First Day Political Sightings at the McHenry County Fair

A Friend of McHenry County Blog took up the challenge to photograph booths releated to politics, government and religion.

Here are the results found on Tuesday:

Democratic women for, I think, the fourth year had the most prominent political display. It was outside, just like Republicans and the Young Republicans used to have before GOPsters decided they wanted cooler inside air.
1st Way life Center had its usual booth.
Next door was the Catholic Church’s pro-life display.
Jim Young, President of the McHenry County Libertarians, manned the Libertarian booth. Note the softening of the concrete floor.
The Citizens’ Climate Lobby booth had no one behind it.
The McHenry County Freethinkers and Humanists were represented.
The Pro-Choice folks were still standing with Planned Parenthood.
McHenry County Democrats featured a cardboard Camila Harris.
The McHenry County Republican Party booth was twice the size of last year’s, but not nearly as attractive as the Democrats. And, if there is a mntion of gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey or any of the other statewide candidates, it must be on the table.
As usual, the Sheriff had two displays. This one concentrated on fingerprinting kids.
The larged Sheriff’s display attracted this young man.
McHenry County College had a display.
Finnaly, Erik Sivertsen, former Chairman of McHenry Township Republicans, had his gun shop booth again.


First Day Political Sightings at the McHenry County Fair — 22 Comments

  1. Re the picture caption:

    “McHenry County Democrats featured a cardboard Camila Harris.”

    Interesting. Local Democrats are just as dumb and clueless as the real Camila Harris for posting a cardboard photo of her.

  2. If you would just put me in charge, I’ll make sure that people into this stuff are closely monitored.

  3. Freethinkers booth is really the homosexual booth.

    Did they give out pamphlets about the scourge of rectal monkey pox?

  4. Cardboard of the dead harridan RBG, too, who refused to step down in Obongo’s last year despite his urging.

    Was RBG a crypto pro lifer?

    Or just an egotistical zionist witch?

  5. Is the cardboard cutout of Kamala have a repeat recording of her cackling laugh…

    that would be worth going to the fair for……

    Cal, Did you purposely spell Kamala with a C ?

  6. Camila Harris I’m guessing, pronouns are she and her and a woman standing in the cardboard cutout wearing a black suit?

    Lucky for us no one in the Chinese Military saw that, or they would have entered the launch codes and turned the missile keys, before passing out from laughter.

  7. If you would just put me in charge – a pro-lifer – I’ll ALSO make sure that people into this stuff are closely monitored.


  8. Nothing says, “I am a big fat loser” than being present at a county fair.

  9. Margaret Sanger’s eugenics program is burned into the hearts of these ignorant old white women. Brainwashed by that programming they are still thinking they are doing something honorable. Sheesh!

  10. Camelia Harris does not take the illegal alien/invader crisis at the US southern border seriously. Probably because she as well as Biden and other Democrat candidates for the presidency in 2019 and 2020 encouraged illegal aliens to invade our nation. Furthermore, her boss, Biden, continues to allow the invasion and transports these invaders to numerous cities and state across the US, sometimes in the dead of night.

    On March 22, 2021 at a Jacksonville FL airport, President Biden’s sidekick VP, Camelia Harris, was asked if she would visit the southern border. The reporter asked her: “Do you plan to visit the border”? Camelia answered in a frivolous and unserious laughing way as follows: “Ah, um, not today heh, heh, heh heh ,heh! But, I have before and I am sure I will again.”

    Following is a 30 second clip by the NYPost showing Harris laughing/cackling like an imbecile or moron. This is the person who would face and talk to leaders of other nations such as Macron, Trudeau, Herzog, Fumio Kishida, Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi, etc. in the event that Joe Biden resigns.

  11. The two women at the pro-choice booth look too old to get pregnant, why do they care.

  12. LOL Cindy. It sucks to see every day how they are trying to brainwash. I was watching WGN this morning waiting for the weather and they read the teleprompter about every Trump supported winner yesterday and the lead in was “insert candidate that won name” is a conspiracy theorist pushing unfounded claims of 2020 election fraud. Most people believe what they hear from that box on the wall. I just laugh at their psy op. Being red pilled is a wonderful way to live life. Only a couple more weeks until the follow up to 2000 Mules comes out.

    Tick tock tick tock.

    Funny Gregg Phillips was using his repeatable sustainable process in AZ yesterday to monitor the cheating.

    Oh and remember Mike Lindell is crazy and PCAPs are not real.

    Buy more popcorn Cindy. It’s going to be a hot August. Red October is just around the corner.


    The RINO McCain dynasty in that state is done.

  13. Yes Cal.

    Don’t worry if you call her Camila instead of Kamala, she gets triggered.

    Don’t fix it.

    Liberal tears are delicious.

  14. I love how we have this new stolen election movie genre.

    Far less entertainment value even than was found in the schlocky 70’s disaster movies.

    Just like with those, we’ll look back and laugh.

  15. Monk, do another bong you psy op’d fool. I will need an appraisel soon. Lol.

  16. No signage for the Republican Governor nominee.

    Another clown show!

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