Algonquin Township Supervisor Randy Funk’s Investigation by David Linder Getting Curiouser and Curiouser

Newly-electred Algonquin Township Supervisor Randy Funk hired former Crystal Lake Police Chief David Linder to look into the Administration of former Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser and his attorney Robert Hanlon.

The first billing from former Crystal Lake Police Chief David Lindner was dated July 28, 2021.

Linder’s billing through December 10 of last year can be found here.

Linder talked for three and a half hours to one Bonnie Kurowski, someone I have never heard of.

She seems to be the first person he interviewed other than Funk and current Road Commissioner Danijela Sandberg.

Why might Linder’s interview with Kurowski be of interest now?

The Federal Court in Chicago just gave Illinois Leaks, a.k.a., the Edgar County Watchdogs, a court victory over Kurowski:

Linder thought Kurowski important enough to devote parts of eight pages at the beginning of his report to what she said.

At the risk of boring readers those pages are reproduced below. (So far, no summary of his almost sixty-age report has been produced…or at least released by Funk.)

I believe Illinois Leaks will publish a summary of the case soon.


Algonquin Township Supervisor Randy Funk’s Investigation by David Linder Getting Curiouser and Curiouser — 22 Comments

  1. Remember: Police BRAG about the reality that they can LIE and citizens cannot. That’s the law, and they brag about that powerful imbalance of truth.

    If police LIE….it’s good police work.
    If citizens lie….it will be used by the very lying policemen against their case in a court of law.

    The laws are stacked against the citizen and in favor of the police snakes like Linder who have made a career of destroying peoples’ lives who they are jocularly sworn to “serve and protect”.

    LOL. Today’s police are closer to the STASI than legitimate, honest, good police.

    People like Linder have made me go from admiring officers to hating cops.

  2. CLM has officially become a blog baby. HonestAbe1 welcomes you to the club.

  3. If I am wrong, attest to the FACTS that support your case.
    If I am accurate, why do you strike me?

  4. Oh Joey, have you come up with your next creepy liberal deviant word of the day yet? Disgusting little pervert.

  5. WTF is this about?

    …one of the most confusing articles I have ever tried to read…..

    what was the point that is trying to be made….

  6. CLM is perfectly right and on target.

    Linder was always a bad egg.

    If he ever told the truth; it would be accidental.

  7. Lol Joey. I won’t bother to search for your stupidity you creepy liberal. Go eat a banana moron

  8. The voters really should eliminate Algonquin Township.

    The soap opera never ends.

    The new players are just as screwed up as the old ones.

    I suppose that it’s kind of entertaining, but it sure has cost a lot of money over the years.

  9. Problem is with the FOIA law and how it’s written, as it allows organizations like the Dog’s to pile on requests that you and I as individuals can’t.

    Dog’s and their various lawyers know how to play the legal FOIA request game, so it benefits them financially, at taxpayer’s expense.

    All the Gov orgs that ended up paying the Dog’s off, made mistakes of trying to fight instead of just doing what the law requires, filling the legal piling on.

    FOIA in that respect, legal piling on, needs to be modified to stop the abuse.

    Bonnie Kurowski and the elected officials in all the gov agencies listed played the game poorly and lost.

    Funk should release all the info that was collected by Linder and the related records of what was paid to lawyers and Dog’s during Gasser’s term in office, the numbers will amaze.

  10. Nob’s comment is the crazy tried by Kurowski in the case she just lost.

    Earlier the watchdogs published a court filing where the nutcase lied in cases after case.

    A true liar. .

    Looks like Algonquin Township supervisor Randy Funk saw his wet dream in Kurowski craziness.

    So off to waste more money.

    These Township loons cant seam to question stupidity when it’s clearly in front of them.

  11. The FOIA is good, the problem is that when it is violated by the official, the costs come out of the tax payers pocket.

    It should come out of the pocket of the person, who for no VALID reason, withheld the information.

    Hold them personally responsible and watch how quickly they give up the info they were legally bound to give up.

  12. Without making a statement as to Linder’s competency as an investigator, we should be asking the question as to why Funk hired an UNLICENSED investigator.

    He may be referred to as a consultant on paper but his work has been referred to as an investigation and that is exactly what it is.

    As such, for him to legally perform and charge Algonquin Twp for his services, Illinois law requires him to be a licensed private detective or work directly for one. David Linder, according to state records, has never been licensed as a private detective. He was issued a permanent employee registration card for two years, but that expired in 2018.

    If he is acting as a private detective and is unlicensed he is in violation of the law.

    Why is Algonquin Twp doing this?

  13. Can Linder work as an Investigator under the Township Attorney’s supervision?

  14. I HATE you Mr. Linder, with every cell in my being.

    You’re a swamp creature and a scam and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    You’re scum of the earth.

    I hope you and your loser political pa Frank’s rot in HELL.

    That’s where you are headed.

  15. Linder appears to finally been caught harming the very citizens he has sworn to “serve and protect”.

    I hope this real investigation reveals the fraud and abuse of power this vile creature has perpetrated on his citizens for decades.

    David Linder: YOU MAKE ME SICK.

    You’re the lowest scum of the SWAMP.

    Say hello to your friend Jack Franks for me.

  16. What if Funk\Linder are pulling a Pearl Harbor on the past Algonquin Township Supervisors and who they tie to regarding corruption?

  17. Come on folks! Let’s look how this new commisher is spending are money!

    Seriously I thought we were done with work vehicles and all this stuff, But quess not!

    Drove bye today a few times, and called, but nowhere to be found.

    But I saw a brand new truck!as the blog said.

    I flagged down a employee, they were super nice, and gave office hours, and contact information!

    I pressed a little more and they were super professional.

    but I gather they know what’s going on!I hear she loves break time at restaurants,golf,eating out, having people do her job,someone told me she’s a farmer, I’m looking into that!

    I’ll have to find out for myself and report!

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