Message of the Day – Relevance — 7 Comments

  1. ** bc he was antiprogressive. **

    Uhh… do you know anything about Blago’s time as Governor?

  2. Koziol, Dave would know since he lobbies for murdering the unborn, higher taxes and the queer agenda. All are progressive garbage.

    Dave is the inflation reduction act something a progressive loves too?

  3. Nope, you’re not obsessed with me at all. Definitely not. But… have anything to add relevant to this post/discussion?

  4. No Dave. Engaging with a liberal like you and your twisted views makes me just laugh at you. How’s the wedding to AOCs cousin coming along?

  5. Back to the point.

    If anyone thinks that the feds went after Blago because he was “antiprogressive” has absolutely no idea they speak of.

    The feds went after Blago because he was (and is) corrupt AF.

    And now, as Cal said, he’s just trying to be relevant.

    And the wacky conservatives aren’t smart enough to not see him for what he is, and instead have chosen embrace him for some baffling reason.

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