brand strategy and logo
● Created & produced five 30 second digital ads (SeeRedVoteRed.com)
● Presented to SCC & IL GOP leadership – with overwhelmingly positive feedback

2020 – Present: Executive Director, North Cook Republicans PAC (with Richard Porter)
● Manage all aspects of fundraising
● Manage all day-to-day operations
● Defeated JB’s graduated income tax in our targeted areas
● Designed, produced, and paid for the “Don’t Get Fooled Again” Vote No yard signs. Distributed
12,000 yard signs to Republican organizations throughout the state, at no cost to them
● Partnered with IOP and distributed their walkcards with our yards signs statewide
● Supported and financially contributed to thirteen local Republican Organizations & Townships
including: Ela, Elk Grove, Evanston, Maine, New Trier, Niles, Northfield, NWS GOP Club,
South Side Republicans (18th District), Vernon and Wheeling

2017 – 2018: State Senate Candidate (9th District)
● Ran against the popular State Rep. Laura Fine, because nobody else would
● Took the fight straight to the enemy line – turned Dan Biss’ old office into our HQ
● Received no support from IL GOP, yet outperformed other well funded Republican candidates
on a cost-per-vote basis

2015 – 2016: Congressional Candidate (9th District)
● Received highest vote total ever (109,550) against 25 year incumbent, Jan Schakowsky – with
President Trump at the top of the ticket, in a D+21 district
● Won Four Townships (Elk Grove, Lyden, Northfield, Wheeling)
● Earned numerous endorsements including Chicago Tribune & Speaker Paul Ryan
2012 – 2015: Executive Officer, New Trier Republican Organization
● Helped New Trier Republicans win elections, including:

  1. Congressman Bob Dold
  2. Governor Rauner
  3. Numerous local candidates for School, Township and Park District Boards
    ● Responsible for managing day-to-day operations
    ● Planned & managed events

From Former appointed State Comptroller Leslie Munger:

Endorsement of Joan LaSonde –

I “ditto” everything Lynn wrote below and I would add:

  • Joan is not only a do-er, she has great strategic skills — she was truly my co-chair guiding rebranding project.  She interviewed voters all across the state as a “moderator” in zoom focus groups.  She pulled together our learning and was a true partner in getting all our testing designed, fielded, reported and paid for.  
  • Joan is a tireless volunteer.  She worked unpaid for a year and gave up nights and weekends just to help our party have a better chance at winning elections. 
  • Joan is a listener.  She listens carefully to the ideas and concerns of others and then works to solve those problems or incorporate those ideas — something that we could use A LOT more of in Illinois politics.
  • Joan is a team player.  She doesn’t care who gets the “credit”.  She just cares that the job gets done and it gets done well.   

Joan’s involvement was critical to the ILGOP rebranding project.  I could not have done it without her ideas and commitment.   I’ve never met a more selfless leader and volunteer than Joan.     She will work tirelessly to build GOP party strength throughout the entire 9th District and the state.   I WHOLEHEARTEDLY endorse Joan LaSonde for 9th District State Central Committee.  

From State Senator Dan McConchie:

= = = = =

Julie Cho Lays Out Reasons for Vote

Julie Cho

The purpose of the Republican Party is to get Republicans elected. I believe in that statement 100%.

Since it is the State Central Committee that makes up the “party”, the state Central Committeeman has
one major role: Get Republicans elected.

In the blue state of Illinois, our party leadership has tried to run candidates that look more appealing to
Democrats in order to “win”.

However, electing candidates who resemble Democrats is not truly winning.

In a very blue district such as the 9th Congressional, it will most likely require more than one election cycle to flip the district.

However, running a true conservative candidate, coupled with an intentional and consistent effort to engage with the community, well drafted & constant messaging, building a solid strong conservative grassroots coalition that can be mobilized, and comprehensive strategic planning, we can definitely replace Jan Schakowsky with a conservative Republican like Max Rice.

I am running for 9th State Central Committeeman because I plan to flip the 9th Congressional District with a conservative candidate.

I will work with all the Precinct Committeeman to build a grassroots coalition and engage with the community.

I will make sure we have a candidate for every seat in every election cycle in the 9th district and bring resources to support all our candidates from County Board and County wide seats all the way to our Congressional candidate.

I ask everyone in the 9th district to join me in this effort. We can win with a true conservative.

List of Endorsements for Julie Cho for the 9th State Central Committee

  • Shannon Adcock. President and Founder, Awake Illinois. A conservative grassroots organization that focuses on educational issues, including parental rights and school choice.
  • Bryan Anderson. Wauconda Township Republican Chair
  • Will Coggin. Managing Director of American Security Institute and project leader for China Owns Us project. China Owns Us is a project that exposes the threat and danger of Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration in America. www.ChinaOwnsUs.com
  • Latasha Fields, Illinois Lt. Gov Candidate, 2022, Founder, Christian Home Educators Support System
    Ward Committeeman, Chicago 21st Ward
  • Xi Van Fleet, Anti-Marxist Chinese Immigrant Activist, Survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution
  • James Golden, AKA Bo Snerdley, Former Producer of the Rush Limbaugh Show
  • Devin Jones, Chairman of the South Side Republicans, 18th Ward Republican Committeeman
  • Trevor Loudon, Author, speaker, political activist, Epoch Times Commentator
  • Xiaoxu Sean Lin, Analyst & Commentator of Epoch Times, Survivor of Tiananmen Square Massacre
  • John McEnroe, Chairman, Family PAC – Federal
  • Kevin McGary, President of Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, Founder of Every Black Life Matters (A prolife organization focused in the black community)
  • Dean Nelson, National Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, Member of the Black Voices for Trump
  • Tony Pham, Former Acting Director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Under President Trump)
  • Jennifer Preston, Founder of Glenbrook Freedom Fighters, A conservative grassroots organization that fights against mask & vaccine mandates and racial & sexual & Marxist indoctrination of our children in Northfield Township Schools.
  • Autry Pruitt, CEO, New Journey PA, CPAC speaker
  • Harold Pyon, Chairman of the Korean American National Republican Committee
  • Bonnie Quirke, President, Lake County Right to Life
  • Ashley Ramos, Chairman and founder, Back the Blue Events, A Non-profit organization that supports law enforcement and first responders.
  • Morse Tan, Dean, Liberty University School of Law, Former Ambassador at large for Global Criminal Justice under President Trump
  • Michael Trickey, Precinct Committeeman, Vernon Township, Precinct 275

Resume of Julie Cho

MBA: The University of Chicago
Master of Public Policy: The University of Chicago
Master of Art in Social Service Administration: The University of Chicago
B.A. in Biochemistry and Psychology: Case Western Reserve University
B.S. in Nutrition: Case Western Reserve University

Candidacy and office
• New Trier Township Republican Committeeman
• Candidate for New Trier Township School Board, 2021
• Republican Candidate for IL State Rep for the 18th District, 2018
Activism to support conservative candidates

  1. 2019 Municipal races
    Oak Brook Mayoral race
    Buffalo Grove Village Trustee Race
    • Since Republican organization cannot get involved in local races, conservative candidates
    were getting no support. Julie’s conservative coalition (not associated with the party)
    supported these candidates.
    • By educating the conservative voters on candidates & issues, and motivating them to vote,
    who normally do not vote in the local elections, both candidates won their races.
    • Conservative voter turnout in the election was more than 10 times higher than previous
    local elections.
  2. 2020 campaign effort to re-elect President Trump
    Julie was involved in digital media campaign for President Trump’s re-election
    Biden is no friend to the black community
    President Trump fighting for Justice for the black community
  3. 2021 Municipal Races
    Palatine Township Trustee Races
    Schaumburg Township Trustee races
    College of Lake County Trustees
    • By educating the conservative voters on candidates & issues, and motivating them to vote,
    who normally do not vote in the local elections, Palatine Township Trustee candidates, and
    College of Lake County Trustee candidate won.
  4. Building a conservative Coalition in New Trier Township
    • Under Julie’s leadership, New Trier Township now has a big conservative grassroots coalition
    even though New Trier Republican Party is historically a “moderate centrist” group as the
    home of Bruce Rauner, Mark Kirk and Bob Dold.
  5. Activism to expose CCP’s infiltration in America and their plot with the “China Virus”.
    • Julie has been working closely with some of the most respected experts, such as Trevor
    Loudon and Will Coggin, on China’s infiltration in America and its plot to spread Marxism
    in our country.
    • This is conference in the link is an example of Julie’s work to expose China’s plot. The
    event was sponsored by many conservative organizations such as Illinois Family Action,
    AM 560, and many other.
    A conference with John Tillman, Winsome Sears and Trevor Loudon

Sallie Nyhan Davis Michael Trickey

Drawn up juat two days ago by Lake County Precinct Committeeperaon Michael Trickey

I. SHORT Answer Questions

Sallie Nyhan Davis
  1. Who do you think is the current head of the national GOP, and why? (30 words or less)
    President Trump.
  2. What are the three primary reasons that the GOP has been losing power in Illinois for
    the past decade? (short answer only)
    • Ignoring the fundamental of campaigns.
    • Candidate recruitment at the local level to build a farm team for upper-level
    • Not communicating our message
    • lack of grassroots fundraising
  3. Briefly explain why you are running for the State Central Committee? (30 words or less)
    I want to make a difference for our party and the district that I reside. The 9th
    Congressional District is a +19 Democrat leaning so we have a lot of work to do and I
    am prepared to help from the precinct level on up.
  4. What do you think is the role of the State Central Committee and what would you see as
    your primary role as the 9th District Representative on it? (30 words or less)
    • Fundraising for the townships/wards
    • Recruiting candidates
    • Communications between all levels of the party structure beginning with the
    precinct committeeman.
  5. There are problems within the state GOP. Identify one, and tell us how you would be
    able to address that problems in this SCC role. (short answer only)
    Fundraising. The party has relied on one or two people to fund all of our activities
    instead of building a true grassroots fundraising machine. When we rely on billionaires to
    fund everything they feel entitled to control the parties activities.
  6. How will you seek out and represent all conservatives in Illinois, especially those from
    different cultures who have been told for generations that Republicans are racists and
    xenophobes? What are your thoughts about Candice Owens, Larry Elder and Mayra
    First, I will represent the 9th District. Second, I will support and help all conservatives.
    Candice Owens, Larry Elder and Mayra Flores are great for out party – now let’s find our
    own leaders like them right here in Illinois.
  7. What do think we can do to get more young people involved in the party? What are your
    thoughts on Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA?

I know Charlie Kirk personally and I love the work that he is doing. My husband and I
have attended some of his conferences with our daughter who is in college.
I think we need to leverage the digital social media channels to reach young
conservative minds like Darren Bailey has with Tic Tok and other social media channels.
We need to give high schoolers a chance to be proud of their conservative values.

  1. Parents across the state have been given a front row seat to the liberal indoctrination
    public K- 12 students must endure because of over a year of remote learning from
    home. When they complain they are called “domestic terrorists” by our own DOJ. Many
    school BOEs refuse to be
    transparent on their policies. The parent movement of voters in Illinois is proving to be a force to
    be reckoned with by our local politicians. Please answer the following:
  2. Do you currently have children enrolled in an Illinois K-12 public school?
  3. If the answer to the first question is “yes”, what have you personally done to protect their
    civil rights during COVID and Pritzker’s mandates?
    If the answer to the first question is “no” – what are you willing to do to help parents fight against
    further COVID mandates, CRT, the new Sex Ed bill Pritzker recently signed into law, and
    LGBQT+ indoctrination?
    I believe it is essential for conservatives and parents to take this fight directly to schools and
    would be happy to help in any capacity.

II. Multiple Choice Questions (please highlight response(s) for each question)

  1. If the Presidential Election was this year, who would you support? [Sorry for the spacing problem here.]
  2. Donald J. Trump
  3. Michael R. Pence
  4. Ron DeSantis
  5. Liz Chaney
  6. Other:
  7. The recent shooting on July 4th in Highland Park brought attention to the debate on our
    second amendment and gun control. Which BEST describes your view for OUR state of Illinois?
    a. The shooter was a mentally disturbed young man who fell through the cracks of red flags that
    were made to prevent people like him from owning firearms. Highland Park has an “assault
    weapon ban” at the time of the incident.

b. It is a tragedy that has made it clear that the GOP MUST work with the Democrats on
common sense gun control legislation.
c. There is no reason for any civilian to own an AR-15. d. The Second Amendment shall not be

  1. What are your thoughts on school choice?
    a. The concept is not fair and equitable.
    b. It is not possible in Illinois.
    c. We can and should do a voucher system.
    d. We have school choice because you could just move to a preferred district.
  2. Do you think there was fraud in the 2020 election?
    a. It was the most secure election ever.
    B. There were isolated pockets where some irregularities may have occurred.
    c. There was massive fraud perpetrated under the cover of COVID safety changes.
    d. Even if there was fraud, we should just move on.
  3. What are your thoughts about issues at the Southern border (circle any applicable)?
    a. There are no serious problems at the southern border.
    b. The southern border is both a humanitarian and national security crisis.
    c. The wall needs to be completed.
    d. The wall isn’t needed.
  4. What do you think is the number one cause of today’s inflation?
    a. Government deficit spending.
    b. Corporate greed.
    c. The war in Ukraine.
    d. Supply-chain issues.
    e. COVID.
  5. What do you think of the current J6 hearings in Congress?
    a. Fair and balanced attempt to arrive at the truth
    b. One-sided political theater orchestrated to support a pre-established conclusion
    c. Flawed process, but the best that can be mustered
    d. It’s an attempt to prevent Trump from being reelected
  6. What did you think of the COVID mandates in Illinois?
    a. Insufficient.
    b. About right.
    c. Too restrictive.
    d. Totally unnecessary.
  7. What do think the Governor should have been allowed to mandate during COVID?
    (Circle all that apply):
    a. Mask requirements.
    b. Business closings.
    c. Remote learning.
    d. Vaccines.
    e. Number of people at a gathering.
    f. Visitation rights at hospitals and other care facilities.
    g. Church openings and number of worshipers.
    NONE of the Above
  8. What do you think of the recent court decision on ROE vs. Wade?
    a. Appropriate. The decision belongs with the states.
    b. Inappropriate. The Federal government should have nationwide control over
    abortion access
  9. What do you envision for Illinois as far as access to abortion?
    a. A destination state for abortion where the decision is entirely left to the woman
    and her doctor no matter when during pregnancy is performed and no matter for
    what reason.
    b. A state where abortion is severely restricted except in cases of threat to the
    mother’s life, rape or incest, or severe defect in the fetus, and never performed
    beyond 20 weeks.
    c. A state where abortion is restricted for any reason across the board beyond first
    trimester (15 weeks) gestation. ANY abortion performed beyond that time is
    d. Other. I hope and continue to pray we can someday make it illegal here in
  10. Would you support efforts to amend the Illinois Constitution to end taxpayer funded
    public sector pensions?
    a. Yes.
    b. No.
  11. A primary role of the State Central Committeeman is finding, recruiting, and supporting
    candidates. Please answer the three question below:
    a. What are the core values of candidates will you be seeking:
    i. Fighters for conservative values.
    ii. Leans conservative, but are open to compromise in certain areas.
    iii. The most conservative candidate who can win given the profile of the voters in
    the district in which the candidate is running.
    iv. Feels it is better go along to get along.
    v. Leans Liberal, but has some conservative beliefs.
    vi. Strongly Liberal.
    vii. Someone to fill every slot, regardless of their core beliefs.

viii. A never-Trumper.
ix. A Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporter.

B. What background experience do you value MOST in the candidates you vet (rank top 5).
No defined requirements, whoever I can get. Politically active.
Politically non-active until recently.
Runs/Ran own Business.
Worked in private sector.
Worked in public sector.
X Raised/Raising family.
Level of formal education (list requirement) Professional (lawyer, doctor, CPA, architect,
etc.). Educator.
Fund raiser.
X Active in community.
X Religiously devout.

Civil rights advocate.
X Military service.
Celebrities (local and national).
X Other – America First priorities, fiscal conservative.

c. Where are you going to look to find the candidates? (Check top three)?
X Network of contacts.
X Community organizations.

Personal friends and relatives.
Social groups and clubs.
People already holding other offices.
X Political volunteers and activists.
Donor recommendations.

Sallie Davis Bio


Dear Republican County Chairmen, Republican Precinct Committeemen, Republican Women, and
Republican leaders and volunteers,

The Primary Election is over and now it is time to vote on the future leadership of the Republican

The County Conventions are an opportunity for local county organizations to influence the direction
of the party. Now more than ever we need people serving on the State Central Committee to
represent the grassroots conservatives who are the heart and soul of our party.

In the race for State Central Committee, I am supporting Sallie Nyhan Davis.

Sallie is a consummate professional in everything she does. Sallie is a strong conservative who has had a tremendous track record of electing Republicans throughout the state.

She will be a voice for conservative principles and values and will be an accessible and capable party leader.

Sallie has my full support and endorsement.

I urge you to vote for her for the 9th District State Central Committee post, and to please reach out to other party leaders and encourage them to vote for her.

We need strong, principled leaders leading our party and that is exactly the kind of leadership we will get if the 9th District elects Sallie Nyhan Davis to the State Central Committee.


Mary Miller, Congresswoman, 15th District


UPDATE 4: Information about the Main 9th Congressional District Hopefuls–Joan Lasonde and Julie Cho–NOW with Info from Sallie Davis, LASONDE VICTORIOUS, DISTRICT VOTE TOTALS — 14 Comments

  1. The IRVIN RINOs are working hard for Sallie Nylan and Joan LaSonde. North Shore, New Trier Cook County RINOs. Just say no to RINOs

  2. Everyone is stuck on 2022 and who was/being pushed by Richard Irvin.

    Let’s talk 2020, and the IL-14 nomination of Jim Oberweis, and general election campaign two years ago.

    Joan Lasonde was one of the early endorsers of Oberweis’ candidacy in 2019.

    Sallie Nyhan Davis is a professional fundraiser, and her husband is a political consultant who’s been running campaigns for over 20 years in Illinois.

    Lasonde was helpful for Oberweis to win the primary.

    Nyhan Davis was part of the team that gave state Senator Sue Rezin her only loss, and beat Catalina Lauf in 2020.

    Nyhan Davis’ fundraising skills are proven, and she would be what the state central committee needs.

    FWIW, I’d likely back Nyhan Davis over both Cho and Lasonde.

  3. JT, your link didn’t work, please try again, or copy & paste.

  4. Sallie Nyhan Davis has the endorsement of
    many conservatives including Congresswoman Mary

    She is far from a RINO.

    Long history in the
    Pro-life movement with pro-life candidates.

  5. Wow.

    I guess one can say great minds think alike as my 2 cents were given before I knew of Congresswoman Mary Miller backing Nyhan Davis and Cal posting the Miller endorsement as an update to the article.

    Now let’s see what the precinct committeepersons in McHenry and Lake counties have to say as well as the township committeepersons in Cook County.

  6. Selection code dot com Marc/John. I won’t post a link since you are put in the Skinner prison for 24 hours

  7. If this were a Democratic SCC race you could just locate all the election authorities (typically county clerks) that belong to the SCC/congressional district you were curious about and then add the numbers up.


    But Republicans don’t do that.

    The elections happen at county conventions with elected PC.

    And then where do THOSE numbers go???

    Who adds up the numbers from the county conventions???

    Where are the numbers posted???

    Can someone answer those questions?

    Anyway, this process was another one of Al Jourdan’s gifts to Republicans of Illinois.

    Remember that ever since Al Jourdan’s wonderful “changes” the Republicans have NEVER won a race for president in this state.

    But some say he was great…

    I guess we have different definitions of “great.”

  8. Who is John Macrito?

    He’s sending out weird emails claiming to be a Republican?

    Is he?

  9. Macrito was a Republican PC in McHenry Township but he did not run this year.

    He is a McHenry Township trustee.

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