LITH Bakery’s Marketing

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

Sharing this screenshot from the bakery’s Facebook page… 

I have to give the young lady credit, she is leaning in hard on this. 

Selling swag… someone started a gofundme that people have donated $15,000 to so far.

While I could care less about a Drag Show, the advertising for kids was either really bad decision making or very cynical marketing.

Either way she’s taking lemons and making dough$$$.

From another Friend of McHenry County Blog comes this meme:

“Don’t ask why children need to see drag queens. Ask yourself why drag queens want an audience of children.”


LITH Bakery’s Marketing — 24 Comments

  1. Proof there are some really stupid S.O.B’s out there.

  2. Proof will be if the bakery is still there in a year.

    That mech is made to order and costs nothing but effort to make a design to start selling.

  3. gofundme $15 K and I’d rent me a day-glo Bugatti, some strippers and a bottle of boner pills.

  4. LOL….”Hate has no home here.”

    I wonder if I wore my MAGA had and my TRUMP T-shirt and walked in to the store…I bet I’d hear a lot of “hate”.

    When liberals promote their own tolerance and acceptance of “everyone”….it’s not “everyone”….

    what they mean to say is “We welcome everyone who agrees with us – otherwise we have to enforce our dictatorial mandates to you loser troglodytes who dare harbor a single conservative thought!”

    The very people who believe and proclaim they are “tolerant” are the most intolerant, unaccepting, vicious and angry ideologues.

  5. Low I.Q. Little Joey Snowflake triggered by the truth again, and I can’t stop laughing
    at his immaturity so proudly and witlessly on display for all to see. GOOD JOB!

  6. Why does she need a fundraiser if she has insurance? Insurance would cover damages as well as business interruption.

    I sure hope someone looks into this as possible fraud to rule that out.

    Many have donated to her cause now and hope those folks don’t get swindled.

    She had a go fund me set up within hours of the incident, and then logo designs and swag within days.

    She had other go fund me efforts in the past, and was public about her revenue being low.

    Desperate people do desperate things sometimes.

  7. Which republicans denounced the grooming this bakery proposed?



  8. @BecauseReality

    The owner already said the bakery won’t float without the “special events.”

    If LITH just enforces their bleeping laws this won’t be a problem in a year.

  9. Don’t worry Abe, the snowflake is busy looking for his next disgusting perverted term to drop on the board. Can’t wait snowflake. Change your name to Einstein.

  10. “The owner already said the bakery won’t float without the “special events.” If LITH just enforces their bleeping laws this won’t be a problem in a year.”

    That’s exactly what I hope happens.

  11. Perhaps the ‘sh!thead’ was the DJ ‘Uncle Pat’?

  12. Maybe an intrepid reporter will call and ask elected republicans if they support or oppose this?

    Could be a story.

  13. Gasser you are a moron. If you think a reporter will ask an elected IL RINO the question and then won’t spin it you are clueless. Let’s start with RINO candidate Salvi shall we. She’s an expert at spin.

  14. I think Koziol is referring to Tadelman’s public pronouncement that he supported thebakery’s right to hold the drag show.

    Mellow Flunk, are you Tadelman’s bat boy?

  15. Gasser is 100% correct.

    The problem is the establishment – including the press and the police departments work very closely together; the police are now essentially the beat reporters for failed/bankrupt newspapers as newspapers cannot afford reporters so they rely on press releases by the PDs – they’re all liberal establishment “in the tank” with government types.

    LGBTQ+ ?

    Who do you think they’ll support.

    A small business who doesn’t have the right fire codes but whose building was grandfathered in decades ago?

    They are violators of municipal rules and will be forced/coerced to pay for upgrades.

    Drag shows in front of children that are direct municipal violations?

    Well, they’re liberals, so they get the pass while the conservative small businessman is crushed by the same municipality.

    What a joke.

  16. JT – you may be right that a reporter won’t ask but maybe you could?

  17. Lol Gasser.

    I don’t swim in that swamp.

    I read non MSM resources for my truth

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