Pritzker Cashes in on “Kid-Friendly” Drag Show Bakery in Lake in the Hills

Here is his tweet about it:

Some replies:

Meanwhile, the Daily Herald reports the drag show is on for Sunday:

Drag show brunch at Lake in the Hills bakery back on for Sunday

A drag show brunch at a Lake in the Hills bakery that was scuttled last month after the store was vandalized the night before is back on for Sunday, the business announced on Facebook. Full Story


Pritzker Cashes in on “Kid-Friendly” Drag Show Bakery in Lake in the Hills — 20 Comments

  1. Just a rich jew. And a sick family of trannies:


    The Pritzker family, heirs to the Hyatt Hotel chain, today use their estimated $29 billion dollar fortune to speculate on the stock market, dodge taxes, buy politicians, and rip people off with predatory banking schemes.

    The Jewish clan has made capitalist-activism, where money wrung out of working class people is used to pay for the pet projects of the anti-social left, central to their plan to radically re-engineer America. The Hyatt Hotels have been specifically targeted in the past for their atrocious working conditions, while they have also raked in large illicit profits through Superior Bank , a usurious subprime lending racket that ripped off and ruined the lives of scores of poor people. The money-lending venture was so abusive it compelled the government to force the Pritzkers to pay a $460 million dollar settlement. In a functional system they would’ve gone to prison.

    One member, the billionaire Jennifer Pritzker, is a male-to-female transgender who served in the US military. “Jennifer” Pritzker According to research conducted by Jennifer Bilek, “Jennifer’s” money, along with other figures like fellow Jew and transsexual Martine Rothblatt, has put the wind in the sails of the transgender top-down revolution, granting it scientific and medical credibility through the power of their checkbooks, along with trained operatives who have helped institutionalize it in the corporate world. The Pritzkers are heavily invested in the world of pharmaceuticals and science.

    Just remember Tadelman supported the pervert bakery too!

  2. Pritzker: “Hate has no home here”.

    But apparently degenerate child groomers do.

    LITH residents, are you proud of your city officials and the sick, twisted activities they allow to take place
    against your better wishes and family/community values?

    Pritzker HATES the unborn, that is why he and the DEMOCRATS support abortion, they are pure evil.

    Make no mistake about it, they’re coming for your children – and with Pritzker’s blessings.

    BTW, where is the Church on all of this?

  3. Cal. Tell us.

    Why is your blog web site not accessable at times for up to 12 hours?

    What is going on?

  4. Shitzker showed up to use the toilet because he took them out of his house to avoid paying taxes, right??

  5. What about the “Toiletgate” started a long time ago by the feds to look into the fat guy’s scheme to lower taxes on one of his mansions by disconnecting the toilets?

    On another matter, does this gigantic fat slob need a special toilet to take care of his daily needs? How gross?

  6. First LITH caves into the ACLU.

    What good is zoning if not enforced?

    Now this POS Governor comes and panders to the queer crowd…

    I guess grooming kids to be queer is ok with this uselessness POS…

    When will righteous people stand up to this sickness….

  7. Bottom line is will children be admitted to this event?

    If that happens, what are the implications of that?

    What about this fat slob gov visiting that location recently?

    What does that mean?

    Is he accountable if children are present?

  8. Funny how the sad sacks of this blog (Pokorny (aka Poo-Korny), theNob, Joseph, nefarious (aka Dave Lowitzski), Because science, etc) aren’t rushing out of their pits defending the obese jew overlord.

    The Bailey campaign has been handed a beatuiful gift.

    Fatso is running for President in ’24.

    This is going to be explosive campaign vitriol, but theRINOs will pooh-pooh such exposure as ‘antisemitic’.

    We live in a jewish dictatorship.

    Exhibit A:

  9. I love how often I’m brought up on threads I’m not on. Y’all are cute.

    Perfectly willing to defend JB here. And I can even do it without your antisemitism and childish attacks on the Governor’s size!

    Y’all can stay on the side of hate and violence. I enjoyed some lovely cinnamon rolls from Uprising last week.

  10. Oh Dave Shake the crazed liberal lobbyist that supports and lobbies for the deviant queer crowd. Yea Dave we’re all obsessed with you and your bride to be that looks like AOCs cousin. Whoever pays you money to speak on their behalf is even dumber than you.

  11. Bill2Sender: Did you even read the link you included in your reply?

    Apparently not.

    If so, you would have very quickly understood that the “adult entertainment surcharge” would never apply in this instance because the bakery doesn’t meet the definition of such an establishment under Chapter 86 of the Illinois Administrative Code, Section 900.105.

    Nice try, though.

  12. Tadelman as Sheriff is like Beria as KGB chief.

    When TSHTF, I pray their is an open mutiny when Tadelman orders the trans-objecting parents arrested.

  13. Could all of this turn out to NOT be a big deal? Cross dressing? Men dressing like women? Go ahead. Watch baseball games on TV. Recently saw players, MEN, wearing necklaces and earrings. Saw a number of players with longer hair. A pony tail here and there, just like a woman, also long curly hair coming down to shoulders. Saw one player having THREE necklaces danglng around his neck and wearing shiny earrings. What is THAT all about?

  14. prickster
    another treasonous satanic evil cabal player
    unfortunately rich, too

  15. Don’t get me started.

    When is this nonsense going to end!!!

    We the people need to stand up for what is right and stop allowing this wrongful corrupt evil nonsense.

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