My Leftwing Oberlin College Ought to Be Ashamed of Itself

Reprinted from Legal Insurrection with permission:

Oberlin College Still Refusing to Pay Verdict to Gibson’s Bakery

“For delaying making the payment, Oberlin [in Ohio] has added on $4 million in interest to the original judgment of $32 million, raising the cost to $36 million.”

Posted by Mike LaChance

Gibson’s Bakery less than a block from Oberlin College classrooms.

How is Oberlin getting away with this? When does Gibson’s Bakery get what is owed to them?

Ellie Gardey writes at the American Spectator:

Oberlin College, Facing $36 Million Penalty for Defamatory Woke Activism, Dives Deeper Into Wokism

The historically liberal Oberlin College, located in Oberlin, Ohio, is still refusing to pay up for defaming Gibson’s Bakery as racist in 2016.

The college, which is financially underwater, has now asked the Ohio Supreme Court to halt the multi-million dollar judgment while it appeals the decision for the second time.

Earlier this year, the Ninth Ohio District Court of Appeals upheld a jury’s finding that Oberlin committed libel, slander, and interference with business relationships against Gibson’s after it encouraged student protests over a bakery employee’s pursuit of a black student who had shoplifted.

For delaying making the payment, Oberlin has added on $4 million in interest to the original judgment of $32 million, raising the cost to $36 million.

Handing over the $36 million will have enormous ramifications for the financially struggling institution, which had a deficit of $44.7 million in 2020 and whose monetary woes stem back years.

The college also had a deficit in 2017, which forced it to institute a rescue plan.

The president of Oberlin, Carmen Twillie Ambar, has been defiant in the face of the judgment and has continued to deny any fault on the part of Oberlin.

Unwilling to accept the jury’s decision, Ambar said in 2019, “This is not the final outcome. This is, in fact, just one step along the way of what may turn out to be a lengthy and complex legal process.”

She added, “None of this will sway us from our core values.”

Last week, Gibson’s begged the trial court for speedy relief, saying that it will go out of business in a matter of months unless there is a substantial change in circumstances.

“The Gibsons are in need of speedy justice and an end to Oberlin’s delay tactics,” it said.

[Two generations of the family have died since the Circuit Court decision.]

“Oberlin and its bonding company are now trying to outlast the Gibson’s, fulfilling their threat to delay justice as long as possible.”

The case emerged from a November 2016 incident in which a black Oberlin student attempted to shoplift two bottles of wine from the bakery.

When the store clerk attempted to take his picture to show to police, the student slapped the clerk in the face.

The clerk pursued the student and tackled him. Two of the student’s friends, who were also black students at Oberlin, responded by assaulting the clerk with the help of the shoplifter.

Police arrived when the three students were kicking the clerk, who was lying helpless on the ground. The students all pleaded guilty.

Oberlin students erupted in protests over the incident, alleging that the Gibson clerk had racially profiled the shoplifter.

The jury found that the former dean of students, Meredith Raimondo, attended the protests and handed out a flyer that said, “This is a RACIST establishment with a LONG ACCOUNT of RACIAL PROFILING and DISCRIMINATION.”

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When I attended Oberlin (1960-64, the Dean of Students Dean Holderman, was the advisor of the Young Republicans. The YRs were the largest political group on campus, primarily because the liberals were split into so many factions, e.g., Student Peace Union, NAACP, Young Democrats, Progressive Student League, etc.


My Leftwing Oberlin College Ought to Be Ashamed of Itself — 16 Comments

  1. Once again, Blacks and their Liberal/Leftist protectors reeking mayhem upon the law abiding White community.

    As anyone who lives or works in a DEMOCRAT run/controlled city/state knows, laws simply do not apply to them.

  2. So Alex Jones can do the same and nothing will happen to him, just have interest added to the debt?

    Oberlin slides, plays dragging it out games, Jones will get thrown under the jail he misses one payment.

    Throw President Ambar in the pokey for her statements and delaying justice due Gibsons.

    Bet Oberlin wasnt like this when Cal went there.

    What happened?

    We know the answer.

    Its everywhere now.

  3. Bob?

    I would bet you are wrong as most already know Oberlin has been a hotbed of liberalism and activism since the sixties!

    (Cal just doesn’t notice things like that.)

    Why would you even bring up the fake Alex Jones and his totally fake trial?

  4. Oberlin College is a LOSER school.

    It’s a fraud.

    It’s now a school of overprivileged Karen’s kids who cannot get into serious schools.

    It’s a liberal bastion of LOSERS.

    I wouldn’t let my kid go to Oberlin if the school paid room/board/education AND gave me a $100,000.00

    It wouldn’t be worth it.

    Oberlin is a laughable disgrace.

    To call it a college is a laugh.

  5. Academia is rapidly making itself irrelevant, especially the liberal arts schools.

    There is little reason for an employer to give any sort of hiring preference to a recent college graduate who possesses no real skills and a woke, entitled attitude.

  6. President Ambar should be made to divest various trust funds pronto.

    Go woke, go broke.

    How many Chinese communists spies are there at Oberlin?

    Just raise their tuition!

  7. My wife, Sarah Ludington, graduated from Oberlin in ‘95.

    She won’t donate to the school because of what the school did to Gibsons.

    Go woke, go broke.

  8. President-Fool Amber says:

    “None of this will sway us from our core values.”

    She may not sway, but she’ll swing.

    Hope the kiddie clown college is liquidated.

  9. How is the local county college here, MCC? Are they down the middle, lean left, etc?

  10. Bred, where ya been?

    MCC is pure trash. Rapes. Minority parasitism.
    Lgbtq bullshit. CRT galore. Grads who can’t read.

  11. I have two students at MCC.

    I would say from a college standpoint MCC is a 6/10 (10 being conservative) in terms of colleges.

    In terms of real life, MCC is thus a 3.3/10 – so much more liberal than real life but from a college standpoint is more conservative than most.

    Most colleges are left wing bastions.

    Oberlin is a 0/10 on the conservative scale and a 0/10 from a pure academic value standpoint.

    Oberlin is a cesspool.

    Why parents spend money to send children to “school” there is a laugh.

    It’s like – these are the parents who are the dumbasses of society.

  12. My wife went to Oberlin in early 90’s.

    It was always liberal which is no big deal.

    However the liberals in the 90’s are today considered far right by the current marxists and race baiters that inhabit Oberlin faculty.

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