Lake in the Hills Officials Capitulate to Bakery after Intervention by ACLU

Entertainment events will be allowed to resume at Uprising Bakery in Lake in the Hills, despite the village having cited it for not being in a zoned entertainment district.

That’s what the Chicago Tribune reports, even saying the “kid-friendly” (lower price for children 13 and under) drag show will be re-scheduled.

Below is the ACLU press release:

UpRising Bakery, a Lake in the Hills business extensively vandalized after scheduling a brunch event featuring drag performers, will be able to host the rescheduled event and other programs after reaching an agreement with Lake in the Hills Village officials.

UpRising owner Corrina Bendel Sac had been threatened with fines and the loss of her business license if she went forward with these events after a meeting with Village officials last week.

The agreement reached today ends these threats and denies a potential victory to violent extremists that objected to UpRising’s support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Under the agreement UpRising Bakery will be free to move forward with plans for future events, including the rescheduled drag event, in accord with current zoning laws.

“We are elated to have come to a mutual agreement with the Village of Lake in the Hills,” said Corrina Bendel Sac on behalf of the UpRising Crew.

“UpRising Bakery and Cafe opened less than a year ago with the goal of providing a safe and welcoming ‘home away from home’ for all beings, we thank the community, ACLU, KRV legal, municipalities, and our families for helping us reach this goal. We look forward to getting back to baking and holding community centered events!”

“Today’s agreement is good news for the Lake in the Hills community and a victory for free speech,” said Kevin Fee, Senior Special Litigation Counsel at the ACLU of Illinois.

“We applaud Village officials for their willingness to quickly engage in thoughtful discussions leading to this understanding that allows UpRising to continue to serve their mission of being a community resource for all people.”

UpRising and Ms. Sac planned to host a “Starry Night Brunch Drag” show at the store.

The event, which was sold out, was advertised as a family-friendly evening with food and drink from the bakery.

After a series of protests and a campaign of in-person and online harassment, the shop was vandalized on the evening before the event forcing cancellation of the show.

After the village initially threatened to prohibit Ms. Sac from hosting certain events at UpRising, the ACLU of Illinois sent a letter to the Village on Ms. Sac’s behalf expressing concern that if UpRising was not able to reschedule the drag event and hold similar events in the future, the vandal and harassers would take this as confirmation of their power to silence speech.

“Village officials supported Ms. Sac and her business in the immediate wake of this horrific event,” added Fee.

“Today’s agreement ensures an equitable and fair resolution moving forward, and recognizes that violent extremists cannot dictate the discussion in our society.” 

“It is a show of good will and sincerity that we were able to reach this resolution without litigation.”

= = = = =

Here is the statement from Lake in the Hills:

“The Village is pleased that through collaborative efforts with representatives for UpRising Bakery and Café, we were able to identify a mutually satisfactory approach going forward which honors the Village’s zoning concerns.”


Lake in the Hills Officials Capitulate to Bakery after Intervention by ACLU — 20 Comments

  1. Can’t believed they caved…

    the least they could have done was to adjust the age limit to over 18..

  2. If you’re one of the dozens of local governments that use the Zukowski law firm, how can you keep doing business with them knowing that they put forth zero effort to prevent child exploitation and grooming???

    Was their legal advice “yep, let’s cave immediately”?



    Find a better attorney.

  3. I agree with the headline.

    Lake in the Hills capitulated, along with all parties involved including neighboring businesses and the owner of the Crystal Ridge Plaza property who leased the UpRising Bakery site.

    When ACLU of Illinois threatened litigation, everyone folded.

    Lake in the Hills Village Board needs to explain fully to the community why their zoning laws are not enforceable in the case of UpRising Bakery.

    Their next Village Board meeting should be interesting as should April’s trustee elections.

    As they should be.

  4. In a better world these “beings” would be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail!

  5. Perhaps the taxpaying residents whose property values will plummet and. Neighborhood safety will be compromised, can all chip in $25 to retain good lawyers to fight city hall.

    Come to think of it, ANY business being required to follow ordinances can claim that THIS Busines is getting ‘special treatment’ and sue.

  6. Would you like some monkeypox with your Drag Queen show?

    Capitulating to these degenerates equates to pissing on the family values of this community,
    absolute cowards who MUST be remembered come next election.

  7. Make sure you show up to protest (peacefully) and video tape all the parents who go there with their children.

    You need to fire all the activist trustees and politicians who stood up for this because that is why they didn’t have a case with the ACLU.

    They are selling alcohol (Mimosas) to parents with their children in tow.

    Bring your dollar bills, intimates stuffing them in a tucked G-string.

    If you want to show up and you are over 21, go for it, leave the little confused ones at home to watch Teletubbies.

    Maybe we can get Lily Garden to host a bikini contest in an attempt to get more business?

    No wonder why LITH always has mental episodes that need transportation to the hospital.

    I do wonder where the Village is getting legal advice from, Moron?

    This would never have happened under Barb Key’s watch, rest her soul.

  8. Actually I think I’ll just celebrate another day, I’m free to post my half-ass snark and clown speak.

    Beats being tracked down by the Ministry of Public Security and being thrown in Qincheng waiting for my organs to be harvested.

  9. Can someone at least check whether the transvestites are sex offenders?

    A lot of them are.

    Hopefully we’re not allowing sex offenders to interact with children.

  10. No little Joey, I’m smart enough not to live anywhere near the Crystal Lake/LITH cesspool.

    Have you figured out your next deviant term of the day liberal creep or are you too busy surfing snoodling porn between posts

  11. Where’s Kenneally in all this?

    We already know Tadelman backs the fecal bakery.

  12. All you need to know about the corruption of all government is summed up in the disgustingly vile photo of your governor signing the boarded-up window.

    The evilness that has overtaken the land is a stench rising all the way to Heaven.

    Sodom and Gomorrah we have become.

    Maranatha, Lord Jesus.

  13. I hate to be the contrarian here. BUt, I’m compelled to be…

    I will preface this by stating emphaticall;y that I do NOT support Uprising or their perverted, leftist nonsense…

    That said, do we really want government requiring permits for businesses to have events?

    I always cringe a little when I see the “liberty crowd” calling on government to regulate that which it is not intended to, only because it is inline with their values.

    It’s a slippery slope….

    Are we sure we want to go down it?

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