Reick Takes Bailey to Woodshed over Comparing Holocaust Deaths to American Abortion Numbers

From State Rep. Steve Reick:

Responding to comments made by Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey’s comments comparing abortion to the Holocaust, Representative Steve Reick (R-Woodstock) issued the following statement:

Steve Reick at Pro-Life event.

“Darren Bailey has crossed a line, a line which you just do not cross,” Reick said.

“I’ve been to Dachau and even though it wasn’t one of the bigger death factories, it leaves no doubt as to the scale of what the Holocaust was, and once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.”

Bailey’s comment, made 5 years ago on Facebook was that “the attempted extermination of the Jews of World War II doesn’t even compare on a shadow of the life that has been lost with abortion since its legalization.”

“The past 50 years of abortion politics have left this country scarred.

“We have the opportunity to begin healing those scars by giving the people of Illinois, for the first time in 50 years, the power to decide where we go from here with their votes,” Reick continued.

“But there’s more to it than that.

“These comments are coming from someone who’s supposed to be the voice of our party, who’s supposed to be speaking for all of us.

“And whether he said it 5 years ago or the day before yesterday is no excuse.

“He’s using the greatest criminal act in human history to score political points.

“I’ll not be party to that and will not follow anyone down a path strewn with that type of rhetoric.”


Reick Takes Bailey to Woodshed over Comparing Holocaust Deaths to American Abortion Numbers — 22 Comments

  1. Reick is a drunken turd grifter who should’ve stepped down a long time ago. Why does the GOP put up with his BS?

    As for Bailey’s comments- they’re true.

  2. LOL. RINO grifters eating their own. Wait until Salvi gets in office. Al will be the next Paul Pelosi. IL voters are so clueless.

  3. ^ Yes, “eating their own” is an accurate way to describe it.

    Democrats win partially because they are politically competent.

    For starters, think about their tactics transactionally.

    One of the first rules that their politicians (at least the successful ones) learn is to ask themselves the following questions before saying something or doing something.

    “Does this help me or hurt me? Does this help or hurt my allies? Does this help or hurt my enemies?”

    Now, applying this lesson…

    What does Reick get for this?

    Did Reick’s comment help or hurt his allies?

    Did Reick’s comment help or hurt his enemies?

    Democrats would not do what Reick did if they were in his shoes and for good political reasons.

    In fact, I can’t think of the specific cases off the top of my head, but I know there have been NUMEROUS times when Republicans tried making hay out of something by getting a Democrat to disavow something that another Democrat had said.

    And every time or at least nearly every time do you know what the Democrat did?

    They ignored it.

    Even if they were directly confronted by someone hostile, they’d still give the silent treatment or find some way to pivot and go into an attack against the other side.

    I’m fairly sure that Underwood, Casten, Ness, and Zahorik have all done this.

    Here we have Reick going out of his way and who was never even asked to comment about this not only commenting on it but attacking someone in his own party, and someone who is on the top of the ticket.


    Democrats are much better at politics than Republicans.

    Democrats = smart Machiavellian evil geniuses who love power

    Republicans = a bunch of dummies who love losing

    It’s Globetrotters vs Generals.

    The purpose of the Republican Party, at least in Illinois, is to be losers.

    Reick’s unnecessary comment is proof of this.

    His comment is not helpful.

    It’s just fart huffing.

    Reick is the one who needs to be brought to the woodshed!

  4. What a sad sack of excrement Reick is.

    And BTW, what has he done to distinguish himself while working for his constituents lately, or ever?

  5. OK, so I the holocaust killed 6 million Jews plus millions of other “undesirable people”.

    At its peak, we were killing 1.5 million babies a year in this country and in the years since Roe v Wade we have easily exceeded 6 million babies killed.

    Seems like not a horrible comparison to me, unless you don’t consider the baby to be a life we have killed far more babies than Hitler killed Jews.

    Rieck is just a drunk loser saying what he thinks he is supposed to say.

    I live in his district and hope someone challenges him next time we need to get rid of him.

    He’s nothing but a drunk RINO

  6. Seriously, what kind of dumbass goes and attacks his own party’s candidate for governor

  7. I believe the statute of limitations has expired, when I say I have driven drunk on Illinois roads far more often, than this amateur drunkard sad sack of a politician.

  8. Ah, sorry Abe. I see you used “sad sack”.

    Edit: ‘Old Pelican with a fish stuck in neck’.

    Fixed it!

  9. Reick lives in the township wheel-house, why should anyone be surprised by such stupidity?

    The local Republican Party Big-Wigs should be calling for Reick’s resignation, pronto!

    Correcting is spot on!!!

  10. Note to self: Save ‘water-logged pool noodle’, ‘Strip Club lunch time regular’ and ‘Fartco T-Shirt Model’ for future Reich references.

  11. Right to Life Mchenry County’s goons endorsed him. Hah.

    Wonder if he bought his endorsement because no one ever considered this a-hole pro-life!

  12. He has regularly attended Pro-Life events, the first of which was one of Irene Napier’s pig roasts.

  13. He hasn’t attended pro life events in years!

    I think it’s safe to say he’s changed his mind and is another RINO that the Republican Party failed to recruit a suitable primary opponent for!

  14. James Norman, NWH, who wrote Reick story, “Rep. Reick released a statement about it.” !!!!!!!!!

    Who are the voters who put someone like this in office as a member on the General Assembly?

    Answer: Township officials, employees and their family members, and those on the township dole.

  15. MegMom said:

    He hasn’t attended pro life events in years!

    I think it’s safe to say he’s changed his mind and is another RINO that the Republican Party failed to recruit a suitable primary opponent for!

    Ahh the truth outs:

    The Republican Party in McHenry doesn’t recruit new blood. They even just amended their bylaws to prohibit endorsement.

    Now you see why we have so many RINOs.


    The comparison is uncalled for.

    Keep opening your mouth Darren….

    Wide mouth frog.

    And while you’re at it hide behind your religion…

    Seems like you do the best.

  17. Hey BecauseReality…..

    How dare you….”Undesirable People”

    Want to get harsh???

    Maybe your mother kept you because she had to…. No choice!!!!

    If she could only hear or read you now!

    Do you share your thoughts with her….something tells me NO!!

    And somebody speaking up against their own party….. try listening to WORDS.

  18. Cal, can’t you keep the baby murderers off this blog?

  19. “I love stupid criminals”


    I have a cousin that almost lost her life back in 1993 because of doctors didn’t know that she was having a tubal… she was also thinking about abortion then said NO.

    she should’ve sued the hospital because nobody had a clue.

    Hospital almost killed her…. not because she wanted abortion…, she wanted to keep the baby….

    It’s because of their incompetence it happened.

    Sooooo….now is that OK???

    So the baby she wanted so badly…. now let’s blamed the emergency room doctors and all the rest that don’t have a clue!!!

    I love my cousin and I know she would’ve made a wonderful mother!!!!

  20. “I love stupid criminals”

    Hope you are not referring to me or my family.

    No type of murderers in anyway….. can’t even kill a fly!

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