Reader Comments on Bakery’s Drag Show

This was written by a Friend of McHenry County Blog before the Village of Lake in the Hills capitulated to Uprising Bakery as a result of the intervention by the ACLU:

While the Village of Lake in the Hills has asked the bakery owner to cancel the events, you can see the Drag Show marketed to children has not been.

We know who “Jakki Love” is and can find other events he has run; we have researched “BooBoo Kitty” and “Horchata” and can’t find those performers’ names anywhere.  However, if you research for yourself, you may find some are very similar.  It makes you wonder.  

These are the questions that we, as a community, would like to be answered either by “Jakki Love,” “Horchata,” “Boo Boo Kitty,” or owner Corrina Sac.  If they have nothing to hide, these should be easy to answer:

  • Why would Drag Queens want an audience of Children?
  • What are the performers’ real names or even actual performers’ names?
  • Why is this event explicitly marketed to children?
  • How can we know beyond a reasonable doubt that the word given to the police will remain valid and that there will be no nudity or sexually explicit content?  As a recent performance on June 22 called for ‘all ages’ yet showed ‘mature content’ and supported ‘underage divas’?


Reader Comments on Bakery’s Drag Show — 6 Comments

  1. The degenerates refuse to respect the wishes of the community in which they operate,
    that’s the way GROOMERS are allowed to function within today’s society.

    A society which accepts and tolerates this is not long for existence.

  2. Abe I’m surprised the resident degenerate Creepy Liberal Joey hasn’t accused you and me of performing acts he obviously has engaged in. Liberals are creeps. Trigger alert. Wait for it.

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