Bad Carp Captured in Lake Calumet

From the Illinois Department of Natural Resources:

Invasive silver carp removed from Lake Calumet

CHICAGO – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the Invasive Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (ICRCC) today announced the removal of one silver carp from Lake Calumet in the Chicago Area Waterway System. Lake Calumet is approximately seven miles from Lake Michigan.

The fish was captured Thursday by gill netting and electro-fishing crews from IDNR and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers following a reported sighting of an invasive carp by a member of the public earlier this week. The silver carp was 38.3 inches in length and weighed approximately 22 pounds.

Captured carp.

The silver carp capture has triggered a response effort in the area of the captured fish to determine whether additional invasive carp could be present. It is important to note that the capture of this silver carp does not indicate that a reproducing population of bighead and silver carp exists above the electric dispersal barriers or within the Great Lakes.

This is the third time a bighead or silver carp has been captured above the electric dispersal barriers. A silver carp was captured in the Chicago Area Waterway System below T.J. O’Brien Lock and Dam in 2017, and a bighead carp was captured in Lake Calumet in 2010.

IDNR and the ICRCC are committed to keeping the public informed as we learn more about the captured silver carp and continue our sampling efforts in Lake Calumet and the Chicago Area Waterway System.

More information on efforts to control invasive carp and on the Invasive Carp Regional Coordinating Committee can be found at


Bad Carp Captured in Lake Calumet — 9 Comments

  1. Invasive carp are not the problem. Invasive immigrants that leach off of our economy are.

  2. haha little do you know>….

    stupid people brought the carp here to eat all the weeds in the creeks and canals…

    they spread from there …

    same stupid people that released the rock and Burmese Pythons in the everglades,

    the Germans brought us Carp and Starlings, the Chinese gave us the Pheasant ….

    the English brought us the sparrow and the Mexicans brought us Tacos…………

    no need to thank me for this info…

    its part of my PSA program

  3. When Numb Nuts Obama was Senator He was informed that the carp could get into our eco system he said …so what

  4. They are called Siver Fin Carp now instead of Asian Carp, as that was racist.

    But tasting some prepared for a test taste by DNR people, they are pretty good breaded and fried.

    The problem is they are hard to filet without getting bones.

    Very arduous.

  5. Come on, this poop-carp is really tasty.

    Just give it a try, man.

    You’ve got to believe me!

    Just fry it in soybean oil.

    It’s healthy and delicious, I swear.

    Please listen. Come on, bro, please.

    Eat the poop-carp.

    It’s good I promise.

    Just one bite, bro, please eat the muddy poop-fish you’ll love it.

    Think of the other fish bro the river’s ecosystem please man.

    Do it for JB and the planet.

  6. Iate regular carp at a political fundraiser for a 1971 candidate for Public Health Comissioner in Springfield.

    It was very tasty.

    But going to the bathroom, I could see through the floor to the basement…leading me to believe that the tavern owner had supporter the winner for Public Health Commissioner before.

  7. Back in the ol’ days we had the western bloc, not the eastern bloc.

    It wasn’t farmers from southern Illinois.

    It was people tied to the mob.

    Their ally betrayed them on a vote one time in 1953 and he was abducted at gunpoint right in front of his house with his wife watching.

    Nobody ever saw him again.

    Now politicians don’t worry about the mob, they worry about what to name a carp to not offend minorities.

  8. As I originally hail from the South Side, I can tell you I dated much, much worse.

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