Cary Pot Arrest — 5 Comments

  1. Pot buyers HAVE to learn to buy from the Illinois sanctioned cartel!!!

  2. It’s the container and manner of transport.

    It also helps if your plates haven’t expired, and you have a driver side rearview mirror.

  3. It’s intended.

    It’s like in the old days when gambling and booze was illegal but DAs, judges, and cops were paid off by the people running the black market.

    It’s sort of like that but instead of a black market you have a “legal” but highly regulated market that the government restricts by placing caps on the number of dispensary and grower permits. These permits go to a handful of big companies who can afford the insane costs the state requires to get into the market. Between that money and the future tax revenue, it’s more or less like a cartel paying off the government. Meanwhile, if you don’t do business with the “legal” cartel, you could go to jail!

    People are hassled for weed every day by police. All of the boneheads in state government who cheered and patted themselves on the back about “legalizing” it are nowhere to be found speaking against this.

    They don’t care about jobs.
    They don’t care about autonomy.
    They don’t care about science.
    They don’t care about good faith criminal justice reform.
    Those are just buzzwords that they use occasionally and inconsistently to garner votes from gullible people
    None of that stuff matters; this was always about making a few people rich and generating money for the government.

    Only time you will hear them talk about cannabis law reform now is hinting they might move a few more prospective black owned businesses to the front of the line and throw some pork projects into black neighborhoods with the pot money, not any fundamental change.

    Textbook corruption. Another crooked government racket! Of course the police go along with any ridiculous thing the government says because police are amoral automatons and the armed henchmen of the crooks in government, and they only care about collecting the paycheck and pension their masters promised them.

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